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Why are there so many Brazilian supermodels? Because they have the genes for it. Brazilians are probably the most ethnically mixed people in the world, so combining different shades and shapes creates the most perfect of bodies. And they work on them too, since they live at the beach in Rio or flaunt themselves at the trendiest bars in fashion-obsessed São Paulo . Go to any fashion show around the world or open a Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, and you're guaranteed to find a Brazilian girl.

After Brazil, Russia is probably the country with the most beautiful women per square mile. You'll find female eye candy on the Moscow subway, but also throughout the most remote corners of Siberia, where supermodel Irina Shayk was discovered. Female beauty is part of the Russian landscape.

Men who prefer tall blonde blue-eyed women automatically think Sweden, but the most gorgeous blondes are actually in Slovakia! Many women around the world spend fortunes to look like what comes naturally to Slovakian women, and these girls don't have to work very hard to draw your attention.

Although Slovakians beat Swedes in the hottest blondes category, there's no denying that Swedish women do fit the stereotype of beautiful women. That's why they won the first two Miss World titles ever, and their beauty is not just on the outside. Talk to any woman in Stockholm and you'll find that they're also well-educated and sophisticated.

Venezuela has the most beauty pageant winners in the world (Miss World and Miss Universe) and that's because beauty is the country's biggest obsession. When not blessed by nature, women are sculpted by surgery, a major local industry. Female beauty is said to be the biggest source of national pride and even national identity, so that explains why they're the women who spend the largest portion of their income on beauty. And while the capital Caracas is an unattractive city, that's easily overlooked when eyes concentrate solely on the young women on the streets.

They don't all look like Sofia Vergara but many do come close. Colombian women are proud of their curves and work hard to show them off. They're also highly seductive (and often irresistible), so if you don't want to fall into temptation, try to contain yourself if you ever go on a trip to Bogota.

Why do so many men around the world look for Ukrainian brides? The reasons are well known and discussed, but above all, it's because well-dressed women who take care of their bodies while keeping a seductive charm is quite attractive. Walk around Kiev and you'll see why they get so much attention.

Most people will agree that Lebanon has the most beautiful women in the Middle East and Arab world. And everyone really noticed that through a controversial 2006 photo of affluent Lebanese women riding through a war-torn neighborhood in Beirut. It showed that the young sun-tanned women of this country are strong and keep the glamour no matter what. A visit to the Lebanese capital will surprise for the vibrant and fun-loving attitude of its people.

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Sharp features, bold eyes, sculpted body; Brazilian women are truly charismatic and beautiful. They are all blessed with drop dead gorgeous looks. They have a very beautiful face, hot body and a charming persona. They are habitual of getting all the attention wherever they go and are big names in not only Brazil, but in the whole world.
Here, we have listed the top 10 most beautiful Brazilian women in the world. They have carved a niche for themselves in the national and international circuits, not only because of their stunning looks and envious frames, but also for their talent, dedication and hard work. They have very successful careers and are the apple of the eye of many big brands and designers. Take a look at the top 10 most beautiful Brazilian women in 2015.

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She is one of the most successful models in Brazil. She also has a good name in the international circuit. She was born on 28th of January 1982 in Brazil. At the tender age of 19 years, she started her career in modeling and has modeled for various fashion, costume and handbag brands. Her height is 175 cms and her looks are truly mesmerizing. She has been living in the US for 15 years with her partner, famous Hollywood actor Mathew McConaughey. This Brazilian beauty is outstanding in her work.

She is grop dead gorgeous. She has made a good name in not only the Brazilian fashion industry, but also in the international fashion circuit. Her sculpted body has go her the Victoria’s Sectert model tag. She has been a treat to watch on the runway. She has been modeling for some famous and luxurious brands including Micheal Kors, Dolce & Gabanna, Blumarine et al. She has many big projects to her credit. Flavia De Oliveira has mesmerizing and beautiful looks.

Considered as one of the most versatile women in Brazil, Cintia Dicker is extremely successful, talented and of course, beautiful. Her red hair makes her stand out in the crowd. Her sex appeal lies in her beautiful red hair. She is a very successful model and has done many big projects in her career. She has bagged many big assignments like fashion editions including Sports Illustrated. She has been a face for many big brands and has walked the runway for many known designers and big brands.

This Victoria’s Secret model has everything that makes her one of the most successful models in Brazil as well as international fashion industry. When she kick- started her modeling career, she was only 16 years old. With her good looks and persistent hard work, she fabricated a successful modeling career for herself and as they say, the rest is history. She has posed for many leading fashion magazines and has been a face for many leading brands like Versace, Valentino and Ralph Lauren. She has also associated herself with many big campaigns of Dolce & Gabanna, Uniqlo and Escada.

On number six of our list of top 10 most beautiful Brazilian women. She is breathtakingly beautiful. She owns a beautiful body and is a big name in the fashion industry in Brazil. She started her career with an appearance on the cover page of Vogue Italia and became successful overnight. Since then, she had never looked back and has established herself as a successful modeling Brazil. She has modeled for many leading fashion labels like Gucci and Chanel.

