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Last Halloween, a 5-year-old girl dressed as a Bratz doll showed up at Gigi Durham’s front door. Wearing a gauzy miniskirt and a tube top, the child tottered on platform shoes while carrying the doll that had inspired her racy get-up. “I had an instant dizzying flashback to an image of a child prostitute I had seen in Cambodia, dressed in a disturbingly similar outfit,” Durham, a professor at the University of Iowa, writes in her new book, “The Lolita Effect: The Media Sexualization of Young Girls and What We Can Do About It.”

Playing dress-up is a normal part of childhood. But simply test-driving mommy’s high heels now has to compete with sexually suggestive pint-size products from pole-dancing kits sold in the toy section to “Hooters Girl (in training)” T-shirts for toddlers to padded bras for 6-year-olds. And that’s all long before the tweens and teens, where girls face the dizzying contradictions of a popular culture that salivates over youth and tells them “if you’ve got it, flaunt it,” while sexual education in school, if it exists at all, too often consists of preaching “abstinence only.”

In her new book, M. Gigi Durham, who heads the Iowa Center for Communication Study at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, critiques the many ways that young girls’ sexuality is shaped and exploited by a marketplace where younger is better and the line between child porn and art gets ever blurrier. Durham, a self-described pro-sex feminist, also leads workshops in media literacy in schools, aiming to give kids the tools to critique the sexual images and myths that are being promoted to them.

I don’t think that anybody can pinpoint the single reason, but I think there are a number of trends that can give us some clues about it. The ’90s were prosperous. In the mid-’90s there was a lot of disposable income floating around and tweens became a very important niche market for a number of industries. One research firm Euromonitor posits tweens spending $170 billion in 2006. So, this is a wealthy little group of people.

Marketers realized they could create cradle-to-grave consumers by marketing products to kids very early. Then, they would develop brand loyalties, and consumer practices that they would sustain throughout their lifetimes. It was very profitable to start marketing these products to very young kids.

Also, as women have made tremendous gains politically and in the workforce, grown women are moving away from this traditional model of femininity where women are supposed to be docile and passive. And little girls still conform to that very traditional ideal of femininity. So I think that increasing attention is being focused on little girls as embodying ideal femininity.

But 6-year-olds obviously don’t have money to buy padded bras. Adults have to be buying them for them. You can criticize companies for bringing out these sleazy products for kids, but if parents reject them won’t the products just go away?

Some clothes project sexual symbols. And we know what they are: fishnet hose and stilettos and corsets. They’re almost clichés of sexuality. But when you see them on a very young child, there’s that sexual overtone that to me is not appropriate. It’s not a legitimate way for a child to present herself to the world.

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The epithet stems from a 1962 movie by Stanley Kubrick, based on the widely banned Vladimir Nabokov novel about a middle-aged man who becomes erotically obsessed with a 13-year-old girl. Now a remake is in the works - to be directed by Adriane Lyne of "Fatal Attraction" fame. On Saturday, several hundred Bay Area hopefuls auditioned for the title role at the Ramada Inn Fisherman's Wharf.

Nelson and her colleagues from the San Francisco casting firm of Nelson, Folger and Gurland had issued flyers and press releases calling for young Caucasian actresses possessing "an innocent sensual beauty." That "raised far fewer eyebrows than I thought it would," said Nelson.

Still, Ruthie Rowse, who drove her daughter, Angel Kelley, 15, from El Dorado County, confessed that, "I was a little apprehensive when I found out what the movie was about. But I believe that I raised her with the proper morals and values. It's just a part. She has to start somewhere."

Tracy Schafer, of Discovery Bay, two weeks shy of her 13th birthday, had already been "dragged into a cave and stabbed to death" in the B-movie "Bloodless Scream." So, Saturday's auditions held little horror for her.

Her mother, Tony Schafer, expressed her belief that the film is "all sexual innuendo with nothing overt in it at all." (Screenwriter James Deardenat has said that this version will be "a bit more explicit" than the original.)

"Because she's a minor, I don't think there are too many things they would actually have her do." Gruber admitted she hadn't seen "Pretty Baby," a 1978 film on a similar theme that starred a then-12-year-old Brooke Shields, often naked.

Though Lyon went on to star in hit films like "Night of the Iguana" and "The Flim-Flam Man," her career dried up in a decade. She was married three times - the last to a convicted murderer imprisoned in Colorado. A Denver cocktail waitressing job ended when she was fired for giving poor service to customers.

