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Pearl Carter, 72, shares that she’s never been as happy as she is now with her new love – her grandson, Phil Bailey, 26. The two reportedly didn’t know of each other as Bailey’s mother had given him up for adoption.

After her passing due to cancer, he decided to track down any remaining biological family, and the rest is history – or so they say. The two apparently fell in love shortly after they met and began their incesteral relations one very disgusting night.

From the first moment that I saw him, I knew we would never have a grandmother-grandson relationship. For the first time in years I felt sexually alive. I called Phil into my bedroom, sat him on the bed, and then I leant over and kissed him. I expected rejection but instead he kissed me back. Living with Phil as my life partner has been amazing. He cooks and cleans and we make love three times a week. We can’t keep our hands off each other.

I was thrilled and excited. I could be with Pearl and it was OK because she’d never raised me or been in my life. Making love to Pearl was a real eye-opener. It was love combined with all this sexual tension that had been building up. I love Pearl with all my heart. I’ve always been attracted to older women and I think Pearl is gorgeous. Now I’m going to be a dad and I can’t wait.

The disgusting duo have become so consumed by each other that they’ve even more shockingly announced they will be having a baby together. Now granted, Pearl is a bit past the age of possible conception but that isn’t going to stop the determined couple.

Pearl shares that she is going to use $54,000 from her pension to not only hire a surrogate mother, but buy a donor egg and have it fertilized with Phil’s sperm. Needless to say, they were able to locate a woman willing to go through with it, Roxanne Campbell, who mentioned, “Initially I was shocked. But they’re a brilliant pair and I saw how much they loved each other. I know the baby will be loved too.”

Pearl has since shared her excitement conveying, “I am finally going to be a mum and not forced to give up my child. Phil’s going to be a great dad. I never in a million years thought at 72 I’d be “pregnant” and in love with my grandson. I make no apologies and I believe God’s given me a second chance.”

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Right now I would give my adult son the opportunity to reach his goal and dream of that perfect job and marriage to his girlfriend. Even though he has a college degree, he has been struggling trying to find the job that he really wants.

I guess my gift would be to my two nieces. That they grow up to be confident in themselves and in their own bodies no matter their size or shape. Too often women let a number on the scale or on a tag dictate how they feel about themselves and what their worth is in the world. I just never, ever want that to happen to my sweet girls.

Beautiful wishes for your grandson.
My favorite 2 are
"That he never fails to see the beauty, the delightful, the admirable, the awesome."
and "That he dances, sings, eats, enjoys, cries, giggles, dreams without worrying what others may think." (although they were all wonderful!)

What I want for Lucy is to hold her head up high. Be proud of who she is and realise that she can and be anything that she wants. My greatest wish of all is that she never, ever, ever does drugs as they ruin so many peoples lives.

I loved what this said. My grandson Hayden, who just turned seven is my son Benjamin's child. My son Ben, Hayden's father passed away a few weeks ago. I am going to save this and give it to him and read it to him often. We are all grief-stricken about losing Ben, but he left me two beautiful grandchildren. I will always have to make sure that I tell them stories of their father, so they never forget the wonderful man that was their daddy. Boy, do I ever miss him.

This is an exceptional post on your dreams for your grandson....all I can say is "Ditto" for my grandson too. Being a grandma is not for sissy's I can tell you that, but what rewards it brings.

In cases where parents are unwilling or unable to provide adequate care for their children (e.g., death of the parents), grandparents often take on the role of primary caregivers. Even when this is not the case, and particularly in traditional cultures, grandparents often have a direct and clear role in relation to the raising, care and nurture of children . Grandparents are second-degree relatives and share 25% genetic overlap.

A step-grandparent can be the step-parent of the parent or the step-parent's parent or the step-parent's step-parent (though technically this might be called a step-step-grandparent). The various words for grandparents at times may also be used to refer to any elderly person, especially the terms gramps , granny , grandfather , grandmother and even more types that most families make up themselves, like "coolma" for younger step-grandparents.

The youngest grandmother in the world is Rifca Stănescu, a Romani girl from Romania , who at the age of 12 gave birth to her first child, a girl called Maria. Maria, in her turn, gave birth to a child at the age of 11, thus making her mother Rifca - the youngest grandmother in the world at the age of just 23 years. [3] [4] [5] [6]

When used as a noun (e.g., "... a grandparent walked by"), grandfather and grandmother are usually used, although forms such as grandma/grandpa, granny/granddaddy or even nan/pop are sometimes used. When preceded by "my ..." (e.g., "... my grandpa walked by"), all forms are common (anywhere from "... my grandfather ..." to "... my Gramps ..."). All forms can be used in plural, but Gramps ( plural Gramps) is rare.

