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This is a satellite site of the Original Las VegasBDSM group. We welcome people that are serious about belonging to a group of respectful individuals that display honor, dignity and respect amongst Dominants and submissive's a like.

We value everyone's right to privacy. Our Weekly Thursday night public Munch and monthly Brunch are the only public events. All other events are Private and never advertised to the general Public.

If you are at least 21 years of age, live in Las Vegas, or the surrounding area and are serious about learning, and wish to become a member of a structured group with strong principles, VegasBDSM is the group for you.

Our group is governed by Dominants that have No tolerance for childish high School mentality, bickering, Nonsense or DRAMA. Weekend warriors or monthly wanna bee kinky people seeking play or social entertainment to satisfy their sexual appetite please go else where.

The VegasBDSM group is by sponsorship or verifiable affiliation.
You can also become eligible for membership by attending our weekly Munch to meet and Greet Members.

Disclaimer We are the original Las VegasBDSM group AKA VegasBDSM group. All other groups that use, advertise or display our name without our group logo picture, or do not link directly back to our main site on Yahoo are not sanctioned or affiliated with our group. Las Vegas BDSM does not accept any responsibility for any misleading material or possibly dangerous advertising that can put people at risk.

Legal Notice There are No Dungeons or clubs that are properly licensed to operate as such for BDSM activities in Las Vegas. Flagellation, the striking of a persons body, and many other practices are considered illegal, and can be considered abuse, or domestic violence. A person cannot consent to be abused, you can be arrested.

The Sheri’s Ranch “sex menu” is a list of the sexual services offered at the Las Vegas area’s premier brothel and sex resort. This titillating list is by no means inclusive, so don’t hesitate to contact us or message your courtesan of choice with enquiries about other naughty experiences you can have at Sheri’s Ranch.

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Quality BDSM in Las Vegas is real, and you don't have to search long and hard for it. There are Las Vegas Escorts available to offer you a thorough introduction to the lifestyle, or satisfying adventures for your experienced and seasoned tastes.

When you meet an experienced person who understands BDSM in Las Vegas you get a wealth of knowledge on BDSM techniques. If you're new to BDSM, even if this is your first time, you can get the most incredible introduction to this exciting way of life. If you desire to be tied up, and you've never been tied up before, let an experienced Las Vegas Escort teach you the way. If you want pain, real pain like you've always dreamed about but never really got, your wait is over. You'll receive what you've imagined and desired.

But what if you want to be the dominant one? No problem. BDSM escorts are trained to teach you how to be a master in the BDSM world. BDSM is all about consent, and these escorts show you the art of delivering pain, mixed with pleasure, in a way to completely satisfy a submissive.

You're a confident Dom, and you want to practice your skills. What better way to do it than with BDSM in Las Vegas and with a qualified escort? She'll be that sub of your dreams. Tie her up, spank her, add your special form of corporal punishment. What you need to understand about these experts in that they love what they do, and they're waiting to be humbled. They want to submit to you and to your satisfaction. BDSM submissive experts are skilled in an incredible amount of tolerance for pain and humiliation. It's not always easy to find a woman who enjoys the submissive lifestyle. So why look any further than a BDSM Las Vegas escort? You know you'll get what you're looking for.

BDSM in Las Vegas includes qualified FemDoms. You're a pround member of the BDSM lifestyle, and you're looking for a pro. Look no further. A Las Vegas escort qualified in female dominance knows all about the master/slave relationship. She is skilled in humiliation, torture, role reversal - all within your consent and desires. Whether it is cock and ball torture, tease and denial, felching, foot worship, whipping, and on and on. She's there for you.

You've been at this for a long time, and you know exactly what you want. BDSM escorts are qualified in the most explicit of requests. Do you want a hardcore sadist or a sensual one? Do you seek a nurturing FemDom or a woman trained in neglect to fulfill your own personal nightmare? Finding exactly what you want with an escort competent in BDSM in Las Vegas is absolutely something you can do.

This web site contains artistic depictions of nudity. To continue, you must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions below. By entering this site, you represent and promise each of the following; That you are an adult of legal age (and at least 18 years old) in your State or Country; That you are not offended by photographs depicting nudity and sexual situations; That it legal to receive and view adult images in the locale and country in which you reside; That you will never make any of the materials in this web site available to minors; That you will not publish, use or distribute any of the contents of this site in any media. That you will not publish, use or distribute any of the contents of this site in any media.

