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First of all, what? I get that it was Hiei's head floating around on some immobile background, but I don't get why there were so many enemy heads flying around or why the purple squiggles needed to hit exactly the right spot before they blew up. This needs some serious re-working.

I like yuyu hakusho, and i like video games, the 2 should go together well, but this combination didnt go together well at all, floating heads? blob shooting? cave navigation? side scrolling? have you seen the show??? this game is one failed attempt after another. I've wasted time a lot of different ways, but i think you owe me 45 seconds of my life back for this.

First off, you need sounds, next, you need walking cycles and not just heads flying around, also, you need some better weapon than a slithery blob out of his forehead. Improve in those areas and its a guaranteed higher score. Good Luck!

Yoko Kurama (妖狐蔵馬, lit. Yōko Kurama ; in the English dub, Kurama the Yoko), also known as Shuichi Minamino (南野秀一, Minamino Shūichi translated as Southern Field and Excellence First, respectively ), is a main protagonist in the anime/manga series of YuYu Hakusho . The word Yoko, despite being portrayed as a name in the dub, actually literally translates to "demon fox" in Japanese.

He is voiced by Megumi Ogata (Shūichi) and Shigeru Nakahara (Yoko) in the original Japanese and John Burgmeier in the FUNimation English dub, Candice Moore also voiced Kurama in the Animax Asia also in English dub. He is called Dennis in the Filipino dub of the anime.  He is voiced by David Hayter in Yu Yu Hakusho: The Movie and by Hideo Seaver in Yu Yu Hakusho the Movie: Poltergeist Report.  Kurama as a child in the FUNimation dub is voiced by Candice Moore. In the Filipino dub of the anime he was voiced briefly by Rose Barin during the Artifact Recovery arc and during the Saint Beast arc and onwards, he was voiced by Jeremy Emmanuel Hoya.

Yoko Kurama is the name of the original, silver-haired fox demon. After he was wounded by being chased, he put his spirit into the newly born human baby, Shuichi Minamino. It is at this point, and later through aging, that Kurama's psyche is in control. A theme throughout the series is his acceptance as a human being & his balancing of the two personalities. He can switch between both bodies almost at will after the Dark Tournament saga. Even though he is commonly seen in his human form (Minamino), he is referred to as Kurama.

Towards the end of Season One, he is seen wearing a white martial arts outfit similar to his school uniform with a gold trim and a purple sash tied around his waist. He stopped wearing it midway through the 2nd season (presumably because it was ruined in his fights against the first two members of Team Masho ). After recovering from his injuries, he was seen wearing a white long sleeve button Cheongsam with purple outlines, white pants and his martial arts shoes.

For the remainder of the series, he often wears a light-colored Chinese-style battle outfit with yellow plane and blue trim. He is also seen in a flashback in the Three Kings Saga, a flashback of him meeting Hiei, where he has short hair. In Chapter Black Saga, he wears his battle outfit during the Dark Tournament Saga but minor changes as the yellow plane and blue trim changed from green plane and pink trim. He also wears a dark blue school uniform. 

While in his demon-fox form, he has slanted golden eyes, prominent silver fox-ears, as well as a silver tail and long flowing silver hair. He wears a white sleeveless yukata (that resembles a toga), along with matching martial arts pants and shoes.

In Poltergeist Report Movie, when Kurama was seen shirtless. He has a lean built with a well sculpted chest, biceps, and shoulders, but the bandages cover most of his torso. In later parts of the movie he was seen wears the same battle outfit in the Dark Tournament as his Chinese battle outfit is a red plane and yellow trim.

In the face of adversity, Kurama has the uncommon ability to shun all emotions and shine a blank slate, thinking three to four steps ahead to clutch the pinch and seize control of the situation. Coupled with his vast intelligence, his detached emotional state is perhaps his greatest asset.





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