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Getting caught looking at porn can humiliating and can erode trust in any relationship. Porn comes in many formats, this article covers looking at porn on the internet and pornographic printed material. To avoid getting caught looking at porn, read the following steps and try the recommended techniques.

Good God, woman, get yourself to a divorce attorney immediately!! No, this marriage is not worth saving (and I never ever say that lightly). You’ve been dealing with the same problem since you married six years ago and it has only gotten worse. Marriage counseling has not helped. Addiction counseling has not helped. Anti-depression meds have not helped. And now you’ve found child pornography in your husband’s possession (which is a crime, by the way, as I’m sure you realize). If there was ever a time to scream MOA from the rafters this is it. Get out of this situation before you find yourself in hotter water than you already are.

Your husband may be “amazing” in many ways, but he has a sickness that prevents him from being the husband you need him to be. You’ve had six years to decide whether that’s a dealbreaker or not and it seems like you know the answer — you only wish it weren’t so. But, honey, it’s so. It’s so! And, no, not every man has the same sickness as your husband. Not by a long shot. Not even close. No one is perfect, of course. Every man — and woman — will have flaws, but I promise you on my unborn baby’s life, an interest in child porn and an addiction to pornography in general to the point that it supersedes any intimacy with one’s spouse is absolutely, positively not the norm.

oh my god LEAVE. Your husband is sick and needs help. More than that, he would probably NEVER get better now that you know he has child porn. and now that you know that, you can be charged with possession as well since you knew and didn’t do anything about that. Think about if it was your child. Please please leave and never look back.

But from the description you gave, I’d talk to a divorce attorney first to explore your options because most addicts can’t get clean for the people in their lives, they have to realized it for themselves.

I think the ultimatum is fine if he was addicted to regular porn, but pedofiles NEVER get better. Not only is this guy looking at child porn, he could’ve actually acted on some of this impulses. I wish I knew who this man was so I could report him myself.

I am not condoning the husband’s actions in any way, but I would like to point out that the fact that he is looking at child porn does not necessarily make him a pedophile. It may be that he is getting ‘jaded’ and not achieving the same amount of arousal from regular porn anymore, so he is moving on to more taboo areas to get his thrills. It may be the forbidden aspect that turns him on, not necessarily a sexual attraction to kids.

“According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), pedophilia is a paraphilia in which a person has intense and recurrent sexual urges towards and fantasies about prepubescent children and on which feelings they have either acted or which cause distress or interpersonal difficulty.”

Considering that, going from the LW’s letter, he generally has more interest in watching than doing, I don’t think him acting upon what he sees is a huge concern. Assuming that the child porn isn’t indicative of a larger problem with sexual attraction to children of course, as opposed to be a problem with porn in general.

Our commitment to the care, education and safety of your children is reflected in our team. We hire teachers and assistants who are well versed in the best practices of early childhood education. Each member of our team nurtures each child in their care in a safe, supportive learning environment. Team members receive ongoing training to continue their education and are evaluated throughout the year. Our team excels at stimulating children to learn and preparing them for future education. Our team is devoted to making each day fun and educational. Their dedication makes all the difference for your children.

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You poor thing - how awful. But you sound pretty determined that it's over from your OP. Why are you frightened of asking him to leave? Frightened of what he'll do, or frightened about being on your own?

Hi. Im frightened of feeling sorry for him and giving in to him again. Like I said hes not a bad person, but this is effecting my life so much now. i have a 15 year old son who wants his girlfriend to stay over (all up and above board of course, they wont be sharing a room at that age) but morally I should tell her parents about Steve, but thats just going to open a huge can of embarrassing worms

I have a 25 year old Son whos married with a child and one on the way, so I have nearly two grandchildren now. (Im 49 BTW) and a 15 year old son. I should never of married him, I know I shouldnt have now.

Have no real answers to this, though if you say you don't love him/trust him then the relationship sounds done for.
As midnight says, why are you frightened to ask him to leave? Are you frightened of him?

<<hugs for you>>

thanks for the hugs, god knows I need them, Im so annoyed with myself for leaving things so long. The porn side of it is one thing - that he felt he wanted to look at other women when we had a perfectly normal sex life at that stage and the child thing just horrifies me.

have you got any money ? whose house is it ?
can you leave ? pack some things today, take all the money that you have so he cant get to it and go somewhere ? family ? friend ?

or, if you feel safe enough to do so, pack him some bags today and when he comes home tell him that it is over, he needs to leave tonight

if you do not feel safe contact womens aid

How likely is it though, that you get done twice for "accidently" having child porn?

Wouldnt his memory stick been permenantly confiscated or wiped by the police? Do they really just hand your stuff back with the offending stuff still on it?

I was irritated at first because I thought he wanted to use that as an excuse to date other women. I now realize that isn't the case, but it's difficult for me to understand why there wouldn't be some jealousy involved.

