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This image depicts the most commonly-found stylesheet colors on the web’s top sites—Paul Hebert did an amazing amount of analysis and this is just one of the intriguing visualizations he came up with. Most of these are obvious staples, especially HTML red and blue, though it’s interesting how far the blue “cluster” is from the […]

With the cacophony of an election year ablaze with unparalleled drama being fought on the front lines of Twitter, we find ourselves slowing down and staring at it like a bad accident. The need for escapist relief is perhaps more dire than usual right now. This fall, if it’s drama you crave, but the Hillary […]

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You find yourself randomly sarging, mostly opportunity sarging , which means, sarging when you happen to get “lucky” enough to have a Sargeable woman enter your presence and (seemingly) beg to be Sarged.

She’ll often show up in the form of a chick who says “babe” and “sweetie” a lot and gives you goo-goo eyes 10 seconds after you meet her, while you answer that zinger of a question, “hey, what’s up?”

Now, try to escalate with her and watch how fast she’s suddenly late for an appointment and has to go, like, right now, as she’ll breathlessly explain while she almost runs in the other direction before you can get a Sargy word in edgewise – an “escape” she’s had a lot of practice with .

As a general rule, when you put alot of energy, enthusiasm and focus into anything – a person, a relationship, a project-and it doesn’t come to fruition as you wish, then all of that energy etc has nowhere to go.

I think a ritual whereby you reclaim all of what you gave and put out is now taken back, cleansed and set free from any and all connection to that person , and now returned to you as distilled, cleansed, transformed, pure energy for……

Bring a journal and NOW, cleansed from all of the old stuff, with the energy and enthusiasm reclaimed , write down all the lessons you’ve learned, and from that perspective, what were the first warning flags? The patterns of blindsight or assumptions that led you to the responses and actions you took.

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I have mentioned my neighbors before, they are from El Salvador, so idk if this is a cultural difference. Anyway, the mom works in the evenings and the dad has some day job plus it seems he is always buying a random car and selling it. So many evenings he is outside working on it and he leaves the 4 year old daughter in the apartment all alone. She ends up coming to our door and wanting my son to go to her house to play. I don't want them playing unattended and so I say that she should come here and then leave a post it note on the door, so he knows where his daughter is.

She's a good little girl and they play nicely together. Most days I don't mind her over b/c as my son is an only child she helps me keep him busy. She listens, she's not destructive etc. But of course there are those days where I'm tired, crabby, had a long day and don't want a spare kiddo. The days I want to soak in the tub or something, which obviously would be inappropriate with a child around that's not yours! Not to mention that now that school is under way I am trying to get my kid to eat dinner, do his own mountain of homework , he has to take a bath , etc.

Anyway, it's getting to the point where this is happening almost daily and, as mentioned, while she's usually no trouble there are days you don't want company. I find it hard to tell her she can't come in and play when I know that she is across the hall all alone. I think in our culture we would find it inappropriate to leave a 4 year old in the apartment alone for an extended period of time. She always comes across the hall, but what if she went somewhere else? The building is secure entry, but still, what if someone got in? So, Idk if in their culture it's not as big of a deal. I would not leave my son alone in the apartment unattended for that long. If I'm going outside to clean out my car or something he comes w/me.

Do I say something to the Dad? On days I don't want company do I say no, even though she's alone? This is not a huge problem necessarily, but I love to hear thoughts and opinions of others, so what would you do in this situation?

AWW so far I've loved some of your answers. I like how the 3 of you have put it that I could look at it as giving her some attention and structure. Maybe shes misses her own mommy since she's gone in the evenings. :-) And no, it's not a situation where I think she's in danger or CPS worthy. :-)

Thanks for the answers. I decided to keep letting the girl come over and look at it as I'm being a positive role model for her. I'm sure she misses her own mommy. I talked to the Dad when I saw him outside and I was proud that I didn't come off attacking. I just told him that I don't mind her coming over and that she's not usually a bother at all. I just asked him to walk her over and mentioned that I'm scared she'd go somewhere else in the apartment building if I wasn't home. So, hopefully she will remain safe and hopefully the Dad is just being a stupid man (hehe) and didn't get that she could wander off! :-)

Like Tami said, this is a CPS issue. Please don't hear "CPS" and think, "But I don't want them to lose their kids." In a case like this CPS will most likely educate and work with the family to find appropriate child care. (On the other hand, if they are here undocumented, bringing in the county could open up that can of worms....) At the very least, you should talk to BOTH parents about the situation, and if there is no change, then call CPS.

I wonder if the mom knows the child is left alone???? she may have no idea! The first time it happened you should have walked her down to her father told him how she wandered over unattended and expressed shock that she was unsupervised. And then invited her father to permit his daughter to play at your house. Repeat as neccessary This is so dangerous! she could get into medicine , knives, etc she wont know what to do in an emergency. Yes do a search for registered sex offenders in your area and than share the results with your neighbors. I'm not sure this is cultural, any South Americans I've known cherish and adore their children and only let relatives babysit. -It's amazing how many dumb unsuspecting girls there are out there. Sometimes even we can't believe that they fall for our cheesy stories. We convince these broads that they've commited a crime and the only way out of it is if they suck our cocks.

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