My comm had a Harry Potter themed meet - here’s my ravenclaw themed coord.

JSK: Soufflesong/ neverland
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Sailor moon museum and restaurant!
Went to this beautiful exhibit in Roppongi, I love sailor moon and this was an amazing experience!
I made this coord specially for this ocassion, inspired in sailor moon of course!

the white dress on the figure was so stuning that I want to make a dress inspired on that one! D:

I hosted an Animal Crossing themed meet up! I chose to coordinate around my favorite Smug Villager Colton! I felt Luminous Sanctuary was perfect given the colorway and print. I tried to put my best smug impersonation forward! 

Several recent books and news and research reports have expressed concern about today’s sexual attitudes and behavior of many adolescents, and increasingly even tweens (eight- to twelve-year-olds). These accounts often make it seem as if the behavior in question suddenly appears out of a vacuum when children enter high school (or middle school). Rarely do we hear about what was happening in the early years that paved the way for what is happening with teens.

There is a lot going on in children’s lives around issues of sexuality and sexiness that is important for the caring adults in their lives to recognize. The following stories from parents and teachers make it very clear that if we are to understand and deal with the sexualization of childhood, we must begin our efforts with very young children.

Professional wrestling girls
Nora, a highly experienced kindergarten teacher, told us about an incident with a child that left her scrambling to figure out how to respond. In his daily school journal, five-year-old James had made a drawing of what looked to Nora like a woman, with long hair and bright red lips as well as big wavy circles on her chest that looked like breasts. Next to the drawing he had written the letter W over and over again. Nora asked him to tell her about his picture. She was caught off guard when James explained that his drawing was of “a professional wrestling girl with big boobies.”

“At first I thought he was trying to be fresh, to be a wise guy, but I caught myself before I reacted too harshly,” Nora reported. “I took a deep breath and tried to think through how to respond. I decided to start with a question.” (This is almost always a good way to start when you’re not quite sure what to say.) So Nora asked James what he knew about “wrestling girls.” He matter-of-factly replied with his eyes open wide, “I saw her on TV last night with my [big] brother, Brett. He was babysitting! He let me stay up late and watch with him! It’s a secret!” She was glad she had asked him the initial question about what he knew about wrestling girls, because his response helped her begin to get a handle on what was going on for James.

Nora recalled that it was the look on James’s face when he answered her, of both bravado and worry at the same time, that left her confused and concerned. She knew that James’s parents were quite clear about limiting the amount and kind of media in his life. She knew how much James looked up to fourteen-year-old Brett and admired everything he did. She was pretty sure that James’s parents would be distressed if they knew about Brett and James’s secret! She was also pretty sure that if James shared the secret with her, he was asking for something, but what exactly was it?

Rather than try to work it all out with James at that moment, Nora decided to buy some time to think about what to do. So she said to James, “It sounds like you saw things you hadn’t seen before ... things that were not really for kindergartners. I’m glad you told me about your secret.” James smiled and put his journal away.

After the event was over, there was a lot for Nora to consider. Why did James decide to disclose the secret to her and do it through his daily journal? Why did he choose to focus on the breasts? Did he know that focusing on them could be seen as provocative to his teacher or have sexual connotations? After all, what signifies sex to an adult might mean something quite different to a five-year-old. Was James trying to use his drawing to brag and feel more grown up about his having seen this grown-up program? Or could he have made his drawing because he needed someone to talk to about it when he knew he couldn’t reveal it to his parents because it was a secret? Was he testing Nora to see if she would get upset or angry, or looking to her to help him sort the experience out?

Nora began to think about the issue more broadly than just about James. If James drew his picture of the “professional wrestling girl” as a way of talking to an adult about something disturbing he saw on the screen, as Nora now thought he did, do other children also need such opportunities to process the graphic content they are seeing in media and popular culture? Well, then, whom are they talking to? How often do children end up seeing things their parents don’t want them to see and then learn not to talk to adults about it? And when they do experience the forbidden fruit, what does it teach them about honesty and deceit and about the nature of their relationship with the important adults in their lives?

Michael Green is the Executive Editor for Trinity Mirror's titles across Cheshire. An experienced journalist he has been working in the group for more than two decades holding pretty much every newsroom position you could wish to name. Passionate about Chester and Cheshire, outside of work you will often find Michael taking in the arts. You can also hear him regularly on Thursday mornings taking through the newspapers on Chester's Dee 106.3





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