My husband is 12 years older than me, and we have been married for 8 years. He told me he first got the idea in a dream he had just after we married but didn't get around to telling me about it. He's had me read some cuckold and hot-wife site stories. I just haven't been able to get my head around it yet.

We got invited to a kiddie birthday party yesterday. The kids were excited because Jollibee* will be there. I didn't know the celebrator because he was my husband's godchild. I was a little apprehensive because I haven't actually met the family yet. I was not sure I will know anyone there, so would the kids. But since it was initiated by my husband, and I wanted to expose the kids to an environment where there are other kids they can interact with, I decided to support his decision. So off we went.

Have you ever experienced being in a place where you know nobody and everybody seems to be looking at you strangely and you wonder if you might have suddenly grown a nose a long as Pinocchio's? Do you know how that feels? That was exactly how I felt as soon as we arrived in the party's venue.

There were no greeters or ushers by the door. Maybe because we were a few minutes late and the party has started. I observed that my husband was looking out  for his friend, the celebrant's dad, ​ or anybody he might knew inside. But he seemed lost in another universe as well. Hesitatingly, I led the kids inside and looked for seats they could occupy. I found some party hats and put it on them. Understandingly, Romar was anxious, as he always does in situations like this. He was tugging at my dress and telling me he was scared of seeing the mascot. So I told him to calm down because the mascot was not coming anyway. So the kids settled down and watched the other kids enjoy the party. 

While our little princess was being difficult outside, her brothers were seemingly nailed into their seats inside. They didn't join the games. They didn't join in the fun. They just observed. In the adult world, they call it being a wallflower.

As I sat there, I was asking myself, did we make a mistake in coming to the party? Did we put the kids in a situation that they were not ready to deal with? Those were strangers out there. Even my husband and I didn't know anybody. How can we expect the kids to make friends and behave in a manner that could win any Ms./Mr. Congeniality contest? They were just 5-4-3 year olds. ​With that, I actually thought of packing up the kids and hauling them a real Jollibee store and make them play and get all the fun that they want. Nobody would even care that we're gone, right? But of course I didn't suggest doing that to my husband. Instead I kept steady and forced myself to show that we have a place in that party. I think my husband was doing the same thing.

Eventually, the celebrant's dad, my husband's friend showed up and he saw and talked to us. Well, that gave us a relief that indeed we were in the right party and have not lost our way to somebody else's. ​He didn't talked to us for long though, and we didn't expect him to.  It's understandable that he will be very busy doing stuff for his boy. So we continued pretending. Haha!

As for April Fun, it was easy to understand that her coping mechanism was just to see something familiar in an unfamiliar place filled with unfamiliar faces. The image of a beloved Filipino fast food chain brand was enough to make her feel she belonged and so she was hopping in happiness again. Sometimes this happens to us adults too. We just need something familiar to make us brave the journey we set ourselves into.​

I believe, we were able to show them that. And I'm happy that we did. We didn't make a mistake in going to the party after all. If we get another kiddie party invite like this, I'll bring them again. Who knows what wonderful surprise awaits us there? And the valuable lessons we would surely get from the experience. 

‘As I speak, I feel like my whole world and life has crumbled before me! I know l must be in a nightmare and when l wake up, it will just be a dream. This cannot happen in real life to me. Why? Where did I go wrong? How did I fail as a mother and a wife? My husband in bed with my daughter.

My name is Lovett; everyone who knows me calls me mummy Joy. Joy is my biological child; I had her pregnancy when I was only 18 years old, then I just left secondary school and I thought the world was at my feet. Joy’s dad was everything a young girl of my age would want, so it was a crazy affair l had with him. Reason was thrown to the wind and we did everything we ought not to have done at that age. So, it was not a surprise to my family when l came home pregnant, my parents are from a strong Catholic bar ground, so abortion was out of it. I was made to face reality and I kept the pregnancy.

I had Joy nine months later, then l was already nineteen years old, but l still did not know a thing about nursing a baby. My mother took over Joy and I went back to school. I graduated when my mates did and got a job in a Bank, while working there I met Wale and before I knew what was happening we headed for the altar. It has being eight years since I got married to this wonderful man or so I thought and we have two beautiful children. Joy lives with us now because my mother is aged and she is writing Jamb. I travelled to England for a course in my office and I was called back by my Boss. I couldn’t get my husband on phone to tell him of my journey and I still couldn’t get him when l got to Nigeria. So l took a cab home.