In writing, Grandfather and Grandmother are most common, but very rare when referring to a grandparent in person. In speech, Grandpa and Grandma are commonly used in the United States , Canada and Australia . In Britain , Ireland , United States , Australia , New Zealand and, particularly prevalent in Newfoundland and Labrador , Nan , Nana , Nanan , Nannan , Nanna , Nada , Nanny , Gran and Granny and other variations are often used for grandmother in both writing and speech.

Numerous other variants exist, such as Gramp , Gramps , Grampa , Grandpap , Granda , Grampy , Granddad , Granddaddy , Grandpappy , Pop(s) , Pap, Pappy , and Pawpaw for grandfather; Grandmom , Grandmama , Granny ; Gran , Nanny , Nan , Mammaw and Grammy for grandmother. Gogo can be used for either, etc.

Languages and cultures with more specific kinship terminology than English may distinguish between paternal grandparents and maternal grandparents. For example in the Swedish language there is no single word for "grandmother"; the mother's mother is termed mormor and the father's mother is termed farmor . [7] However, the other Scandinavian languages , Danish and Norwegian , use words which specifies the kinship like in Swedish (identically spelled among all three languages), as well as using common terms similar to grandmother (Danish: bedstemor, Norwegian: bestemor).

The parents of a grandparent, or the grandparents of a parent are called all the same names (grandfather/-mother, grandpa/-ma, granddad/-ma, etc.) with the prefix great- added, one for each additional generation. One's great-grandparent's parents would be "great-great-grandparents".

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Mothers-in-law have been the butt of millions of jokes, but it's no joke that being a good mother-in-law is tricky. Still, the role of mother-in-law is one of the most important in ensuring healthy family dynamics. If you want to be a good grandmother, you should first study how to be a good mother-in-law, as this relationship can set the tone for the role of grandmother.

Mother-in-law relationships come in two basic varieties: Mother-in-law/daughter-in-law, in which the biological child is a son, and mother-in-law/son-in-law, in which the biological child is a daughter. Most mother-in-law jokes spring from the second relationship: A male comedian is typically the one making jokes about his mother-in-law.

Interestingly, it is the other variety -- the combination of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law -- that is responsible for most of the truly troubled mother-in-law relationships. That's the conclusion reached by Dr. Terri Apter, author of What Do You Really Want From Me?: Learning to Get Along With In-laws .

The relationship between a mother and her son's wife is tension-filled because it engenders a natural competition. "Each is the primary woman in her primary family," Apter writes. In addition, no matter how much times have changed, women are still primarily responsible for child care, housework and other domestic matters. Women's egos tend to be wrapped up in these functions, and they take criticism very seriously, whether that criticism is overt or merely implied.

In addition, many experts believe that women are more intuitive and empathetic than men. They may pick up on subtly disparaging behavior that the males in the family may miss altogether. That explains why a woman may become angry with her husband for not taking her side. The man may be blissfully unaware that the woman is under attack.

The primary rule for a mother-in-law who wants to get along with a daughter-in-law is "Avoid criticism." Don't criticize your daughter-in-law to her face. Don't be critical of her to your son or even in the company of friends. Don't act in ways that send critical messages, as in the following situations:

Another game mothers-in-law shouldn't play is handing out criticism thinly veiled as praise. The mother-in-law who praises a daughter-in-law's relaxed attitude when she really thinks the daughter-in-law is a slob is fooling no one.

The major conflict between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law arises from this: The mother was the most important woman in her son's life. Now the wife is. That is entirely as it should be, yet many mothers have difficulty with it, especially if they are widowed or divorced, or if they do not have close relationships with other children. Mothers should go to great lengths to avoid making a son choose between her and his wife, even in trivial matters. It's a battle that just can't be won.

Grandmothers are famous for their hearty meals and fresh baked cookies, their abundant hugs and kisses, and their insistent desire to spoil their grandchildren. Times spent at grandma's house are often marked by love, laughter, and contentment. In fact, grandmothers are often responsible for bringing the whole family together. Because grandmothers are such a source of joy for their grandchildren, they are always sorely missed when they pass away. To lose a grandmother is to lose a most valuable family member. Many grandchildren find a peace and solace after the loss of their grandmother by expressing their feelings through poetry.

Grey-haired Pearl Carter, 72, and her 26-year-old grandson Phil Bailey are said to be madly in love - and while she is well past the age of bearing a child herself, they say they are eagerly awaiting the baby that is developing in the womb of a surrogate mother.

The abhorrent love match between the granny and her grandson, 46 years her junior, has been turning stomachs as it speeds around the globe, leaving even regular bloggers - who have seen much of the weirdness the internet has to offer - open-mouthed.

While many readers believe the couple are living in New Zealand, New Idea, the Auckland-based magazine which is running the story has failed to mention any home town or even a country where the couple are living.

Time will now tell if this is a phantom pregnancy - or whether, in a few weeks, an elderly woman and her grandson will be strolling down the street with a pushchair containing their baby - amid a storm of outrage.





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