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Last week we published a list of nine ’50s/’60s books from a then-popular genre of cheap paperbacks: entirely fabricated or otherwise compromised “sociological studies” of human sexuality penned by pulp authors pretending to be doctors. “Lesbianism” was a very common focus of these “non-fiction” books.

Below are statements about “lesbian behavior” pulled mercilessly out of context from the pages of the sacred text  A New Look At The Lesbian , by “Scott O’Neill,” storied author of  Campus Call Girl  and  Profile of a Pervert Volume 2.  We hope it provides a lot of insight into why you are such a hot mess.

But wait! They never explain the tantalizing question about whether the race to the moon was triggered by lesbianism. Personally, I’m guessing it has to do with Artemis, outdoorsy gal that she was. (Either that or Sandra Bullock.)

WELL WELL WELL. it was very confusing what his actual theory was because his whole argument, which was basically about overpopulation, seems to suggest that homosexuality might be a solution to the overpopulation problem, but also that moving to the moon and other planets could be a solution to the overpopulation problem, so he never makes a case that lesbianism triggered the race to the moon because based on his logic… lesbianism should prevent us from having to race to the moon? I mean, idk why this didn’t win a Nobel Prize

“Experts have decreed that in a hundred years or less, we won’t be able to feed the population of the Earth at that time unless we now devise some other means of growing food. Large hydroponic tanks are one answer, yeast cultures another, seaweed and help derivatives still another, but none of these will do all the work. Something else is required. Could it be a temporary stopgap of increased homosexuality, plus a subconscious desire for extra-terrestrial colonization? Well, it’s a theory — and perhaps not too far-fetched, at that.”

well, Kennedy brought up the whole moon thing in 1961, about the same time he was hiring E. Roosevelt to chair the Commission on the Status of Women, that’s where my mind went, it would have added more sense to this already senseless theory…Eleanor told us to go to the moon. Or rather, I would have preferred that one.

I was thinking that re: #13, should we all be transported back to 1963, that we now know where to more fully target the population to speed our total liberation of women of all fields and professions. Also, this fool had never seen home movies of Marilyn Monroe hanging with her butch friends had he?

To paraphrase his own craptastic lard sauce, “No lesbian, feeling the constant jealousy she supposedly feels, can match the jealousy of the acrid, desperate, mother-hating, no-date-having jealousy and despair of the author of this blatantly envious book on the awesomeness of lesbians.”

Hardcore pornography , or hardcore porn , is still photography or video footage that contains explicit forms of pornography , most commonly including depictions of sexual acts such as vaginal , anal , and/or oral intercourse, cunnilingus , fellatio , anilingus , ejaculation , and/or fetish play . Hardcore pornography usually takes the form of photographs , often displayed in magazines or on the Internet , or films and cartoons . Since the 1990s it has been distributed widely over the Internet.

In Jacobellis v. Ohio and other cases, the United States Supreme Court ruled that only "hardcore" pornography could be prohibited by obscenity laws, with the rest protected by the First Amendment . The category of "borderline obscenity" thus became obsolete. The 1970 report of the President's Commission on Obscenity and Pornography said: [4]

From the 1970s, the salient distinction was between hardcore pornography and softcore pornography , which may use simulated sex and limits the range and intensity of depictions of sexual activities. For example, William Rotsler 's 1973 classification subdivided the X rating for erotic films: "The XXX-rating means hard-core, the XX-rating is for simulation, and an X-rating is for comparatively cool films." [5]

The distribution of hardcore pornography had been widely prohibited in many countries until the second half of the 20th century when many countries began to allow some dissemination of softcore material. Supply is now usually regulated by a motion picture rating system as well as by direct regulation of points of sale . Restrictions, as applicable, apply to the screening, or rental, sale, or giving of a movie, in the form of a DVD, video, computer file, etc. Public display and advertising of hardcore pornography is often prohibited, as is its supply to minors .

Most countries have eased the restrictions on the distribution of pornography , either by general or restricted legalization or by failure to enforce prohibitive legislation. Most easing of restrictions has been by way of changes to the criteria of a country's movie classification system. The anti-pornography movement often vigorously opposes legalization. In 1969, Denmark became the first country in the world to legalize pornography. [8] In the U.S., legal interpretations of pornography in relation to the constitutional right to free speech differ from state to state and from city to city. Hardcore pornography was legalized in the UK in 2000. [9]

Berl Kutchinsky's Studies on Pornography and Sex Crimes in Denmark (1970), a scientific report commissioned by the Presidential Commission on Obscenity and Pornography , found that the legalizing of pornography in Denmark had not (as had been expected) resulted in an increase of sex crimes. [10]

A study conducted in Denmark in 2003 and later published in Archives of Sexual Behavior found that men and women generally believe that hardcore pornography has a positive influence on their lives. [11]

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