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WINNER of the 2014 Fannie Award for Best Romance! - Kim has just graduated, but her next mission forces her to make a horrible choice to either become a villain herself... or let her arch-foe die. Now Kim must decide between doing what is right or what is good. And the only ally she has left is Shego herself.

Shego is bored of her villainous life in Go City. She finds herself in Middleton in hopes that the famous Kim Possible will purge her boredom, but with an unexpected first meeting things take an unexpected turn. AU.

Kim for the life of her just can't believe anything she's hearing. Shego being raped and abused. Drakken a super genus that has special disabilities. Then Betty somehow turned into a loving protective person? Ok that's it those two are definitely going to jail for good.

Shego creates a clone of Kim; she won't say why, but she also won't lie to the clone. Inspired, with permission, by Blackbird 's " All I Really Want " and the question, "What if Shego had been honest from the start?" Eventual Kigo, after a fashion.

Based, with permission, off LJ58's "Fallen Heroes". If I have world enough and time this will be the central story of a five story series, which is part of why this starts where it does instead of somewhere analogous to the beginning of "Fallen Heroes". It won't start to _really_ diverge from its inspiration until they get off the moon.

Eventual Kigo, so if that drives you away don't read, but it's never going to be the focus. It's a gen story that, when all is said and done, will have had relationships in it without being about the relationships.

Just a little idea that crossed my mind. Kim can't sleep and doesn't want to feel alone, so she decided that a visit to her girlfriend is what she need. Warning this is a femslash and is rated M! KIGO! Read & Review

Takes place during Season One. What would things have been like if Kim had fallen in love with Shego when she first saw her during A Sitch in Time (as a pre-teen)? Follow Kim and Shego's relationship through the episodes of the series, but with a lot of KIGO in it.

A hired mercenary, using her cat-burglary, martial arts, and super-powers to serve her employer. Her main employer is by Dr. Drakken , an evil super villain who constantly plots to take over the world. She has also worked for Senor Senior Sr. as a tutor in criminality for his son, Senor Senior Jr. She has also done independent work.   

She received superpowers by accident when she was a child, as well as her four brothers. They were in their tree house when it was hit by a mysterious multicolored meteor. It gave each of them superpowers that manifest themselves with an accompanying color glow. Thus, Shego received her superpowers. The five siblings formed a superhero team called Team Go, and worked out of Go City. But after a few years, facing foes such as Aviarius, Mathter, and Electronique, Shego began to see the profitable side of evil and quit Team Go. As well as this, she couldn't tolerate her brothers anymore. Without Shego, who was the stabilizing member, the brothers quickly broke up. 

Shego usually acts as a sounding board for Dr. Drakken's plans. She mocks his plans in their near-comic complexity, causing Drakken to ignore her input. She is usually right to do so, as Drakken always fails. She isn't obsessed with take-over-the-world schemes of her own, preferring to watch the failing efforts of Drakken or other villains.

Whenever Kim Possible arrives to stop Dr. Drakken's plans, Shego is ready to put up a fight. She uses her martial arts skills combined with her super-powered hands to fight, but Kim usually manages to best her. Shego only wins when she can create a distraction (endangering someone innocent, for example), then escape. 

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First part of small continous comic involving Kim and Shego. So if you dont like either of those characters, or dont like girls being in contact with eachother for whatever reason, you should stay away from this site in the coming days.

Hello Shad, props on your new insane 3x update schedule here and daily updates on Shagbase. I am mildly sorry to add to the constant chorus of suggestions for characters for you to draw, but have you ever heard of Fucking Oyuki-chan from “Empowered?” She’s a profane, pierced, tattooed, and supremely sadistic ninja girl from New Jersey with red hair and brown skin. The comic she is from is a bit obscure, but manages to be a metatextual examination of superhero comics and a good superhero comic simultaneously. I’ve blathered enough; if you’re interested, there are some references links below. Thanks.

All characters drawn by Shädman are 18 or older, even if specified otherwise.
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In der alternativen Zukunft ist Shego in die Vergangheit gereist und hat das Team Possible getrennt, indem sie Rons Mutter einen Job in Norwegen besorgt, denn Ron`s Vater ist Aktuar, und Aktuare können überall arbeiten.

Shego is a villainess who works for Dr. Drakken as his sidekick. Since her main duty to Drakken entails stealing things on his request and protecting him from harm, she frequently engages Team Possible in battle. Though under contract with the scientist, she has occasionally worked with other villains as well, such as Motor Ed and Señor Senior, Junior .

