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Turn on your PSP, and go to the Settings Menu. In this menu select USB Connection and press X . Your computer should now detect your psp as an extra "removable drive" . Your computer will assign a letter to this drive. Let's call it X:\ for future reference.

Go to this removable drive with your Windows Explorer. There is a folder called PSP there. Create a new folder called MP_ROOT at this level if it is not already created. (So you will have X:\MP_ROOT ).

Welcome to Wired Cinema the home of online video, internet tv and the best android TV boxes . We give you access to a massive database of reviews and websites that can deliver free movies, shows and videos in a multitude of categories all on-demand and available on most connected devices.

Now that the dark days of being tied in front of a limited television set, to a set of TV channels, having to rent video cassettes (remember them?) and DVD’s are long gone, we can tap into the unlimited potential of streaming our media (movies, television shows, and music) and watching them whenever and wherever we want.

TV streaming via WiFi has revolutionised viewing habits as we are no longer slaves to the TV and time schedules of the big networks. Online streaming services allow the viewer to watch films and programs at a time that suits them.

You can watch your fill of movies and TV absolutely free using online streaming sites and services, and it’s all mostly free. Your choices of what to watch and on what device are now your big over-riding decisions that need to be made.

You can tap into tons of free content such as the latest movies and boxsets using big streaming websites that offer free trials. Companies such as Amazon Prime , Netflix and Hulu Plus spring to mind. Youtube has tons of free full length movies too. For a small monthly amount you can watch these services forever and a day with unlimited streaming of cinema releases. But there are also other free ways to watch online content as well.

Then your decision is what to watch this great content on while you munch on your popcorn. You can use a phone or tablet, but they have small screens and the batteries tend to die pretty quick when watching full HD or even UltraHD content. A great (and very low cost choice is one of the new Android TV media streaming boxes .

There are many devices to watch streaming TV on, from tablets, smartphones and PC’s to the latest Smart TV’s, but they all have issues and bad points. For instance Smart TV’s are hideous to control, do not offer most online services, are sluggish and just suck. PC’s take a while to load up, can be slow buffering, and need connecting to a TV which is just hassle. Tablets and smartphones – too small and lacking all services, plus hard to connect to the big screen TV.

So the answer is an Android powered television media streamer. These android boxes are very cheap to buy, connect straight to the big screen TV, and they all run the amazing Kodi software with associated add-ons.

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The PSP comes with a built-in Wi-Fi antenna that lets you to play games with other PSP users nearby. It also connects to the internet but there's not much you can do with that connection - the gadget has no built-in e-mail program or web browser.

5. For DNS Setting, select Manual. Enter the Primary DNS This points to a computer set up by Jonathan Terleski, a student at Carnegie Mellon. It replaces the Sony page with a page that has links to Google, Yahoo! and other useful sites.

8. Fire up Wipeout Pure . Go to the Downloads section and select the connection you just created. That should take you online, unless traffic is overwhelming the portal page. If it doesn't work immediately, try a few hours later.

He plans to keep the portal going at least until Sony releases a proper browser. That time is not far off: A South Korean version of the PSP, to be launched next month, will come with a Web browser and players for online music and videos.

The PSP can play films from a Memory Stick, but only in the MPEG-4 format, which is used by some digital cameras. Here's how to convert your films and get them on to the device. You'll need a USB A to mini-B cable, available at electronics stores for around $US20. For a 90-minute movie, you will probably need a 512-megabyte Memory Stick.

1. On your Windows PC, Download and install 3GP Converter, a free program, from (The page is in Japanese, but don't be daunted, just click on the link that says "" to download). You can also use Sony's Image Converter 2 program, but it costs $US19.99.

4. Connect your PSP to the computer using the USB cable. Navigate to the USB Connection option under Settings to activate it. A folder that displays the contents of your Memory Stick should open on the computer.

One day, you're going to be tired of all those games. Classics of world literature to the rescue! Getting e-books on the PSP is quite a process because the device doesn't read text files or PDFs. Here's how to get around that:





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