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With a new book on the market , the former reality star took the time to talk about her new venture as a writer and her career in the adult entertainment industry with The Huffington Post. But according to Abraham, there’s a difference between a porn movie and a celebrity sex tape, and she wants you to know the difference.

“But, for a celebrity sex tape, as we all are aware of, millions of people will watch it and you get way more [backlash]. And you are more known for it . And there is just a more compelling something,” she said.

Abraham, 22, filmed Backdoor Teen Mom with porn star James Deen in 2013, but claims her video falls under the sex tape category even though she worked with a notable porn star. The former Teen Mom also believes that the type of work she participated in is “better” than that of professionals.

I did most of the chores in the house except laundry. I was not allowed in the basement for any reason. Of course that means I snuck down… Our basement was a dungeon. Poles, straps, things to stradle, walls of toys and tools…and the smell of incense and something else I didn’t know at the time.

Sometimes my mother had clients when I would normally be home (she usually didn’t). We had a code. I would check the mail box. If there was an envelope with my name on it, it meant that it contained money and a time for me to return. I would take the money and go down the street to a bookshop where I would order a wrap and do my homework in their cafe. At the time I didn’t mind, but as I got older I realized it wasn’t really the best thing for me and that it wasn’t a safe solution.

A few times she forgot to leave me an envelope and I walked into…sounds coming from the basement. Sometimes it wasn’t a client but rather just someone she wanted to bone. I have seen my mother bent over various pieces of furniture in our living room unfortunately when it just came to a walking into her general sex life. She’s also answered the door when I came home in a harness or in her gear. I saw her naked often and she wasn’t shy about it. :/

I didn’t know what she did was weird, but only that I wasn’t meant to talk about it. Sometimes my afternoons were spend having a snack in a bookstore cafe and sometimes I was able to come right home when I got off the bus. I don’t know if it was entirely about money or if it was just something she loved doing. My mother was more down to earth with sex related things for a parent. She was very difficult in most other area of our life.

Her younger (edited 4 hours later to clarify based on comments below) brother, around 10 years old at the time, received a subscription to one of the main mags (Penthouse or Playboy or whatever) around that age. He was the most popular kid in the neighborhood.

I used to live in a poorer neighborhood and one of my friend’s mom used to host a daily cam show to make money for the family. She was really open about it and made a lot of money on it. He never really cared nor was he embarrassed by his mom, but he obviously got mocked at school for it. Kids even made accounts and requested things from his mom via cam, but he would just thank them for the extra cash. The kid could never be fazed.

My mother was never a porn star, but she was a popular dancer at a topless bar. This is going to sound backwards, but I was also raised “Christian” (morso by my dad, but she insisted we go to church and all that throughout). So, there was a lot of secrecy involved. My sister and I saw the hypocrisy in her double life and we lost a lot of respect for her. We still loved and supported her, because what else were we going to do… she’s our mother.

Now, 15+ years later, I am heartbroken over it. My mother is one of the most insecure people I know. She is a 4 time divorcee, and continues to seek out men to support her believe she needs to be supported by men, and consequently is forever getting involved with she has no actual interest in. She rents a run down old house in the worst neighborhood in town. The only reason she got into the house is because the church helped her out. My sister and I have been helping her with rent for years now. This is getting a little rambly, so I’ll wrap it up.

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