Shego has a slender though athletic build, and a curvaceous body. Her skin has a pale, faintly green look, and her sharp facial features are framed by long, thick black hair. She has piercing green eyes, and black lips.

Though Shego's career constantly involves her stealing various items and evading capture, she is one of the most recognized villains in the series. Numerous victims have been able to provide detailed descriptions of her, easily recalling either her glowing green hands [1] , or her overall beauty. [2] Several males have commented on how attractive they find her [3] [4] [5] , which Shego occasionally uses to her advantage, both while on vacation [6] or when in disguise. [7]

Shego has four brothers, Hego , Mego , and the Wego twins. When Shego and her brothers were young, they were struck by a rainbow comet while in their family tree house, granting them superpowers. Shortly thereafter, they formed Team Go , a crime-fighting family in the mold of a classic superhero team. Together, they took on the responsibility of defending Go City from the forces of evil. According to Hego however, the more they fought villainy, the more she began to like evil. Shego herself mentioned that her main reason for leaving was that she became fed up with her brothers, Hego in particular.

After she quit the team, she found employment with Dr. Drakken, supposedly because he paid well. Between the time that Shego left Team Go and her first encounter with Kim Possible, Shego had eleven countries swear out warrants for her arrest. [10]

Most likely at some point before she turned to evil, Shego became fully credentialed in Child Development. This allowed her to temporarily become a substitute teacher at Middleton High after she was turned good due to Electronique 's Reverse Polarizer, an alteration of Jack Hench's Attitudinator , a device which made good guys evil and vice versa. [11]

Shego was a mercenary for hire, most often shown to be in the employment of Dr. Drakken , though she did on occasion work with and for other villains, especially those who broke her out of prison for that very reason. [12] Shego’s relationship with Dr. Drakken bordered on bizarre. Early on in the series, she was shown to be more respectful toward the mad scientist, however, as time went on, she seemed to take an increasingly dominant role in the partnership, going as far to bully her "boss" into abiding her wishes. She was often hypercritical of Drakken’s plans and openly mocks his decisions, and seemingly tolerated Drakken’s antics for the "mocking gold" his schemes granted her.

Drakken has, on numerous occasions, expressed the desire for Shego to be more supportive in his endeavors, having used mind control devices to ensure her obedience and even replaced her as sidekick with the alien, Warmonga. [13] Despite their tumultuous past, Shego has repeatedly returned to Drakken to work for him.

Kim Possible er en almindelig gymnasiepige og cheerleader, men når som helst det er nødvendigt, går hun støttet af sin ven Ron Stoppable i aktion for at redde Verden fra onde skurke. Ikke ufarligt men Kim kan alt – bortset fra det med skole og familie.

2/24/2008  · Manustatud video  · Um vídeo fã,da série animada " Kim Possible ".Tendo destaque principal na personagem do desenho.A Shego . Cenas do vídeo foram …

Kimberly Ann "Kim" Possible is a high school student and freelance hero/vigilante. She is unusual in this in that she not only lacks a secret identity, but also remains on good terms with various law enforcement, government, and military agencies. For the most part, her schoolmates are aware of her work but don't do anything about it unless it affects them directly somehow. At school, Kim's one of the most popular kids in school, the head of her cheerleading squad at school and a straight-A student, rather than as a misunderstood outsider/underdog as typical of the genre.

Kim was a teenage female of average height with a slim yet athletic build. She had large, bright green eyes and long fiery red hair which came down to her shoulders, and when seen from behind was in the likeness of a heart. She wore her hair in pigtails when she was in pre-K, and as a preteen she wore it in one long ponytail and had braces on her teeth. [1] She had slender fingers and wore size seven shoes. [2]

Civilian : Kim's primary civilian clothes were a green tank top that fully bared her midriff, blue 3/4-length –also known as Capri– jeans with a pair of what appear to be plain white canvas tennis, or running, shoes. She has been shown at certain times to not wear a bra [2] . As the years progressed, she began to wear a wider variety of civilian cloths such as a red short-sleeve sweater or a yellow medieval style outfit. By her Senior year she had phased most of her midriff exposing outfits out of her wardrobe.

Cheerleader Outfit : Kim and the other cheerleaders all wore dark purple cheerleading outfits with bright orange and golden trim in their Sophomore and Junior years. However, they received new outfits on two occasions: shortly before Bonnie briefly became squad captain [3] , and in their Senior year.

