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'With the tests I have done the doctors have figured out that I was infected within the last month...My antibodies just showed up on a test this week which is scary because they didn't a week ago,' he said in two other tweets.

California Assemblyman Isadore Hall, who has been trying for months to get a bill passed in the state Assembly mandating the use of condoms in sex scenes, said Daily's reported infection shows the need for such a regulation.

The industry has vigorously opposed efforts to require condom use on set, protesting against a 2012 voter-approved measure requiring condoms to be used in Los Angeles County and successfully arguing against an earlier effort for such regulation at the state level that would be specifically geared to film productions.

Daily appears to be taking a positive approach to the news, staying optimistic by saying: 'Had to pinch myself a few times no doubt. But the sun still shines on my face and its warm. Can't take my heart ever. I love life, blessed.'

Bay's scare resonated outside of the porn industry, as it was revealed that she had recently had sex with the male performer who later appeared in a video starring Sydney Leathers, disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner's sexting partner.

Rain first entered the adult-film industry in November 2001. In 2003 she signed an exclusive two-year performing contract with Legend Video that would allow her to cut back on the number of scenes she performed in and also provide her with a private chauffeur. [3] Legend released her from her contract less than a month later, and she considered retirement, [4] but instead only took a brief hiatus from performing. [5]

In 2005 she made her directorial debut with the 1st Strike Films release Ass Up Face Down , in which she also starred. [7] That same year she signed a contract with Defiance Films and Torrid Entertainment [8] and auctioned a day with her on set on eBay for $3,900. [9]

In December 2005 she announced her retirement from acting in pornographic movies, [11] expressing a desire to settle down and start a family. [11] Despite her retirement, Defiance Films extended her contract for two years. [12] She launched her website,, after retiring. [13]

In February 2007, she spent 20 days in jail for possession of marijuana and for driving under the influence . [16] Rain wrote she was given the choice to either spend 20 days in jail or to do community service and enter a DUI program, and chose the jail time. In 2008, she declared that she had since stopped using and selling drugs, and now attended meetings of Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous . [17]

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For example, in season four, the character Gregor Clegane will be played by an Icelandic strongman competitor called Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. The man has never acted before in his life.

Kekilli appeared as a guest star in season one, and has since become one of the show’s regular characters. The German native plays the role of Tyrion Lannister’s mysterious, headstrong lover, Shae.

Bentley is a British porn star who has won several awards for her work in the adult industry. She was even crowned “Best Female Performer” at the UK Adult Producers Awards last year. Bentley has been named in the show’s official cast, but her role has not been specified yet.

Jensen entered the adult industry in 2011 and was named “Best Newcomer” at the Producers Awards the following year. Much like Bentley, she has been included on the list of cast members for season four, but we don’t know who she’ll play.

Walker is an Australian amateur porn star with a penchant for “costume play”. She will appear as one of Craster’s wives in season four. If you’ve watched Game of Thrones, you’ll know Craster as that creepy wildling who lives north of the wall.

Dee is another British porn actor. She played the character Daisy, one of Petyr Baelish’s prostitutes, after joining the Game of Thrones cast in season two, and was famously on the receiving end of King Joffrey’s sadism. Dee will not be appearing in season four.

Knight worked as a clothing technologist for six years before joining the adult industry. She was then hired to play another of Baelish’s prostitutes. Knight appeared in one of the show’s most controversial (and popular) sex scenes, alongside Esme Bianco, but her role ended in season two.

They say youth is wasted on the young. That may be so, but as I’m about to demonstrate, porn is definitely wasted on the old. I’ve got nothing against old people. In fact, I prefer their company to people my own age. But when it comes to seeing old people naked, I’ll take a pass. I’m not sure who watches this stuff, much less why. But somebody must. Why else would they make it? I know this is America (at least for the next few years), so to each his own. But even so, gross.

Please note that as best I can tell, the information I’m presenting is accurate. That being said, I wouldn’t use it as a source for a term paper. And to all the *ssholes who are about to call me out in the comment section for “not doing my research,” good for you. I’m glad your knowledge of old-withered genitals is superior to mine. You win!

OK, I know I said a lot of these actors are gross. But Nina Hartley is the exception. I’m not saying she’s preferable to a younger woman, but if I, or more importantly, my girlfriend, looks half as good as her at 51, I’ll be thrilled. Plus, Nina has been around the business forever. She’s also extremely smart and well adjusted, which explains why she hasn’t OD’ed on heroine or driven her car into a pole. So here’s to you, Nina. May you live another 51 years.

Adding Ron Jeremy to this list is almost pointless. The guy’s a legend, and he looks pretty much the same as he always has, aside from being a little fatter and grayer. Perhaps it’s unfair, but male actors have the edge when it comes to aging, at least since the invention of Viagra. I’m not saying old dudes in pornos aren’t gross, but to me, all dudes in pornos are gross, so I don’t really notice the difference. I’d prefer they weren’t there at all. If only someone could think of a way to make a porno without guys in it. Ah well, a guy can dream.

Dave Cummings – 70

As far as I can tell, David Cummings is the oldest active male Pornstar in the U.S. Good for him. But if he wants to be the oldest in the world, he’s going to need to whack an old Japanese dude. Just to be clear, by "whack" I mean kill. He didn’t start “acting” until he was 55. It sure beats sitting around the Elks lodge or playing shuffleboard.

Rod Fontana is in the AVN Hall of Fame. Someday, I hope to visit that place. Unfortunately, Rod retired in 2007, but I’ve included him anyway because he is supposedly now studying to become a priest in the Episcopal Church. Granted, that info comes from Wikipedia, but damn it, I want to believe.

Shigeo Tokuda is the oldest porn star I could find. Notice I said “star.” I’m sure somewhere in this sick world there’s an even older senile woman unknowingly turning tricks on a webcam with a man she thinks is Fatty Arbuckle.

At age 34, Jewel De’Nyle is already retired from the world of porn. Her 54-year-old mother, De’Bella, didn’t get started until she was 50. To be honest, I think the last time De’Bella performed was 2008, but that’s recent enough to warrant a mention.





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