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It’s just about time for Back To School, so you know what that means: Time to return to fighting the Culture Wars in the classroom! The latest rightwing panic is over a recent training session for teachers in North Carolina’s Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools that suggested ways in which teachers and other staff can be sensitive to the needs of trans students and prevent them from getting bullied. As we have all known for years, “preventing bullying” is liberal code for “cramming homosexuality down our children’s throats.”

At the core of the furor is a little chart from a group called Trans Student Educational Resources (TSER), using a little purple “gender unicorn” to sort out some of the multiple ways in which we talk about gender identity. The chart appeared only as part of a presentation for teachers and staff, but since there’s a cartoony unicorn on it, the Wingnuttosphere has been freaking out over what they assume is a freaky new mascot that will be in every classroom telling their precious children to go pee in the wrong restroom and buy a Subaru.

Walsh also fulminates about kids being “indoctrinated into pagan superstitions and preyed upon by psychologically abusive predators” and offers this fanciful version of what the “gender unicorn” is all about:

Students in the greater Charlotte area will actually be learning about gender from a gender unicorn. The gender unicorn is just like a regular unicorn, except this one is purple, has a tattoo on its crotch, and it wants to talk to your kids about sex. It’s truly the stuff of nightmares. The weird, drug induced nightmares of a mentally deranged pedophile.

That’s an awful lot of paranoia to project onto a single cartoon figure. Son of a preacher man Franklin Graham told his Facebook readers the whole thing reeked of Communist brainwashing and that the unicorn figure was clearly designed “to grab the imagination of children and make this seem acceptable.” Fox News joined Walsh and Graham on the fainting couch — but not touching, for godssakes! — with one worried panelist fretting,

We haven’t checked, but we’ll assume that in the past year and a half, either the entire student body of Acalanes High School has had gender reassignment surgery, or the fuss blew over and the fear of LGBTQ brainwashing has moved on to North Carolina. We’ll keep you updated when it next manifests in the form of a Gender Llama in North Dakota.

It’s interesting that a group who are so self-righteous and supposedly holy should be so obsessed about what other people do with their hirsute stinky parts. Could it be jealousy that some people are having more fun than they are?

I have a Subaru, and I didn’t even have to sign the lesbionic pledge or anything! And my son, who is a former race-car driver, has a Subaru WRX STI, which – fun fact! hasn’t turned him gay either.

I recently wrote a column about how there are those occasional times where you just have to recommend a boring car to someone. Whether it’s for financial reasons, or equipment reasons, or their own brand preconceptions, sometimes it’s just easier to recommend a boring car than to try and convince them that your point of view is correct.

But then, sometimes, there’s an entirely different reason why you can’t recommend certain vehicles: because there are people out there who are convinced that they will never buy from certain automakers ever again.

I’ll give you an example. I have a friend whose mother bought a Volvo 240 in approximately 1989. It may have been 1988, it may have been 1990; who the hell knows, at this point? She probably doesn’t even know anymore, despite the fact that she’s still harboring an intense grudge against Volvo because of this car.

And what’s the reason for the grudge? Apparently, a few years into the car’s life cycle, the engine blew. I’ve never heard any more details than that: the engine blew. Volvo refused to pay for it. The engine blew. What an awful company. The engine blew. These cars are so poorly built!

Now, I’m going to put aside the obvious issue with this — primarily the fact that the Volvo 240 is known for being one of the most robust, sturdy automobiles in human history, and the engine was so pathetically unstressed that it made something like 46 horsepower — and tell you what her reaction was: I AM NEVER GOING TO BUY ANOTHER VOLVO AGAIN.

It’s been 25 years, and she still hasn’t touched another Volvo. She’s owned cars from various other luxury automakers, some of which are probably even worse than the Volvos of today. But she doesn’t even give Volvo a second glance. It is completely lost on her that Volvo of 2015 – which makes hybrid turbo-supercharged engines and a center stack with a huge opening behind it and blue dials and an automated parking system – could possibly be different than the Volvo of 1989, when the big new feature was those three-bar head rests. She swore off Volvo during the Reagan years, and by God, she ain’t goin’ back.