Femdom dominatrix is a type of role-play who use their experiences of pain and power to create sexual tension, pleasure, and release. Submit to a beautiful Sheri’s dominatrix mistress lady all geared out in leather and lace. Submissive femdom party worship sessions can include facesitting, teasing, boot worship, tickling, spankings, trampling and even humiliation. You won’t soon forget the pleasure and pain.

Sheri’s gives men a safe place to cum indulge in this fetish. Many Sheri’s ladies specialize in dominatrix play sessions for submissive and curious men slaves. Worship and let the femdom lady take you deep into her dominatrix world. The ladies will torture you with excruciating pleasure and just the right amount of pain.

The dominatrix ladies have a chest of bondage toys for your BDSM play session including: restraints, gags, whips, ropes, caning and more. Perhaps a feather, cat-o-nine-tails or even a paddle to punish you! Let your dominatrix blindfold you as a fetish form of sexual bondage. You never know where your lady will touch, stroke, lick or spank you next. Let your lady have her way with every inch of your body.

You will be lost in sexual sensation, whether your dominatrix is running a feather playfully over your chest and erection or perhaps using some temperature toys such as an ice-cube. Enjoy the feeling of being in a bondage scene at the mercy of a beautiful Sheri’s dominatrix lady. A private bondage / BDSM session can be your sex menu foreplay or main course. The sexual choices and combinations are endless here.

Copyright © 2016 The Resort and Spa at Sheri's Ranch.
You must be 18 (21 in some jurisdictions) to enter this site and liable to comply with your local laws.
Content, images, videos and media sexual in nature.

While Las Vegas may be trying to display a more “family friendly” image, it still remains the go to spot to party on the western part of the United States. Sure, New York City is labeled as “The City That Never Sleeps” but in reality Las Vegas is the city that truly exemplifies that motto.

Las Vegas is like no other city in the world. It features some of the most expensive, lavish clubs, restaurants, and hotels in the world. It’s a fast paced city and there are always several events to attend no matter what time of the day or year it is.

Appearance matters in Vegas and nobody wants to spend a night out in Vegas alone. If you’re in Vegas and want to truly experience Vegas in its fullest you need a partner. A Las Vegas escort is one way to spend an evening with someone new who can be with you as you immerse yourself in everything Vegas has to offer.

Several high-class escort companies in Vegas offer beautiful escorts to accompany you throughout an evening or night out in Las Vegas. An escort in Las Vegas will ensure you have the best possible experience in Las Vegas no matter where your destination is.

If you are in Las Vegas or are planning a trip to Las Vegas, don’t plan on spending a night alone. A Las Vegas escort can help you see and enjoy Las Vegas better than anybody else while you spend your few nights in Sin City.

Las Vegas is full of some of the best clubs in the entire world. In fact, Bar and Nightclub recently released their Top 100 Nightclubs in the World and Las Vegas had seven of the top ten spots. If you’re looking for a club in Vegas, here are some of the best options:

XS Nightclub – XS Nightclub is rated the #1 club on Bar and Nightclubs list of 100 best nightclubs. Every single night hundreds of attractive guests enter the lavish 40,000 square foot club. XS attracts world-class DJs including Diplo, Tiësto, Kaskade, Avicii and other well-known DJs that fill the club and play some of the best music in the world. In addition to the large indoor area, an outdoor area is opened during the summer months that houses two full bars and a large pool.

If you’re feeling like a VIP, then you will want to buy one of the several available tables for bottle service at XS. XS has some of the best staff that will take care of your every need throughout the entire night. Plus, the tables are luxurious in nature and offer maximum comfort during your entire groups night out at XS.

Welcome to the official website of Las Vegas Based and internationally acclaimed Dominatrix and FemDom video star - Ms. Venus Divine. She offers real time, telephone and online BDSM, fantasy and fetish training sessions. Although most training sessions take place in Las Vegas, Ms. Divine travels quite a bit and her schedule can be found on her travel page. More information regarding training and how to book an appointment with Ms. Divine can be found on the real time training page and distance training page.

You can also find all of her videos on a pay per view basis on the media page.





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