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What’s so great about VR porn is now any avid porn enthusiast can get into the action and take part in the fucking. VR porn movies are primarily shot in point of view (POV) so that it really feels like the virtual reality user is at the center of sexual scenes, wouldn’t you like to be in the VR porn action too. Now in these modern days the technology is here for anyone to get their rocks off in sexual virtual reality, the hardware that’s required such as any regular VR headset is available to anyone at extremely affordable prices. The Google Cardboard VR headset is currently the hottest item because of its affordable price tag, and it can turn any mobile phone loaded with a VR porn movie into a high-tech virtual reality environment ready for the user.

Well now, it has been proven that VR porn per se, is a vastly greater experience than while watching regular porn. The reasons are obvious for anyone who enjoys masturbating to their favorite porn stars. Now in VR you can really get it on with iconic pornographic celebrities, you will be up close … close enough to drool with delight. Everyone I know, including women who enjoy watching porn are in total agreement that virtual reality porn is waaay better than regular old, outdated porn. And why not?? Isn’t it better to experience porn that makes you feel like you’re really reaching for a nice pair of tits, or fingering a sweet looking pussy?

And leave it to the porn industry to jump on VR faster than a bunny will fuck, these guys spare no expense to create premium, grade A titles too. They have the latest and greatest VR cameras that can capture the moment in VR so convincingly, that I believe they have the best filming equipment to put out and produce these vr porn titles with relative frequency. A lot more often than any other VR content that’s for sure.

Have you ever masturbated while watching porn, then after you came you felt empty? Not empty because you’ve finished and released the sexual tension, but empty because you wish it were a real sexual encounter? VR porn feels your plight and wants to help you out. Now the pornographically induced arousals you will seek can be much more fulfilling, giving you a satisfaction that can never be achieved with regular porn. With the aid of your favorite sex toys, like latex pussies or vibrating ejaculators the virtual reality porn experience can be hundreds of times better than getting off with normal porn. One can sit back with their VR headsets strapped on and an electronic masturbator wrapped around their cock, and take off into a world of sexual, delightful deviance that has no comparison.

With the current explosion in VR hardware sales, the use of VR porn is expected to exponentially grow. Currently VR headset ownership is still in its infancy, few providers of the devices are putting out new devices for both home and mobile use. Because virtual reality in general (not just vr porn) is just catching up to the technology, there are only a handful of vr hardware companies.

Pornography as we know it is about to change, and I mean change in a major way. “VR porn” will make the experience of self-pleasuring seem so much more real, and the pornstars in the movies sure know how to work the camera. As they’re doing you POV style, they position themselves for the camera to give you the fullest opportunity to see every inch of their bodies. If VR porn doesn’t make it big like I say, I will eat my hat.

Obviously, in order to enjoy VR porn you’re going to need a pair of VR headsets. Now there are many headsets currently available on the market, in fact you can buy VR headsets from Amazon for next to nothing. The price ranges for a pair of VR headsets varies greatly, from Google Cardboard VR headsets which are often given away when you sign up with VirtualRealPorn , to much more high-end VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift or the Microsoft HoloLens. There are also many mid-ranged VR headsets as well that will do the trick to watch VR porn. Here is a list of well-known VR headsets available to check out this smut!

VR porn currently is a rapidly rising star in the porn world, we here at Mobile VR XXX have been watching the trends closely and with very little surprise are pleased with the popularity of virtual reality. Porn, depending on how you view it still has its hang ups in society, yet when it’s watched using a pair of VR headsets there seems to be some understanding by those who don’t support it. Virtual reality technology is still extremely new and the VR content available can not keep up with the rising demand, but thankfully for virtual sex production companies such as VirtualRealPorn, BadoinkVR, Naughty America VR among the most popular and active and churning out tons of VR content on a daily basis.

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