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So I checked my connection speed, i'm using High Speed DSL and says i'm downloading at about 2.5 Mbps. I'm not too savvy on what a good speed is. But it seems better than what I seen a few people ask about. I'm assuming I have better than 330Kbps.

All my other specs are above and such, 3.2ghz quad and all that good stuff, so i'm not worried about that, i'm just concerned with my connection speed.

speed doesn't matter. ping does. you can have 20mbs and still lag like hell if your ping is bad. however some games (wow for example) have this option where it uses your bandwidth more efficiently to reduce lag.

but anyway you can have 1mbs and still have no lag. just go to and run a test. you should have around 40ms (or even less than 10) with recommended server. if that's the case you won't have problems with gw2.

ok so a closer look reveals...

download speed: Approx 2.5Mbps
upload: approx 0.4
ping: different results from different things, anywhere between 68-88ms
packet loss: 0%
jitter: 5ms

what any of this means... I don't know

As with any online game, the ability to play  Guild Wars 2  depends on your ability to connect to the game servers. Below are some suggestions that can help improve your connection and determine the source of potential problems. Start by doing the following:

When playing a game you receive signals from the game servers that show your in-game location, the appearance of the environment, and what is happening around you. When you hit a key such as  W  to move forward or  Spacebar  to jump, you are telling our servers what you’re doing. That information has to reach us before the game will know how to respond. The issue that makes your character appear to be jumping back to a previous location is described as  rubber banding . Rubber banding is a major indicator that there is a problem with your connection. With rubber-banding, you can see other characters or the environment move and your character is not "frozen," but everything you attempt is delayed.

If you experience rubber-banding, it is best to check your game connection by running a  Traceroute . Once you are familiar with how to read the results of this test, you will be able to identify where the exact problem(s) occur in the connection. If they happen before the signal reaches the game servers, you will know that you need to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Disabling Background Process es
In addition to the suggestions above, disabling the processes that are running in the background can help solve a multitude of problems including connectivity issues.

Important Note : If you need a specific application to run with Windows® but still want to use MSCONFIG , you can follow the instructions below and re-check any application that needs to start with Windows®. Programs you may want to do this for include:

If you would like to determine the specific process that was causing the interference, you can repeat the process above, re-enabling only a few processes at a time, until you encounter the error again. When this happens, disable the process that was last selected and try adding another one. If it works, then you have identified the problem. If it doesn't, the problem is probably related to the number of processes that are running.

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Please note that adding a Nightfall Collector's Edition access key to an account that already has another edition of Nightfall will NOT add more character slots or storage tabs to that account. The only thing the access key will add to your account are the signature dances for Paragons and Dervishes, and the Miniature Varesh .

The PvP editions are only available for ordering online in the official Guild Wars store. The PvP editions give instant access and full skill lists for the PvP mode and the professions covered by the respective campaigns. They do not provide access to the PvE campaigns. PvP editions are cumulative; multiple editions purchased will allow PvP players to access the sum of all unlocked skills. PvP and regular editions can be mixed, but then only allowing players to travel into the PvE worlds that the full editions provide.

Access to Guild Wars Nightfall requires a valid access key to be added to your account . Once added, select Nightfall when creating a new character to create a new Nightfall character. Existing characters from other campaigns can access Elona via a special quest . See the Elona article for more details.

In Rising Flames , the second episode of Living World season 3 , Primordus is on the move and headed to the Ring of Fire islands, and Taimi sends players to Ember Bay to aid in her research into magic. However, the destroyers found there are found to be different, leading the players to search for more information on the effects of Elder Dragons ' deaths.

A: As you are completing the primary quest line in Eye of the North , your character will receive Monumental Tapestries, which let you choose which of the side monuments (Devotion, Fellowship, etc.) you want to unlock for any given character. The main Monument of Honor does not require the use of a Monumental Tapestry to unlock.

A: When entering the Hall of Monuments in-game you can speak to Kimmes the Historian , who will show you the account version of your Hall of Monuments, which shows all the monuments and statues you have unlocked across all characters on your account, rather than just a specific character's monument and statue unlocks.

A: Yes, the maximum rank of the God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals title will be paid forward into Guild Wars 2 . If you have earned this title on any of your Guild Wars characters, you will be able to have any of your Guild Wars 2 characters wear the title as well. GWAMM is completely separate from the rewards that you can see via the Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator.

A: Champion, Codex, Commander, Gladiator, Hero, and Zaishen titles all count towards the bonus you earn for having unlocked a PvP statue in the Hall of Monuments. The now defunct Commander title is now treated the same as having the Codex title, so if you already have one of those titles there's no need to get the other.

A: Everything found on the Reward Calculator is account-based. While you may enter a single character's name into the Reward Calculator, it still displays the cumulative achievements of all characters on that account.

A: No, you won't be able to trade any of the Hall of Monuments items or rewards to other accounts. You can, however, generate as many of the items as you want for your own account, so all of your Guild Wars 2 characters can benefit from the rewards.

A: When Guild Wars 2 is released, there will be a way to link your Guild Wars account to your Guild Wars 2 account. If you own Eye of the North , you will receive 3 points for linking the accounts together. The Reward Calculator assumes that you will have linked the accounts together, so it automatically gives you those points.

A: Only the Black Moa , Black Widow , and Imperial Phoenix have their own unique statues on the Monument of Fellowship. There is a general Animal Companion statue which can be unlocked with any level 20 evolved pet, such as the Rainbow Phoenix . This Animal Companion statue can only be unlocked once per character, and you only need to unlock it once on your account for the purposes of the Hall of Monument rewards.

A month from now I am moving to the city to a small town. My internet connection will be going from 800 kbps to 128 kbps. Does anyone know if GW2 will still be playable @ 128 kbps? Will it become plagued by lag and rubberbanding?

Still, the game seems to play fine for the most part. I think the issue with lag stems not from your download speed but from your latency (or ‘ping’). I’m not too sure of the specifics of latency but I know satellite internet used to be infamous for latency issues in online video games where it counts (1-2 second delays on all actions).

Your best bet is to do a check on when you get your new connection as it should also give you a ping value. Anything below 100 is considered fine in America, in Europe you’re usually looking for 60 or less. Despite our relatively low speed we still usually get a stable ping between 40 and 60.

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