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"I don't regret it. To tell you the truth, this has given me some publicity." Mr Toumanaintz is now said to have withdrawn his cash offer and said from now on he will get written consent from clients before he begins tattooing.

6/1/2013  · Manustatud video  · Belgian Woman Finally Removed 56 Star Tattoos on her Face Young Belgian woman finally has 56 star tattoos removed from her face after …

6/22/2009  · Manustatud video  · A teenage girl who claimed 56 stars were tattooed on her on her face as she slept when she asked for three has admitted she was awake …

8/16/2012  · Manustatud video  · The Clip Critics discuss a girl that got a tattoo on her butt hole at the South Florida Tattoo Expo. Subscribe! New video's weekly. Like us on …

Nights out are super cheap . Like £10 and under cheap. There is however only so much fizzy stuff you can drink before you bloat up like a puffer fish, but then again you don’t have the thirst you get when you’re chugging back the ale. You don’t get into taxis you can’t afford in misjudged error and then spend the rest of the week eating beans on toast until payday either. Plus I’m totally a cheap date these days, good news for my better half.

I am much fitter (boom!). This isn’t necessarily because I stopped drinking alcohol and “the weight just dropped off/my skin was so much clearer” as you regularly hear people say. It’s to do with the fact I can be arsed to exercise and don’t skip days because I’m hungover/wrapped in the invisible but very heavy blanket of shame and I don’t want to stuff my face with dirt burgers on my way home.

People will judge you. Not everyone but some people will. They take it as a reflection on them that you aren’t drinking. I decided it was bad for me, and my sanity and on occasion my safety. I don’t give a hoot if people imbibe. If you can drink sensibly and walk away, good for you. Unfortunately I don’t have that built into my brain. Think twice before you call someone “boring” for not drinking or say “you’re not fun anymore”. Even if it is meant as a bit of a ribbing, it can be really hurtful and if you’re a true friend you’ll support them in their decision.

No regrets. I haven’t forgotten anything (including my address – yup that happened) for a year now. No deep and meaningfuls which I’ve instantly forgotten about then had to pretend that I remembered. I haven’t said anything stupid, or that I don’t mean – whether for good or bad.

Fuck you anxiety. And the horse you rode in on. Every morning after a night out now is like floating on a cloud. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it is not to live with the impending sense of doom that goes beyond regular beer fear and leads to a week’s worth of panic and anxiety. Anxiety ridden people shouldn’t drink. I didn’t even know about the links between alcohol and anxiety until I gave it up. Not having this regular burst of anxiety splitting up my weeks/months means that I don’t have to live with it any more than I need to. Having it constantly hanging around like a bad friend, there to remind you how shit you are, really isn’t good for your mental health. I have felt free for a whole continuous year and it feels excellent.

I find your photos of booze ridiculous. If it a fancy cocktail that looks like it’s been squeezed out of a Disney villain’s butt with half a forest in it – HURRAH – I am sure I will enjoy looking at it. If it’s a glass of wine on a table – BIG WOW – it could be Casini for all I know.  It becomes very weird when you don’t drink to see these often posted pics – maybe it’s because I was a culprit myself. A pint of cider with the sun gleaming off it? gorgeous – I’d think. Now I just think I let it define me for too long.  Just don’t snap chat it to me. Why would you do this when you know I don’t drink and you know how much I’ve struggled with it? WHY (jokes – expect a photo of a pint of squash back every day until it bores you to death).

I don’t look like a nob in photos . No more tongue lolling out of my gob. No more thumbs up (my drunken go to) just me with a smile on my face and not dead behind the eyes. or passed out. Below: me at 10pm after works christmas do 2013 (passed out) and after the 2014 one (posing in my home made dress for my sewing blog)

A year of firsts. First holiday, wedding, hen do, birthday, anniversary, new job all celebrated without a drop. It actually seems insane that the culture around celebrating milestones and success is defined as getting off your tits on booze as much as humanely possible. I’m not trashed?! I’m a failure at celebrating my success. Bollocks to that.