Of course, she isn’t the only one. Talk to just about any car person and you’ll see a wide range of automotive opinions, most of which place Honda and Toyota as the answer to every single question, regardless of the answer; Kia and Hyundai as “second class” automakers that haven’t really “earned their place” in the car industry; and Ford and Chevy as the kind of thing they rent when they’re on vacation. And then there’s always that one brand that they simply will never purchase again.

So today, I ask: what’s your brand? What automaker have you decided to swear off in its entirety? What car company could come out tomorrow with the cure for cancer, and leave you saying: No, thanks. I’ll wait until Subaru has it.

Now, imagine that your dream ride is a gray Chevrolet Malibu — a 1LT model with two common options. Doesn’t that seem like an attainable goal? Shouldn’t be too hard to find, you’d think, right? Well, one would-be buyer says otherwise.

A poster on the GMInsideNews forum (GMI is a VerticalScope property, as is TTAC) related his aggravating quest to find his chosen version of Chevy’s well-regarded sedan . The quest continues, but it might leave Chevy without a sale, because they left him without a car.

Forum user Malibuman2010a (guess what he drives) wants to add another vehicle to his household. He knows what he wants: a 2016 Malibu 1LT, Nightfall Gray, with the optional Convenience and Technology Package and Driver Confidence Package. So, he takes a trip to his local GM dealer (where he bought his 2010 ‘Bu) and talks to the veteran salesman. When told what Malibuman2010a wants to purchase, the salesman talks to his manager. Eight days later, an email arrives.

The salesman has been on vacation, but assures the Malibu-seeking buyer that he’s been in touch with the manager about the request. Also: no dice on that gray Malibu. What are your second and third color choices?

The search for Malibu bliss takes our shopper online to the Chevrolet website . Hoping to locate his dream vehicle through the magic of the internet, the would-be buyer hits another brick wall. The website can’t pull up his local dealer’s information. “Please contact your dealership to locate and purchase your vehicle,” the website tells him.  Sorry, try again .

Determined to get what he wants, the shopper then uses the website’s “search inventory” function. Another brick wall — the search tool doesn’t allow him to filter results using the option packages he wants. Only “popular options” are searchable, and even after selecting several “close enough” options, the search comes up empty.

“There is no way (on the web site) to order what I want, and I cannot see a way to expand my search to nationwide. All I can think is that this is the most ridiculous way to buy a car. I hope Tesla breaks the entire dealer franchise system. It is idiotic. Period. It’s like: give us $30,000, and we will sell you whatever we have. We don’t care what you want. Imagine going into a McDonald’s, ordering a Big Mac, and having the employee tell you ‘we can’t locate a Big Mac, here is an Egg McMuffin.'”

Another forum poster found the right model through, but the Malibu buyer didn’t like the idea of having 2,354 miles on a “new” vehicle. The search continues, though our Chevy loyalist is now looking at the 2017 Ford Fusion .

The Subaru company is known throughout the world as one of the leading producers of dependable vehicles. As any Subaru owner will tell you, the vehicles don’t start running right until they’ve passed the first 100,000 miles. Subaru also sells generators and other equipment.

Subaru offers multiple means of contacting customer service, but they are listed at the bottom of the Contact Us page, which is dominated by an email contact form. Some customers may not scroll down far enough to recognize the information listed below.

Subaru customer service is available by phone Monday to Thursday from 7:30 AM to 8 PM, Friday from 10:30 AM to 5 PM and Saturday from 9 AM to 3:30 PM. All hours are EST. There are no customer service agents available on Sunday.

Include as much information as possible if you are inquiring about a vehicle problem. Contact information and VIN should also be included in your letter to improve customer service. It will likely take longer to receive a response by mail than by phone or email.

Sending an email to Subaru customer service is a quick and easy way to have a simple question answered. The email form is located at , but there is no standard email address. If your question is concerning a warranty issue, include the VIN so the customer service agent can look up your vehicle to verify warranty. Other quick options for contacting an agent include social media websites.

The problem is the sole distributor of Subaru in the North-West Russia – Holding RRT-motors. Thus, under the contract number 24.10.2012 PLK_ZRA_12_0000635 sale of the vehicle, namely – Subaru Outback, VIN: JF1BR9L95CG122044 I paid the full cost of the vehicle in the amount of 50 098.42 $. Delivery time car contract – 11/14/2012, at the moment, distributor “Subaru Center Pulkovo” (Holding Company “RRT” North-West “), and did not give me a car. LLC “Subaru Motor” Acknowledgment representative Subaru brand in Russia, can not affect the current situation, in fact – simply do runaround. Very unpleasant formal approach.