Hailing form Rio Grande do sul, a southern state of Brazil, Alessandra Ambrosio is the owner of exceptionally beautiful looks and body. She hit the ramp when she was only 14 years old and since then, she has been ruling the ramp in Brazil. She is one of the most popular and versatile fashion models in Brazil. She is a Victoria’s Secret model and has walked the ramp for many top notch brands and designers. She has a very successful career as a model.

On number four of our list of the top 10 most beautiful Brazilian women, we have another model, Adriana Lima. Born on 12th of June, 1981, Adriana has been a Victoria’s Secret model. She has appeared on the cover pages of many successful fashion magazines and has been a face of  big brands like Maybelline.  She gives the credit of her beautiful looks to the Indian, Portuguese and French roots. She is on the fourth position in the list of the highest paid model, coming only after, Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum and Kate Moss. She stands 178 cms tall.

Viaje Aqui, a popular Brazilian travel website, launched a contest in early 2008 to choose the most beautiful deserted beach in Brazil. The winner is Praia do Sancho, in Fernando de Noronha, Pernambuco. These were the 10 most voted beaches.

Repeatedly voted for and referred to as the most beautiful beach in Brazil, Sancho is one of Fernando de Noronha's many wonders. A rock wall with native vegetation encloses a bay with green/turquoise water, reefs and impeccable diving conditions. Getting to the beach requires descending from the top of the cliff via a vertical metal ladder through a hole in the rock.

Noronha is a safe haven for rotifer dolphins and has a Projeto Tamar ( unit to protect sea turtles. Access to Fernando de Noronha, by boat or plane, is controlled. An environment protection fee (Taxa de Preservacao Ambiental - TPA) is charged before departure or upon arrival at the archipelago.

Grottoes, corals, natural pools. Separate, controlled area enclosed by high cliffs is the pioneer of official Brazil nude beaches and the site 31st World Naturist Congress in September 2008. Easy access from the PB-08 freeway.

Attractions: surfing, dolphis, sea turtles (Ubatuba has a Projeto Tamar station on a nearby beach). Part of Núcleo Picinguaba, a state conservation unit. Access by trails from neighboring beaches (Engenho, 10 minutes, and Fazenda, between 30 minutes and an hour).

Brazilian people are from a multiethnic nation in South America. Brazilians are predominantly Roman Catholic and speak Portuguese. 47.73% of the population are white of full European ancestry, while 43.13% are the Pardos (a mixture of Europeans, Blacks and Amerindians). Another 7.61% is black African (people who are solely, or mostly, descended from former African slaves, or immigrants), while 1.1% have East Asian descent. The Amerindians make up 0.4% of Brazil's population, or about 700,000 people.

20. Vera Lúcia Fischer (born November 27, 1951, Blumenau, Brazil) is a Brazilian actress and Miss Brazil 1969. She is of German descent. She is considered as a notable sex symbol in Brazil. In 1982 and in 2000, she did nude photoshoots for the Brazilian issue of the Playboy magazine.

14. Gisele Bündchen (born July 20, 1980, Três de Maio, Brazil) is a Brazilian fashion model and occasional film actress and producer. Since 2004, she has been the highest-paid model in the world. Bündchen is a sixth-generation German Brazilian. Her height is 180 cm, measurements: bust - 89, waist - 63, hips - 89.

8. Adriana Lima (born June 12, 1981, Salvador, Brazil) is a Brazilian model and actress who is best known as a Victoria's Secret Angel since 2000, and as a spokesmodel for Maybelline cosmetics from 2003 to 2009. Her height is 178 cm, measurements: bust - 86, waist - 61, hips - 90.

7. Taís Araújo (born November 25, 1978, Rio de Janeiro) is a Brazilian actress. She was the first black Brazilian actress to be a protagonist in a Brazilian telenovela (Xica da Silva, 1996).

6. Ana Beatriz Barros (born May 29, 1982, Itabira, Brazil) is a Brazilian model. Her height is 183 cm, measurements: bust - 86, waist - 61, hips - 86. Barros is of Portuguese, Spanish and Italian ancestry.

5. Emanuela de Paula (born April 25, 1989, Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Brazil) is a Brazilian model. Emanuela de Paula was born to a White Brazilian mother and an Afro Brazilian father."I am what we call 'mulata'", she said. Her height is 176 cm, measurements: bust - 84, waist - 60, hips - 87.

1. Camila Alves (born January 28, 1982, Minas Gerais, Brazil) is a Brazilian American model and designer. Her height is 175 cm, measurements: bust - 86, waist - 58, hips - 86.
Alves arrived in Los Angeles at the age of fifteen to visit her aunt, and never left. After working for four years as a house-cleaner and waitress, she successfully learned English and decided to make the United States her home. Alves met American actor Matthew McConaughey in 2006. The couple became engaged on Christmas Day 2011, and were married on June 9, 2012 in Austin, Texas, where they reside.





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