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Use cnet downloads and put
1-HijackThis on a usb flash drive using a good computer
2-install on infected computer,(unplug or turn off net connection beforehand)
3-run program,during which it will ask you to reconnect to the net

once you register HijackThis,you will have free use for 30 days only

to do it that way. And you don't seem stupid, so that casts some doubts on the conclusion.

Let me give one tip to readers wanting to use computers other than their own for visiting whatever sites (especially sites they wouldn't tell in public): use portable Firefox. Runs from a USB-stick and leaves no traces in the computer used. Good both for privacy and for (computer) safety.


Has anyone been in or seen a situation like this? Is it possible to get this stuff without actually going to a pornographic site?

The computer was fixed by the computer guy so it just boils down to my word vs. his. I think the relationship is done anyhow but I would like to find out the answer for my own piece of mind.

P.S Thanks would have been very stupid. Especially when I live somewhere else with my own computer.

causing the pop-ups always, once clicked on, downloads a trojan downloader that allows the original malware to download & install as many other programs as it pleases.

Given that the originator gets paid xx$ for each successful download installed & sex sites pay well, I would be surprised if some of those didn't show up along w/ key loggers/screen captures and likely a more evolved rootkit. Yes, they would likely put in links to the sites (probably pay by adding to phone bill if dial-up ISP)).

I disagree with statement that visiting is the ONLY way.
Good Luck!

That's the answer I was looking for. I would have never touched the computer that morning if I was not alerted to a problem. They are out to make money, it's too bad they have to destroy lives to do it. I think for me it's too late but maybe this might help someone else that has a family that could potentially be destroyed by something like this. I searched and searched the internet, and could not find much on this subject..only cases where the porn site was actually accessed. Thanks again.

I've found those same icons on my mother's computer.. She's 62 yrs. old and it's HIGHLY UNLIKELY that she'd be looking at Her computer is infected with no telling how many Trojans and other problems.. Malwarebytes will usually get rid of most of them, but they still seem to come back sooner or later.. She's on Cable internet, and I'm guessing that it's also why you can leave the computer one minute and it's fine, then turn it back on a little while later and it be full of viruses again.. Been fighting these things for about 3 weeks... Ready to just get out my hammer and see if that'll fix it..!! lol

I am working on my computer right now to remove this exact virus. (this I am typing on my laptop. My PC is running a norton scan from the boot menu b/c I can't get it to work in XP) I know for a fact that no porn site was visited, because the links on my desktop showed up right before my eyes! I was getting an error message for viruses from the 'security center' which I thought was strange, since I use Norton 360. I tried to use a restore point, and when the computer rebooted, there were three porn pictures on my desktop.
I'm not sure where this came from: today I downloaded three ringtones from an apple iphone app. I also installed skype. Lastly I did start up bitcomet, but then I did not download anything. I don't know how norton didn't catch this.

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Children are curious about their bodies and sexuality and will often explore adult websites to satisfy that curiosity. But the result is that your computer can become cluttered with porno files including pictures and videos that can stay around on your hard drive(s) for a long time. And it can be difficult to find and remove porn files effectively

The Tools

But removing these pornography files is not difficult with the right tools to help you. There are a number of products designed to help you detect and delete these unwanted files simply, without having to be a forensic expert. For example Media Detective can remove porn files firstly by scanning automatically for suspicious data on the hard disk and then showing results to the operator, who can sort results and choose what to delete and what not to delete. Snitch is another tool that will allow you to remove porn with a similar process.

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