This state of affairs is at odds with the Message from President, President & CEO Yasuyuki Yoshinaga. Only sincere and long-standing friendship with the manufacturer one of the most advanced and reliable cars – Subaru does not allow me to give up my choice in favor of a more premium segment cars such as the WV TUAREG and VOLVO, whose value is approximately the same.

I just wanted to report how much I love my 2013 Subaru Crosstrek… we picked up our new car last week just in time for the blizzard that hit the Northeast. The car drove perfectly in the snow. We are thrilled with this car.
Also, I would like to compliment our dealership, Prestige Imports in Pleasantville, NY, our saleswoman, Diana DiLello is terrific.
Thank you for your wonderful, well thought-out product.
Genie Watsky

That Live Action group — whose members have no moral beliefs beyond “BORTION BAD!” and have no qualms about constantly editing videos so hard they don’t even resemble the truth — says Sarah Silverman is using “Nazi logic” when she says things like this:

Except for the small detail that organs (not tissue) donated to researchers or medical schools are, y’know, donated. Hospitals can’t just take out whatever might be useful whenever somebody dies; they have to check whether the deceased chose to be an organ donor first. And getting those organs by killing their previous owner is widely understood to be a particularly heinous crime… at least, when the victim has already been born. […]

Poor Sarah must not have been paying attention when destroying embryos to obtain stem cells was declared obsolete way back in 2009, or last year when Harvard researchers demonstrated a new method for giving adult stem cells the useful traits of embryonic ones, no killing necessary. Yes, “doll,” science is indeed real… and you seem woefully unacquainted with it.[…]

As National Review pointed out over the weekend, the Nazis really did use the same logic, with German scientist Julius Hallervorden commenting in 1945 at the Nuremberg trials, “If you are going to kill all these people, at least take the brains out so that the material may be utilized.”

Okay, let’s follow the bouncing syphilis logic, if we can. Taking tissue from first trimester fetuses, which are about the size of your choice of delicious legumes, is the same as using Jew brains for science, because Hitler didn’t ask the Jews’ permission to do that, and the tissue of legumes, which, for purposes of this argument, we’re going to call NEWBORN BABIES, did not sign off on having their bean parts used for experiments, therefore Sarah Silverman is the real Hitler.

Also, Live Action stupid-splains that ha ha, joke’s on you, embryonic stem cells are good for nothin’ anyway, because science. Right? Of course not, we’re dealing with anti-choice shitholes who get paid to lie. Science-splain this, RawStory:

But [Calvin] Freiburger [the Live Action dildo what wrote the article] didn’t read the articles he linked to apparently. Both indicate that while new science on the horizon may soon render research using fetal stem cells unnecessary, it’s not quite there yet, which is what scientists also told the Times.

Oh. So that tissue is still scientifically useful. But wait, they still have a point, right? Because here is a Real Jew, Ben Shapiro, last seen around these parts filing charges because a transgender lady threatened to pants him in front of the whole school, condescendingly talking down to Silverman like the LADY SHE IS:

A lot of our readers wanted to know where they could meet other readers, so we gathered a bunch of data — including our site’s statistics — to put together this fantastic list which undoubtedly every soul on the planet will agree with 100%.   The Advocate ‘s criteria this year included things like Veronicas concerts and Nude Yoga classes and somehow Grand Rapids made the Top Ten. This might be slightly more accurate than that.

Oddly, Provincetown — widely hailed as like the best gay place ever — doesn’t even rank on the top 500 for cities populated by Autostraddlers. What’s up with that? We don’t know, maybe it’s because only 3,000 people actually live there, according to Wikipedia. Anyhow, we encourage you to visit Provincetown !

Clearly, not every city is on this list, but while putting it together we found ourselves super-disappointed by the resources out there for lesbians looking to live places. So, we’re actively recruiting YOUR Queer Girl City Guides .  These can be for any city in the world , including the ones on this list.