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This website helps you to find inspiration for your next design. It also helps you research the tattoo designs you might have in mind. We have a look at all major aspects of tattoo art, and lots of tattoo pictures can be found here. Read articles about your particular tattoo idea thoroughly , so you can be sure that the design you are getting doesn't have a meaning you are not comfortable with. Getting a tattoo is more than browsing through some tattoo flash . Be prepared before you go to the tattoo shop.

Celtic Tattoos : think of Celtic knots, crosses or spirals – or, more often than not, an intricate combination of several of these symbols. Celtic tattoos are definitely one of the most attractive types of tattoo out there today. Popular are the Celtic cross, butterfly, tree of life and the shamrock.

Japanese or Chinese tattoos and tattoos that incorporate other Asian art or symbols are a great choice for a tasteful tattoo. Dragons and Chinese characters are popular. Be sure you understand the symbols you are getting tattooed!

Polynesian tattoos are an ancient art that has been receiving a lot of attention in modern times. Hawaiian and Maori tattoo designs and patterns are very popular nowadays.

Have a look at the most popular female tattoos (such as butterfly, flower and star tattoos. Oh yes, let's not forget lower back tattoos ) and be inspired by our tattoo ideas for girls and women. Don't forget to visit our female tattoo gallery.

Horoscope tattoos always had a certain popularity, but the last couple of months it went out of proportion, just like we had the tribal tattoo hype a couple of years ago (which is still kind of busy). Zodiac tattoos can take you in all kinds of directions; you have the symbols, but also the things they represent. On top of that there's also the Chinese zodiac.

The next section of the website is about what you can do to prevent tattoo infections . We have a look at an alternative use of tattooing techniques: permanent cosmetics . We also talk about tattoo removal t echniques for when things go wrong and you can't live with your tattoo anymore.

There are many reasons and meanings behind star tattoos. For some people, they can mark their aspiration to being a star or their goals and determination to succeed in life. For others stars can signify a light in the dark, bright mind. Star is the symbol of truth, hope and spirituality. In fact,the meaning of a star can depend on the kind of star you have tattooed.

In past, sailors navigated by exploring and studying the stars- typically the pole star would show them direction. Sailors would typically get tattoos of the stars. Sailors’ desire to get start tattoos is related to the widely held superstition that   the star would facilitate them to get home safely.

The meaning depends on whether or not the star points up or down. A downward facings star is believed to mimic a ram’s head and is usually seen as a sign of the Devil. Otherwise, the star is usually seen as a logo of protection and balance. It’s 5 points area unit typically seen to tally the four components and with the fifth, top point, representing the Spirit WHO resides over the opposite components.

Ankle                                                             Upper arm
Lower back                                                  Side
Hips                                                                Back shoulders
Shoulder                                                       Wrists

But now the 18-year-old is suing Toumaniantz, claiming she had asked him for only three stars - and had fallen asleep during the procedure, waking up to a nightmare in her Belgian hometown of Courtrai.

Many a people associates star tattoos with high goals, achievement, persistence, hope, protection or an illuminating event. Except the various symbolized meanings, star tattoos also looks stunning and cool since it can always offer you some balance and fun.

Star tattoos designs on wrist / Pinterest

A single star tattoo alone can make a fabulous and dynamic statement and future aims. The shining shooting star formation tattoos are super popular, since they can leave a long-lasting impression of romance, or any special things.

If you desire your star tattoos to have more meanings, you can add variations to them since the tattoo you ink should be unique and show your personality. You can combine different designs together to come out your own. For example, you can add a butterfly or fairy to your star tattoos. You can also add a splendid skull or some numbers or some color swirls to make your star tattoos special and eye-catching.
3D Star tattoos designs on wrist: Cute tattoos for girls / Pinterest

If you’re a female you create a small string of stars at your foot or past your ankle to enhance a sexy appeal you can opt for various sized star tattoos. Besides, you can ink them with your lucky or favorite colors.

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Tattoos were markings that covered parts of certain sentient lifeforms' bodies. The Sith Lord Darth Maul adorned his face with tattoos, in keeping with the traditions of his homeworld of Dathomir . [1] Likewise, the Jedi hunter known as the Grand Inquisitor had red tattoos on his face. [2]





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