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Sometimes a mother seduces her son. Other times it is the other way round. Either way, even if there is some initial hesitation, these lustful mummys and their horny sons find exquisite fulfillment in fucking each other. Most importantly of all, the sex between mothers and sons is invariably unrestrained, unashamed, uninhibited, and utterly depraved. After all, if a woman and her son have broken the most profound of taboos by engaging in a sexual relationship with each other in the first place, then there is little to stop the pair of them from going all the way and indulging in every imaginable sordidness with each other; anal-sex, facials, tit-fucking, fisting, watersports, and a whole lot more besides.

Exactly how these sublime mothers and sons get together varies. Sometimes it's by accident, such as in Toyboy Son , where a horny 15-year-old boy corresponds anonymously with a thirty-something nymphomaniac via a contact magazine, only to find out, when they finally meet, that it's his own mum. On other occasions it may even be a more profound and loving attraction that brings out their latent desires, as in the romantic tale, A Maternal Affair . Some mums may simply believe in a 'hands on' approach to sex-education, such as in Anal Sex For Beginners .

More frequently it is simply out of practicality and convenience. If a frustrated single-mother spends her lonely nights masturbating in her bed and wishing she had a horny stud to fuck her senseless, and her teenaged son is in the next room jerking off and wishing he had a willing lady to fuck senseless, then it seems sensible for them to put aside their inhibitions and indulge in a bit of mutual fun. There may be a taboo against such antics, but even if it is his own mother, what perpetually horny adolescent boy could resist a beautiful mature woman should she beg him to slide his throbbing teen cock into her willing mouth, her furry cunt or her tight rectum?

If a lustful mummy has more than one son, then she can surely throw away her vibrator for good, and in the Mother/Sons and Daughters section below, she may have both sexes to vent her incestuous lusts upon.

Susan and her 17-year-old son Ricky continue their wanton activities as fuck-buddies, with Susan coming up with new ideas to turn on her perpetually horny son. Ricky, in the meantime, has a big crush on a girl and the feeling seems to be mutual, so how will this potentially blossoming romance for the teenager affect his horny antics with his mother?

After a slightly drunken girl's-night-in, a divorcee named Helen recruits her 15-year-old son Steve to satisfy her chubby, big-breasted, sex-starved friend, Lisa. Steve and 29-year-old Lisa find a great deal of mutual pleasure in fucking each other, but Helen is rather sex-starved herself, and starts having the urge to be more than just a spectator in her son and her friend's lewd trysts.

When 37-year-old Susan finds out her horny 17-year-old son has placed an advert in a contact magazine, seeking a mature slut for some sexy fun, she decides to reply anonymously. Adopting the nickname "Saucy Sue", she pours out her sordid fantasies to her son and eventually arranges to meet him. The question is, will the boy be willing to fuck "Saucy Sue" even when he finds out that she is none other than his mum?

Tommy is a little nervous because his 17-year-old girlfriend, Helen, has proposed that they try anal-sex sometime. Tommy is only 15 and not quite the experienced stud that he has made himself out to be. He thinks that he won't know how to do it properly. Fortunately, his open-minded mother is more than happy to give Tommy a quick lesson in sodomistical techniques, and not just a theoretical lesson either.





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