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This top really takes the phrase “fucks like rabbits” to heart (or crotch, whatever)… in other words, this top relentlessly pounds this bottom with a quick pace thinking only of himself. Saying ‘fucks like rabbits’ is much kinder ;)

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Yeah, I know him, the top. He has stage name Haigan (Chaos Men) and Tyson (Corbin Fisher) for bareback, and I see that he play with other media as well. I have some of his videos and one of my favorite.
He is gorgeous, great body, and hard expression that make him so manly over gay. He almost play rough, mostly in his scenes.
Al, you should find his scene with Chaos Men with subtitle ‘Bossy’, it’s sooo fu*king hotttt!!!

Classic young guy fuck – great for what it is, but just think how good he’ll be when he learns to make it last. Though he could take me any way he wants if he pistol whips me at the end like this.

Hi AL, how are you doing,
Just wondering about your promised video. I’m waiting impatiently for it. If you’re having trouble convincing your BF, you can just give us his conact details and leave it for us.

This video is so hot! Even though the top is kind of clueless as to the speed at which he’s going, the bottom is totally into it. I love how at the end, he smiles when the top really gets close and puts his hand on his neck. Cuuuuute! I want to get fucked like this!

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Southern Strokes brings back Ryan C who is one of my favorite models on their site. He’s just the right amount of handsome that drives me wild. Not so much that he’s unapproachable, just a cute boy next door who you could kick back and have a beer with while watching porn. This time around they team him up with Wade whom I’m still getting familiar with. These two naked Southern boys look hot together, and Wade seems to have no problem giving it up for Ryan’s monster 9 inch cock.

Scene description courtesy of Southern Strokes : Wade is an interesting character to say the least and also one of our most popular models here at Southern Strokes.  Wade is about as open sexually as they get so we decided to bring Ryan’s wife (yes Ryan has a wife) to the shoot so that she could be available for Ryan’s first time fucking a boy’s hole.

Although Wade enjoys sex with both guys and girls, he is really turned on when it comes to pushing sexual boundaries and it doesn’t matter who’s boundaries are getting tested.  Having Ryan’s wife in the room and getting fucked by her husband is a recipe for one extremely hot video.

Both of these guys have tight little naturally smooth bodies and they were equally endowed by their creator with huge cocks.  Wade’s is uncut and fat and pushing 7 inches and little boy Ryan is packing a 9 inch tool which looks enormous on his little 19 year old frame.

The guys stripped down to their underwear and proceed to tease each other until their cocks need some air.  Next the naked southern boys took turns slurping on cock before Ryan decided to give his tongue a little taste of Wade’s manhole before he shoved his big cock inside.  Wade got up on all fours and took Ryan’s pole balls deep.  Wade let Ryan fuck him hard and deep until his nuts couldn’t take anymore and Wade shot a huge load as Ryan pounded his prostate.  Ryan finally drained his noodle all over Wade’s smooth abs leaving Wade drenched in Southern Cum.

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The Walt Whitman of gay porn.
Jake Jaxson wants to revolutionize porn with an erotic documentary inspired by great poets and celebrating life.

We’re just back from a two-week stay in Provincetown, Massachusetts at the tip of Cape Cod. We made the trek up the east coast, canine kids in tow, in two days. Following the Halloween festivities on Saturday, we made the trip back to Atlanta. Being our first long road trip with the dogs, I’m pleased to say that with a car packed to the gills, Greeley, Olive, and Milo made the trip like real champs. [Read More…]

It was a special weekend morning when my mother would wake us up to a breakfast of pancakes. Knowing that she had a voracious eater on her hands, she’d take out her griddle and whip up a double batch of batter, knowing that it would take at least a couple of stacks to satisfy my appetite. I’d slather my pancakes with melted butter and syrup from a brown bottle in the shape of a woman.

Mrs. Butterworth’s was my favorite syrup, but at the time, I had no idea that it was corn syrup with any number of artificial preservatives and flavors. All my 10-year-old self knew was that it tasted good. It wasn’t until years later that I discovered the joys of real maple syrup. It’s now my choice for either sweet or savory recipes that require a sweetener. [Read More…]

My grandmother’s screened back porch was an adjunct to the kitchen. A red and white plastic gingham tablecloth covered a wooden table that served as overflow refrigerator space during cold weather months. I’d frequently see an apple pie, coconut cake, or some such dessert stored there. A white wicker rocker with a thick cushion sat in the corner, and an antique butter churn used for fermenting cabbage for sauerkraut occupied space by the door.

During the summer months of my childhood, many Southern folks were busy putting up food for the winter. Mature gardens yielded way more food than could be eaten, so tomatoes, peas, butter beans, green beans, beets, and cucumbers were frozen or canned and put away for cold weather. [Read More…]

Do you ever wonder how humans came to ingest certain foods? Who first thought about eating an egg? Who came up with the idea that spoiled milk in the form of yogurt was a good idea? Why would someone risk their life to eat a fungus that could potentially kill them? How did they figure out which ones were safe to eat and which ones were lethal? I'm not sure who figured out the mushroom thing, but I'm sure glad they did. Lately, I've been on a shiitake kick. I always like these mushrooms in a … Read More

When we remodeled our house four years ago, I dedicated a large kitchen cabinet for cookbooks. At the time, my collection all but filled the space. Over the last few years, my obsession with buying cookbooks and food magazines has the cabinet bulging at the seams. Many of the books get a quick look and become lost in the collection. Others keep my attention and end up with dog-eared pages and grease spots. We were in New York for a wedding last year around Christmas. We made a stop in Eataly, … Read More

Years ago, I spent a month in Nepal trekking around Mt. Everest, so for obvious reasons, I was excited to see Everest, the movie. Right off the bat, let me say that I can be a little bit of a ditz. About three weeks ago, I saw a blurb about the movie and thought I read that it opened that day. I promptly signed on to Fandango and bought tickets for Friday night. Jim and I made it to the theatre promptly at 7:30 for the 8:00 movie. When the ticket taker scanned our tickets, they were rejected, … Read More

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