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The 43-year-old Lisa Ann only just recently retired from porn. She has launched a porn star boot camp to help people who are trying to get into the adult film business and also hosts a weekly fantasy sports show on Sirius XM.

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You’re always asking us to dig up recent pictures of the men featured in our Flashback Friday series, as if we have some mystical device that locates former gay porn stars the way Professor X ‘s Cerebro finds fellow mutants. The fact of the matter is that some of these guys don’t want to be found! Even if they did, we wouldn’t know the first place to look.

In the few years we’ve devoted to this series, we’ve had exactly one instance where someone’s contacted us to let us know what he’s up to now. The only other time one of these performers reached out to us, it was to threaten legal action if we didn’t remove his post.

Last week, someone mentioned in the comments section that beloved  COLT pin-up Steve Kelso  has a page on Facebook, so we jumped at the chance to track down some relatively new shots of him. They were there. They were public… And as creepy and stalker-ish as we feel for grabbing them, we felt the need to point out that he’s aged extremely well.

I too am a great fan of Steve Kelso and was wondering what had become of him. The last I heard he was a manager of a gay bar. There was a rumor that he had a lover who was on a sit-com at the time. I met him once at the Folsom Street Fair in SF and he was extremely charming and friendly. I took some photos of him. I would take acception to your use of the words “porn star”referring to him since he never did any x-rated porn – just a couple of jerk-off videos for Colt and lots of photos.

I dunno what happened to him. He used to be SO fucking gorgeous… now he’s just… even MORE fucking gorgeous! How the hell does that happen? I get older, and guys like this get hotter! Maybe in my next life…..

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When Gauge retired from the adult industry in 2005, she had big plans for her post-porn career. A 4-foot-11 Arkansas native best known her signature move — receiving anal sex while doing a handstand — Gauge abruptly left the industry after shooting more than 140 films, due to a contract dispute with her management company. Although she enjoyed her four-year stint in front of the camera, she wanted to take time off to prove to herself that she could succeed in other avenues. “Some girls enter the business without a long-term plan, or maybe they think they can’t do anything else,” she says. “I was never like that. I always thought I could do anything.”

After a few years of saving money through feature dancing, Gauge went to school to get her certification as a surgical tech, reaching the top of her class and logging double her required hours in the process. Then an anesthesia tech recognized her, and word spread through the hospital staff that a porn star was among their ranks. “Everybody wanted me in their room, but they started treating me like shit,” Gauge says. “They made me feel like I was contaminating everything.” By the time she was set to graduate, no one at the hospital would sign off on her required hours.

“I ended up just getting so fed up with the way I was being treated,” she told me the week after she announced her comeback. “I have a family now, and if I’ve exhausted all my avenues and the only thing left is the adult industry, then I’m just like, well, look, I’ve tried this and I’ve tried that, year after year after year. It’s 2013. I’ve been going to school since 2007 … what else am I supposed to do?”

Gauge is quick to note that porn is “not a Plan B” for her — for the most part, she enjoyed her time in the industry, and respected the people she worked with. Yet her frustration over having been denied a life outside of porn is palpable. “I left because I wanted to prove to myself that I could succeed in other avenues,” she says, a not-so-subtle hint of irony in her husky Southern twang. “And I did. But I guess I succeeded a little better in porn.”

Gauge’s post-porn trajectory is far from unusual. The adult industry has, for lack of a better term, a particularly high recidivism rate, especially for performers who have achieved a certain level of name recognition. Whether they, like Gauge, continue to perform on the feature-dancing circuit, or are as financially shrewd as Jenna Jameson, who used her performance earnings to start her own multimillion-dollar production company, performers can stay in the industry for years, regardless of whether they’re still in front of the camera.

For actors still at peak performing age, as Gauge was when she retired, there are many reasons why one would be attracted to the industry: money, notoriety, moderately flexible working hours. Yet those who are looking to transition into a 9-to-5 desk job will most likely find themselves blocked at every turn. “At every job you apply for you will either have to disclose your background, and chance not even getting a shot at an interview, or hide your past and prove yourself, hoping when the truth comes out you will be kept on,” says Cindi Loftus, the editor of porn website Luke Is Back and a 20-year industry vet.

