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Further, you must take rich foods and include such things in your meal like garlic, eggs, pumpkin seeds and bananas etc. As much you take rich meal, you will be able to compete any of the porn star because if you have a healthy reproductive system, you will be able to produce lots of cum.

Along with taking healthy food, you must also choose any of the best supplement for increasing the semen volume. You must go for the product that includes herbal and best ingredients like Horny weed, Ginseng and Gingko etc.

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Stop yourself! Wait! Control yourself! If you succeeded in doing so, then you may be able to have shoots out. But for this purpose, you need to have experience once or twice because the amount of cum that is stored inside varies from individual to individual.

I'm 14 and a virgin but my vagina does not look perfect and tight okay? Almost all female p*rn stars get a surgery called labiaplasty or nicknamed "the Barbie" to make their privates look like that.
And it's ridiculous how you think guys "turn gay" because they think they're too small. Guys can't turn gay at all, they're either born straight or gay they can't choose. You have no idea what you're talking about lol

Some of those women yes, but I'm in the industry and I can say that many women are not as fake as you think. Makeup sure. That's kind of a necessity in any kind of photography because of lighting. I do see where your point is coming from because to a degree that is true. Just be aware that not all women in porn do anything fake or go to the lengths that you described.

I get the rash very very rarely. Clean skin and clean razor are very important. A lot of women say waxing is better but I have not personally tried that. I'm a quick-self-maintenance kind of girl. I wrote up and answer to the same question which you can find here:

I've noticed pretty consistently that I only get the rash if I didn't clean well enough first or if I tried to use a razor that was too old. Good luck.

If you get a rash after shaving often its not because you're dirty lol it's because you probably have really sensitive skin and need a high quality, super sharp razor. And try to find some natural shaving creams.

Sometimes, the shots are shot out of sequence in a porn film. The last scene is shot first so that the man can erupt without worrying about having to stay all bottled up for a long period of time. Then, after the last shot is shot, the rest of the sequence goes on, and the male doesn’t have to worry about ejaculating. Sometimes, you might spot a semi-flaccid erection, and this is because the male porn star is still recovering from the climax. If you’ve ever been puzzled or perplexed by a semi-hard penis throughout a sex scene, then you’re not alone. The man probably already came.

Some suggest that male porn stars have super-human power over performance anxiety, extreme concentration, and make a liberal use of “fluffers” to get it just right. There is an art to it and a mental component. The male porn star may practice lots of “finishing on command” with his girlfriend and train his penis to do his bidding. As hard as it sounds, pun intended, a man’s penis is really bringing in the income and is the breadwinner for himself and the rest of the family. Taking any supplements that enhance the performance of the penis is critical. There are a slew of male enhancement pills and supplements that are available to men.

The reality is that you have to keep it up for 1-4 hours if you want to be a porn star, and that’s just not possible without supplements. However, the paycheck at the end of each shoot sometimes is so sought after that a man will do absolutely anything to get it just right. Even though it’s hard, pun intended, the man will find a way through the use of pills or stamina-boosting products that give his penis a better chance of going the distance. It’s just not possible to perform at peak performance without some kind of artificial boost down there because we are only human after all.

Well, you’ve got to be able to get it up, keep it up, and ejaculate within 2-3 minutes of being asked. It’s hard to do this without male enhancement supplements because human weakness is such a common failing. Willpower just doesn’t equate to reliability and stamina like many men would hope it would. You also have to be prepared to work with any type of girl in any kind of situation, and that can sometimes be hard because you might not be attracted to the girl. However, if you are taking male enhancement supplements, you might be more sensitive and ready to go at a moment’s notice. You won’t be relying so much on your own preferences. The male enhancement pills will do the work for you.

What about those rare porn stars that can go the whole shoot without stopping, from beginning to end, in one long take? Some of these male porn stars use male enhancement products and because there are so many to choose from checking a male enhancement review site is great to help you narrow down your search for the best one.  If you want to perform like a porn star don’t overlook male enhancement supplements.

I'm really curious about this as well. I'm not so much surprised by male actors being able to keep from cumming as I am by their ability to cum "on cue". Especially in something like a blow-bang scene - e.g. Feeding Frenzy or NCDA. They must have some kind of control over what are normally unconscious triggers to orgasm that allow them to hold off for 30 minutes (with plenty of breaks for position changes, etc.) and then all blow in the span of a few minutes. Maybe once the first guy pops, the sight of splooge on a beautiful actress's face or collecting in her mouth is all it takes!

