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Photography marketing expert –  Zach Prez

To download any of these free background images for web sites, press the right mouse button on the desired background and save it to disk.

To use this as a background in Dreamweaver, click on Modify>Page Properties from the main menu. The Page Properties window will be displayed, go to Background Image and select the background image which you had saved.

The code for this is basically a style like this :
<style type="text/css">
body {
background-image: url( images / background_image_name.gif );

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For the fans of air force and aviation, here we have the largest collection of HD Air Force Wallpapers & Aviation Backgrounds  for download. Let us know your favourite air force  wallpaper in comments below.

While flying through the thick dense air, while targeting at the enemy, while facing so many hurdles what would the thoughts of a pilot be? Wouldn’t he feel the fear of being attacked or simply death? Wouldn’t the faces of their family revolve  in front of their eyes while seeing death right in front of them? Still, they are so committed to their jobs, and the passion of giving away their lives for this country is so alive in them that they would not even care giving up on their lives. Such is the training that they receive and such is the level of motivation in them and it is because of this motivation level only that they are selected in air force. These are some basic thoughts that you can also have when you look at these air force wallpapers.

Adventure is one the most repeated thing in these air force wallpapers. No wonder staying away from home in an unknown territory during wartime is more than just an adventure. You would also see beautiful aircrafts in the Air force wallpapers, but keep in mind that no matter how beautiful the aircraft is, safety of these aircrafts is not assured and neither is that assured of the pilot flying through the air.

Different angles and sides of the air force are portrayed in the air force wallpapers. On one side, the life of the air force men seems so adventurous and tough but on the same time the feeling that they leave their comfort zone just for our defence and security is what makes us respect them.





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