Email Laneia [at] Autostraddle dot com with a letter describing your connection to the city you wanna write about. She’ll let you know if it’s already been taken or not, at which point you’ll be responsible for crafting a comprehensive guide addressing things like the degree to which the LGBT scene is G vs. L, the environment for queer families, the college scene, local events/festivals, activist groups, nightlife, trans-friendliness, etc. You’ll also need to provide at least five of your own high-res photos (which you own the rights to), links to the places you talk about (and phone numbers/addresses when necessary), and whatever insidery details you’ve got.

Northampton ‘s got more lesbians per capita than any town or city in the entire country, and that’s not even counting the transient students from Lez-Heaven  Smith College or Mount Holyoke in nearby South Hadley. There are 40.31 same-sex couples per 1,000 households here. The birthplace of Rachel Maddow’s career, this cozy politically progressive college town is home to its own lesbian dance club ( Diva’s ), LGBT bookstore, LGBT newspaper and a sweet LGBT film series, Out For Reel . Amherst ensconces   U-Mass , Lezzified Hippie Festival of Education  Hampshire College and, obviously, Amherst . Vegan restaurants abound. Plus, it’s Massachusetts which means same-sex marriage is legal.

Autostraddle  got born in  New York  and it got born in New York for a reason — ’cause the city is chock-full of dykes. New York City’s got more gays & lesbians up inside it than any other city in the country and the diversity of the LGBTQ scene and the anonymity afforded by NYC’s masses make it a prime location for one to spread one’s newly-queer wings. Conversely, newly legalized same-sex marriage makes it a nice place to settle down.  NYU ,  The New School ,  Barnard  and  Columbia  are chock-full of lesbians, as is nearby  Sarah Lawrence . There are resources/activity groups for everyone of every sexual proclivity, gender identity, political passion and yoga style preference.

Although Manhattan’s West Village and Chelsea neighborhoods have become largely male-centric spaces, lesbians have made gayborhoods of their own in areas like Park Slope, Red Hook, East Harlem and West Harlem. Nightlife is always evolving as some clubs close and new nights crop up, from Cubbyhole to Choice Cunts to Lovergirl . However everything is super fucking expensive all the time.

Meet local like-minded ladies in the NYC Straddlers  and the NYC Autostraddlers groups. AS Team Members who live here include Photographer Robin, Senior Editor Jess, Writers Gaby, Katrina and Jamie, and contributors Michelle and Bevin.

Today on the show, Adam is joined by his dad, son, and buddy Ray. Adam teases his kid for always calling him ‘father’ instead of ‘dad,’ and then talks with his own dad about what Thanksgivings of the past were like. Jim explains the history behind the Carolla/Carollo name, and talks about his cross-country journey as a musician.

Later in the show, Jim talks about potentially having a learning disorder when he was a kid, which may explain some of Adam’s problems in school. Adam then talks about what his past assistants have done to get out of work, and why getting a pickup truck will always keep you busy. Adam and Ray then discuss the importance of being motivated, and as the show wraps up, Adam argues with his dad about whether or not his mom hates America. It gets awkward.

Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Mike Lynch
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Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Audio: Gary Smith
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
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Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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Loved the Joel McHale interview, I skipped the Lotzi tapes because I have lousy speakers and the audio is bad. Looking forward to hearing Sonny but Howard’s back from vacation “AGAIN!” so I must listen to him first. Also, listener Moe made a comment last week about Community being put on hiatus and more people should be watching it, I agree whole heartily with you Moe but, this is true; if you TiVo shows they do not get credit with whatever new system they use to track shows so if it comes back next season we must all watch it live. With that being said Moe, “did you know that when it snows my eyes become enlarged and…” greatest show ever!

This podcast, along with the last one with Ace’s grandpa, are themost fascin
ating podcsts I’ve ever heard . Thanks Ace, Ray, Jim, Sonny,& all for letting us into the history of your family ..very interesting !! Sincerely, Tolley

Adam, Warm up the microphones and get your sister on the show. I want to hear her side of the story about your family. Are you like your mom, mm, no. Are you like your dad, mm, no. Grandma,mm, maybe. Love the shows. Get It On! Gary

This is far and away the best podcast in the country primarily because of Adam’s great sense of humor, quick wit and shrewd observations. But behind it all, what I most enjoy is the unpretentious honest talk. Today’s slightly tense discussion and the family/friend dynamic was interesting and real, and most everyone can relate to that.





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