I've also the bukkake movies...where the guy is just stroking and stroking...and can't cum...then the girl starts talking to him or flickering her tongue at his dick with eye contact and/or caresssing his balls....and that's all it takes for him to explode.
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Posted - Jan 7 2005 : 11:36PM It's not that hard mostly mind over matter. Also If you get lots of sex on a regular basis, controling when you cum gets easier. Obviously, it depends on how attracted you are to the girl. Sometimes it's probably easier to hold out than others.

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Posted - Jan 8 2005 : 2:45AM Most males, other than Ron, probably think about the Hedgehog to keep from cumming.

Yasir Arafat - R.I.P. - but thinking of that mug would probably kill anyone's wood.

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Posted - Jan 8 2005 : 12:03PM Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold night????

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Posted - Jan 8 2005 : 1:23PM BKP-Janay wrote:
Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold night???? I always thought it was Maggie Thatcher in a T-shirt on a rainy day.

First time I thought "Neat, he's really turned on by her".
After he'd done it several times during one scene it was more like "Man, he needs to rub that dick down with lidocaine before putting on the condom".
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Posted - Jan 8 2005 : 1:53PM Either or they are both erection disruptors. LOL Good to see you here. BTW Have you seen the changes to our site?

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Posted - Jan 8 2005 : 2:09PM BKP-Janay wrote:
BTW Have you seen the changes to our site? Yup. I see you've sorted most of the problems with Firefox. Looks much better.
When I first looked at it after your name change, it worked pretty OK in Konqueror too. That didn't last long though.

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Posted - Jan 9 2005 : 5:17AM Lotsa the guys in porn seem to be in their late 20s to 30s...libido is not like a teenager anymore, so precumming is usually not a problem...the opposite is alo tmore common..dont over half of the male actors already use viagra?
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Posted - Jan 9 2005 : 12:34PM
so precumming is usually not a problem

Porn stars have some of the biggest penises on earth, and we get alot of guys emailing us asking what male enhancement products they use. While some are born with it, others need to use exercises, pumps, weights, and other devices to give them that extra edge on the set. We interviewed a number of porn stars to see what male enhancement pills they use, and the answers may shock you.

Markus XXX, semi-famous from such films as “Train ride to heaven” what types of routines and supplements he takes to get a bigger penis. “I usually use Vigrx Plus first thing in the morning , and then I will pump with the Bathmate Hydromax for about 10 min. before heading out the door”, said Markus. “When I know I have an audition for a movie coming up, I will take double the pills and I’ll pump for about 15 minutes, about 1 hour prior to the audition.”

Markus went on to explain how important it is to have a big penis, being a porn star and all. He said it can get very competitive for movies, alot of actors and only so many movies. “Any extra edge I can get, I take advantage of it,” he said. “I have been using the Bathmate for years and it hasn’t failed me yet,” Markus went on to say.

There has been alot of speculation in the past 10 years or so as to how many porn stars are actually their normal size or if they have used something to make them bigger. Overall, from what we can tell about 30 – 40% of porn stars have used some sort of male enhancement pill or supplement in the past. That number has been rapidly rising with the amount of porn stars vying for various jobs.

“It’s a tough industry,” says a producer that goes by the name Rick Rubine. “There are only so many videos we can make in a day, we have so many girls to choose from, when it comes to guys we just look for size .”

Mikey G, another male porn star, says he used to use the Size Genetics device to help give him bigger gains. “Believe it or not, my penis used to be about 5.5 inches in length, and only about 3.5 in girth, I was very average.” He later explained that he got into the porn industry after a friend introduced him to a producer and they hit it off from the get go.

Dave Walker founded back in 2009, and has since become one of the largest male enhancement review websites on the internet. He has personally tested over 100 different types of male enhancement pills, extenders, pumps, creams / ointments, and an array of other products. Click Here to contact him if you have any specific questions.

hi dave nice to c u
i just married a month ago
i just want to know how to maintain long period sex
coz within 10 to 15 mins im down and out
she is also not satisfied
plz help mw out if u have any solution

A product that’s going by the name Magic Money Shot , which comes complete with baster-bulb and tubing for under-cock installation, has come to the rescue of all porn stars who can’t cum.

