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Mary, representing the Divine Mother, is one of the most revered figures in the West. Her role in the Piscean Age as the Mother of Jesus has endeared her to the hearts of millions. Many consider her their spiritual Mother.

As Mother and Teacher, Mary comes to liberate the feminine principle and spiritually transform us as we enter into the age of Aquarius. According to the Ascended Masters, the age of Aquarius is a state of consciousness designated for spiritual healing unlike any other age. This is the age for the raising up of the feminine principle. The nature of man and woman is comprised of both masculine and feminine energy. These polarities, the masculine and the feminine, have to be balanced for us to become spiritually and psychologically whole. This is the goal of the Aquarian Age man or woman. From the Mother we learn the things we need to do in order to raise the light of the Mother and magnetize the light of the Father.

On the inner level, Mary is constantly nurturing and tutoring our souls to develop our inner Christ. Just as she is the Mother of Jesus she is also our Mother and we are her children of the Sun. Through her heart we learn the path of self-mastery on the seven rays of the Holy Spirit. 2 These spiritual rays are light emanations of the Godhead that connect us to the spiritual world. According to the Ascended Masters, each ray has a specific color and frequency as well as its own unique quality and corresponding chakra. Chakras are sacred centers of light and energy located along our spinal column that distribute the energy of the seven rays through our four lower bodies: the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies. Chakras are "gateways" to the "spiritual self." 3

The name Mary means "Mother Ray" (Ma-ray). Mary had many incarnations prior to her final embodiment to prepare her for her role as the Mother of Jesus. She completed her divine plan in that lifetime, made her ascension and became an Ascended Lady Master. Mary comes from the angelic realm and is a female archangel ("archeia"). Thinking about this we realize that angels often embody on the earth and walk among us. One of Mary's many titles of honor is the "Queen of Angels." Mary is the divine complement and twin flame of Archangel Raphael ("God has healed"), one of seven holy angels that attend the throne of God. 4

Mary and Raphael serve on the Fifth Ray called the emerald or green ray. This is the ray of healing and wholeness and the ray of precipitation, clear seeing, invention, vision, music, mathematics and science. It is also the ray of Truth. Those involved in the healing arts, doctors and nurses (traditional and alternative), as well as scientists and musicians are working on the emerald ray.

One of the roles of the Divine Mother is to assist us in preparing for the spiritual path and the initiations that are a part of it. As a Mother of God, Mary comes forth to nourish the God flame within. Through prayer and devotion to her sacred heart we establish our tie to her. As we make our heart one with her heart she cradles and comforts us. She helps us to heal our soul and our inner child. Mary helps us to pass our tests in the schoolroom of life. Author and spiritual teacher Elizabeth Clare Prophet (Prophet*) explains:

Mother Mary helps us to get off the treadmill by guiding us to see the things we need to let go of, those conditions in our psychology that prevent us from being whole. She teaches us to gently raise the Mother flame (Kundalini) up the spinal altar through each of the seven chakras.

From Mother Mary we learn to purify and strengthen the third eye (wisdom eye) chakra. This chakra corresponds to the Fifth Ray. Mother Mary teaches us the beauty of holding the immaculate concept not only for others and ourselves, but also for all mankind. Our vision and our thoughts have the power to create and many have proven the unlimited healing power that comes from combining visualization with prayer. Mother Mary teaches us to develop our divine vision and to hold the highest vision in any given situation.
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As the internet and apps era has taken hold, younger people — often in their early twenties or late teens — have been achieving some incredible things, such as building hit mobile games or selling their startups to corporations for large sums of money. Lately, young teens participating in science fairs have also achieved some incredible things, such as this 15-year-old girl who created a flashlight powered by the body heat of one’s hand.

A 15-year-old high school junior from Victoria, British Columbia, Ann Makosinski, created a hollow flashlight powered by the holder’s body heat for the Google Science Fair. The invention made her one of 15 finalists, who will travel to Mountain View, California for a prize ceremony held this coming September. Google will choose one winner each out of three age groups, then from that will decide on the final winner, who will receive a grand prize of $50,000 and a trip to the Galapagos Islands.

The flashlight  she built employ an aluminum tube slipped inside of a PVC pipe. The pipe was cut away in a certain area so the person’s hand would come into contact with the built-in Peltier tiles. The flashlight worked, but due to the temperature reliance of Peltier tiles, the flashlights worked better in colder temperatures (tested at 41 degrees Fahrenheit). The flashlight still worked in warmer temperatures (50 degrees, for instance), but the colder the surrounding temperature, the more the hand’s body heat can help the Peltier generate electricity. The flashlight maintained a sufficient level of light for over 20 minutes, definitely enough time to find the candles in the dark when the power goes out.

In total, Makosinski built the flashlight for $26, which is definitely a fine price for a flashlight that doesn’t require batteries, but she believes if mass produced, it could become even cheaper. If Makosinski wins the Science Fair in September, she’ll certainly be able to make a lot of flashlights.

Yes, using copper would increase the cost, but how much depends on what percentage of the overall cost was the aluminum tube she used in the first place. Copper is, however, within reach. If she really wanted to up the voltage output she would need something along the lines of Nicrhome, but that is rather cost prohibitive.

If her goal was taking it to market she probably wouldn’t have told you everything she did, and how she did it. Look up ‘Maker Culture’ or ‘The Maker Movement” and learn about the future.

She probably gets provisional patent protection from Google, and if she doesn’t, a letter of intent to the Patent Department gives her a year of legal protection, enough time to work it out and put in a real Patent submission.

It’s a great idea she put together and, with some help from relevant experts to tweak the design, she’ll have a marketable product. Much better than the wind-up torches with internal rechargeable batteries that always seem to fail to charge after sitting unused in a drawer for a few months.

Neon Genesis Evangelion ( Shin Seiki Evangelion "New Age/Era Evangelion", often mistranslated as "New Century Evangelion") is a 26-episode science fiction/action/drama Anime series which aired on Japanese television in 1995-96. In 1997, Gainax followed the series with the film Death and Rebirth , a Clip Show revision of the series which condensed many of the series' episodes into an hour-and-a-half timespan (while also expanding a few scenes). Death and Rebirth also featured the first half-hour of The End of Evangelion , a full-length movie that brought the story to a much more definitive (but by no means less controversial) conclusion than the television series did.

As a final note before getting into the tropes: Evangelion defined the career of Hideaki Anno, whose personal battles with depression at the time of its creation directly inspired many of the show's themes. Anno has since come to fully own it, even as it's spun off into numerous extra adaptations which either play on the themes of the anime or ignore them to varying degrees (see the following folder):

Compare: Argento Soma , Bokurano , Brain Powerd , Bubblegum Crisis , Fafner in The Azure Dead Aggressor , Gasaraki , Genesis of Aquarion , Mobile Suit Victory Gundam (though this show does predate NGE), and RahXephon .

Contrast: FLCL , Gao Gai Gar , Mobile Fighter G Gundam , and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (each pretty much the polar opposite of Evangelion , the first and last of which are made by the same studio ).

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