I saw Wale’s car in the garage and wondered what he was doing home at the time of the day. I went in with my key unannounced. Joy’s room was ajar, so l knew she was around. I went upstairs to the room that I and Wale share and was greeted by the worse porn movie I have ever seen…

You cannot share your husband with your daughter, so naturally somebody has to be dropped in this situation. It cannot be your daughter because she is yours biologically and he is a ware of that fact before he did what he did. He has betrayed your trust and confidence and to me that’s the most important in any relationship. I don’t think l want to be moved by what my husband does outside because men will always be men, but he shouldn’t bring it to my home. He has not only betrayed my trust, he has given me an injury which will never heal by sleeping with my child. And for that reason I will walk away.

The marriage ended the day you caught your husband in bed with your daughter. To be honest, he has not only defiled your bed, but he has proven that he is not a father figure to your children and that he cannot be trusted. I will advice that the lady in this story gathers all her children and start a new life without the man. If she doesn’t then she will have more issues in future that might destroy her. She should also do one thing to relieve her of the stress, she should forgive him, it is only in forgiveness that she will be healed.

My husband and I were freshly married when we spent an evening with friends and good food . We said our goodbyes and headed for the car. When Steve  was sure we were alone, he began punctuating each step with a toot.

I can’t remember ever holding back around Steve. We pee with the door open. I don’t like being shut in small spaces. And often it’s urgent enough that stopping to close the door could be the thing that means I don’t make it to the toilet .

The problem (because there’s only one) with leaving the door open, is that sometimes a poo surprises me mid-pee. Public poo plop-plop-plopping is out of my comfort zone, so it becomes obvious that I’m pooing because I suddenly shut the door. And that click of the door is like a formal announcement to my family: “POOPIN’!”

Once, when we were brushing our teeth together, I finished up and sat down to pee. Steve and I began to chat. He spit out the last of his toothpaste and turned to face me and finish his story while I listened. I was so focused on his words, I failed to notice a surprise poo sneak up.

I had crossed the sacred barrier of Poodom. I mean, you know people poo, but you don’t ever want to see them poo. I can barely watch my dog take a dump, and there I was taking a shit in front of my husband.

Me? I have performance anxiety even with peeing in front of a significant other. As far as they know, I do not even fart. But I’m sure that’s about to change in my (hopefully) near future. :) It sounds liberating.

I am laughing myself silly over here. Seriously, I just laughed out loud, which hardly ever happens when I read a blog post. Now I just have to figure out how to convince my husband to put the kids to bed on his own so that I can read all of your archives. OMG – still cracking up.

I just peed my pants reading this. Really. Thankfully, no poo.
And you know, there IS a book called ‘Everybody Poops’. My children used to love reading it when they were younger. That and the ‘Everybody Farts’ book. Class kiddie lit!

'Nothing Is Private' is so odious that Toronto Film Festival attendees simply walked out over its graphic depiction of sexual, mental and physical child abuse. ", baynoteOrOutbrain:"outbrain", commenting: "false", partnerInfo: {"partner": {"source": "","info": []}} }; var disqus_identifier = "e7a5f892-bff0-4e04-bbd2-3bd83a3db1e9"; var disqus_category_id = ""; var disqus_developer = 1; Kiddie Porn Movie Rocks Toronto as 'Feel-Awful' Film of the Year By Roger Friedman

"Nothing Is Private" is written and directed by Alan Ball , the man behind "Six Feet Under" and "American Beauty." But it’s caused outrage here for its graphic depiction of sexual, mental and physical child abuse that verges quite literally on kiddie porn.

The movie — so odious that many people have simply walked out during the screenings — shows actor Aaron Eckhart having sex with a 13-year-old girl played by a now 19-year-old actress, Summer Bishil . The actress only turned 19 recently, however, which means that she was just on the cusp of 18 when she made the movie last year.

In the movie version, the abuse heaped on 13-year-old Jazeera by her adult neighbor, her older teen boyfriend and her own father is shocking, ceaseless and disgusting. "Nothing Is Private" is the feel-awful movie of 2007.

Eckhart, best known for roles in "Erin Brockovich" and "Thank You for Smoking" inexplicably agreed to this part. His character initially takes the girl’s virginity by fondling her, in a very graphic scene that leaves nothing to the imagination.

If Ball — who regularly toyed with conventions in his TV show and in "American Beauty" — thought all this would somehow illuminate the tragedy of child abuse, he was wrong. Too much is shown and too many lines are crossed for "Nothing Is Private" ever to be released by a major studio or distribution company to theatres. If nothing else, the endless "ick" factor involving nearly every character is a permanent obstacle.

It’s not like "Nothing Is Private" doesn’t have other problems as well. Jazeera has an Iraqi father ( Peter Macdissi ) who’s supposed to be a ladies' man but comes off swishier than Liberace . The father regularly hits Jazeera and threatens to beat her to death.

She also falls into a kinky sexual relationship with a boy from school. That relationship is treated like all her others, blithely and almost without regard, as if this is the norm for any 13-year-old girl.





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