Thanks to the widespread availability of porn clips on streaming websites like PornTube and Tube8, it’s become increasingly difficult for former adult stars to conceal their past from their employers. Stacie Halas, an Oxnard, Calif., middle school teacher who went by the professional name of Tiffany Six, is the most recent example of this phenomenon. A science teacher at Haydock Intermediate School, Halas was fired after students found one of her videos on the Internet. When she fought her termination in court, her appeal was denied by a three-judge panel, one of whom wrote in a 46-page statement that “the ongoing availability of her pornographic materials on the Internet will continue to impede [Halas] from being an effective teacher and respected colleague.”

Employment prospects for former adult performers are not much better outside the school system: The adult film star Houston, nee Kimberly Halsey, was let go from her real estate job of five years under similar circumstances, after a co-worker recognized her. “I was a new homes salesperson, and they had me in two communities, and I was working my ass off,” says Houston, who recently wrote a memoir, “Pretty Enough: The Story of a Gang-Bang Queen.” “I had dyed my hair dark, I had gained weight, and I didn’t really look like Houston anymore … I was always incognito and always trying to hide, like I still do today.”

Former porn star Asia Carrera is now a stay at home mom living in Utah. Oxymoron Entertainment Ever wonder what happens to porn stars once the bright lights go out on their careers? What do they do when they retire from "The Business"? 

Anal requires a lot of preparation, including but not limited to enemas, pre-fingering and eating a particular diet or skipping meals that day. ‘Surprise’ anal = you’re gonna have a bad time, from the top or the bottom.

There are a lot more ‘breaks’ to rest, recuperate and wait for the penetrating lead to get hard again than you would guess. Pretty much any time there is a cut in the editing from one angle to another.

A lot of porn these days is filmed not on a dedicated set, but in the apartments/condos/vacation homes of directors and other industry folks that all trade with each other, for more variety. This is characteristic of the ‘pro-mateur’ style which is stylistically shaped to appeal to people who like amateur porn, but actually involves paid actors and more professional camera equipment, to maintain the illusion that it’s the couple’s own home.

I listened to an interview with Joanna Angel recently and she said that a lot of new actresses have raunchy smelling vaginas and don’t realize it or don’t care. So if she’s doing a scene where she has to go down on a girl with a stinky vag, she’ll stick her fingers in and then immediately put her fingers in the girls mouth. She said “if I have to taste it, you do too.”

A friend introduced me to Kapri Styles a few years ago when she was in NYC (and before the plastic surgery). After a few drinks and chatting it up, I remember her saying something like “you have no idea how long it takes to prep for a good anal scene. Oh god I’d never do anal again just because cleansing is such a turn off”

Edit: Also, there’s a *statute called 18 USC 2257 which regulates porn. Every porn scene you see distributed in the U.S. had a record for every performer they shoot including: -2 forms of Government ID (a photo of the IDs and a photo of the model holding their IDs) -a comprehensive model release -a “2257 release” that documents the performer’s previous names, stage names, aliases, SSN, birthdate, and other info. Next time you watch a porn where the performer is “tricked” into doing porn against her will, consider that she sat down to fill out alllll that paperwork before a single camera turned on.

Edit 3: Many people are referencing the Best Of post about Girls Do Porn. I can’t confirm or deny the woman’s story but I’ve passed the information on to the head of the Free Speech Coalition who is going to investigate and reach out to the company if they are found to be engaging in bad business practices.

I remember reading a similar thread where the scenes are truly shot as ‘scenes,’ meaning one thing doesn’t just lead to the next – there’s gaps in time. The point the person was making was that there’s usually time between the guy pulling out and the money shot where he’s standing there furiously masturbating for a few minutes in front of everyone watching and waiting for him to come. really fucking awkward.

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