Mission : Most iconic was her traditional mission outfit consisting of a black midriff-baring mock turtleneck, dark gloves with a thin cuff, cargo pants, black shoes, and a toolbelt. Midway during her Senior year it was replaced with a purple shirt, black pants with a purple line on the sides, and tight grey gloves as her previous gear was discontinued at Club Banana and Smarty Mart . [4]

Battlesuit : Starting with the night of Kim's prom and in certain extreme circumstances following, she wore a custom battle suit which was designed by Wade. It included a wide array of features: a self-repairing system; force-field; muscle and strength enhancements; and gauntlets able to morph into jai alai cesta "basket"-like energy-resistant scoops able to catch and return energy and solid projectiles. [5] Later it was also equipped with an invisibility stealth mode.

Kim's personality traits were most clearly demonstrated when her school was hit by an astrology-like personality guideline fad known as Animology, under which she was classified as being a "Blue Fox", which was defined as "a born leader who unable to resist a challenge; is driven to excel; a perfectionist" [11] . In addition, Kim was drawn towards International Diplomacy, a difficult and extroverted field, during a career fair held at her school.

Kim also had a tendency to be worried about, and was frequently fooled by, exterior appearance. As such, she was often overly concerned about her image and the way in which others saw her, sometimes even going so far as to extend these anxieties to others, primarily Ron, even though they did not necessarily feel the same way. Owing to this element of her personality, Kim had a tendency to succumb to peer pressure [12] , something she never really overcame until much later, and she was often unable to see beyond first appearances, or deeper than other people's defense mechanisms.

Ihr Name (und auch der ihrer mit Vornamen bekannten näheren Verwandten) ist eine Anspielung auf das englische Wort „ impossible “, was „unmöglich“ bedeutet. Der Nachname allein bedeutet jedoch „möglich“, was im Motto der Familie zu tragen kommt: „ Anything is possible for a Possible! “ („Alles ist möglich für einen Possible“). In einem ähnlichen Zusammenhang findet sich dieses Wort auch im Serien- und Filmtitel "MIssion Impossible", worauf dieser Name womöglich auch noch eine Anspielung ist.

Ebenfalls typisch für sie sind Kims Untertreibungen, wenn sich jemand bei ihr für eine Rettungsaktion bedankt. Sie antwortet jeweils, dass das doch jeder an ihrer Stelle gemacht hätte und das alles gar nicht so schwer war ("Keine große Sache!"). Da sie dank ihrer Hilfe so viele Verbündete auf der ganzen Welt hat, ist es für sie jeweils kein Problem, an einen Ort mit Flugzeug oder Hubschrauber zu kommen.

Kim hat eine relativ große Familie, bestehend aus Eltern, zwei kleinen Brüdern, die sie Zwombies (Zwillings-Zombies) nennt, ihrer Cousine Joss , ihrem Onkel Slim , ihrem Cousin Larry , dessen Mutter June und ihrer Nana genannten Großmutter. Mit ihrer Mutter versteht Kim sich richtig gut, ihren Vater hält sie für überfürsorglich, da er es nicht gerne hat, wenn sie sich mit Jungs verabredet. Ihre Brüder hält sie für Nervensägen, und die machen sich andauernd über sie lustig. Aber im Grunde hat sie die zwei Jungs lieb, sie stehen ihr auch bei, bauen ihr in der vierten Staffel ein Superauto und verbessern allmählich ihr Verhältnis zu ihr, seit sie in dieselbe Klasse gehen (Jim und Tim sind hochbegabt).

Kim ist eine gute Schülerin. Sie schreibt nicht gerne schlechte Noten und hat deshalb auch manchmal ihre Hausaufgaben bei den Missionen dabei. Außerdem liebt sie Mode, vor allem das Label Club Banana hat es ihr angetan, später arbeitet sie dann auch in einer Filiale mit ihrer Freundin Monique zusammen.

Ihre erste Mission war eigentlich Zufall. Der erste Kunde wollte im Internet die Seite von Team Impossible besuchen, vertippte sich aber und geriet auf Kims private Webseite, die bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt eigentlich dazu gedacht war, um ihr Taschengeld, durch Aufgaben, wie Babysitting aufzubessern. Da sie ihren ersten richtigen Auftrag gut abschließen kann, bekommt sie bald mehr Anfragen auf ihrer Website.

In der alternativen Zukunft existiert keine Version von Kim, da sie aufgrund der Tempus Simia-Mission 20 Jahre lang zwischen den Zeiten verschollen war und die gegenwärtige Kim daher gleichzeitig "die zukünftige Kim" ist. Diese Abwesenheit von ihr in der Zeitschleife, angefangen durch eine andere Shego der Zukunft hat Shego schließlich die Weltherrschaft ermöglicht, die Kim mit einer Reise in einer Reise durch die Zeiten beenden konnte.





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