The guy behind the product is industry professional Max Huhn, who invented Magic Money Shot after dealing with a straight male porn star, on a straight shoot, who could not be made to cum no matter how they tried, for hours and hours, wasting everyone’s time on set. Huhn recently told YNOT that at the shoot in question, they 95 percent of what they needed in the can after an hour, “and we spent the next three hours on the remaining 5 percent,” i.e. the cumshot.

As he told this blog back in June, “Even though there are guys out there that are pretty impressive [with their cumshots], it makes sense to have a backup. And sometimes, it’s just more efficient in terms of time, effort, and quality control to fake it.”

You can buy a starter kit of your own, with a “serpent” and a 7 oz. tub of the faux semen they’ve dubbed Spunk (patent pending?) for $69. If you want the 21-oz. “Bukake [ sic ] bucket,” that will run you another $64. Huhn claims he developed his very own formula for the life-like semen substitute by tinkering in the kitchen for a few months “like Walter White.” Also, the shit comes in two flavors: Original, and Vanilla.

Below, see a demo, via a gay video posted to XTube. It looks kind of real until the guy just won’t stop cumming and just keeps shooting and shooting all over this twink’s ass, as the twink laughs.

Take everything you thought you knew about porn stars and toss it straight out the window. Is it gone? Is your mind free of any and all porn related ideas? Good. We'll want a fresh slate for this. Writer Jon Millward has spent months upon months analyzing porn data on the Internet Adult Film Database and his work has resulted in one of the most comprehensive porn data sets to ever hit the internet. And it's not even your birthday. (Unless it is, in which case, here — I got you this comprehensive porn study.)

Where as those of us unfamiliar with the down and dirty world of pornography would probably describe your average female porn star as looking something like Traci Lords , the reality is apparently quite different. In the adult film industry, brunettes outnumber blondes 2-to-1 and the average actress' bra size is a 34B.

As far as weight goes, porn stars of either sex tend to be on the slimmer side with the average male actor weighing in at 167.5 lbs and the average female weighing 117 lbs, with a measurement of 34–24-34. For height, both male and female performers measured up to the national average (5'10" for men and 5'5" for women).

Now that we're done with all of that physical nonsense, let's get to the good stuff — names and occupations (occupations being "teens," MILFS, wives, nurses, etc.). The most common name for a female porn star was Nikki Lee and chances are that she's very into butt stuff. 62% of female porn stars list themselves as game to do anal (87% are willing to get facials and only 53% are willing to do interracial scenes, which is weird and pretty racist).

While the most common female role to appear in film titles was "teen," the MILF data was the most interesting. The average porn MILF was only 33 years old (20% were 20–25 years old, 7% were over 40 and 4% were over 50). The average age of a first time mother in America in 2006 was 25 years old, which, according to Millward, means that porn "isn't completely unreasonable when it comes to the casting of fuckable mothers."

But consider that most MILFs in porn are having sex with older teenage boys or their daughters' adult boyfriends and that should tack on at least 16 years to the average first time mother's age, meaning that the mother depicted in the film — if we want to be realistic about it (which, to be fair, most porn probably doesn't) — should be about 41 or older. I would guess, however, that 33 is probably comprable to the average age of a woman playing a mother to teens on tv or in non-pornographic movies.

Are any of you out there a 33-year-old brunette named Nikki? If so, you might want to consider a career change. Play it right (do anal, facials and interracial sex scenes) and the porn industry could prove very lucrative for you.

Porn stars aren't particularly keen on being studied. But they are the focus of great public interest and moral debate, which may explain why one man's in-depth analysis of adult film performers went viral last week.

The average adult film actress is a brunette with a B-cup named Nikki, at least according to blogger Jon Millward, who spent six months analyzing the demographics of 10,000 porn stars drawn from the Internet Adult Film Database. But what's known about porn stars beyond their breast size? Remarkably little, thanks to practically zero research funding and a community wary of researchers.

"The average span of a performer's career is usually only about six to 18 months, so the benefit of participating in these things isn't usually apparent to the people who are in it at the time," Kayden Kross, an adult film actress and writer, told LiveScience.

Not only that, Kross said, but many actresses are reluctant to help researchers, because they're worried that the studies will be used against them by anti-pornography activists . [ The Sex Quiz: Myths, Taboos and Bizarre Facts ]

"The difficulty with this population has always been access," said James Griffith, a psychologist at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania and one of the few scientists to delve into the subject. "It's a very difficult population to define."

This lack of research is notable given the number of stereotypes about porn actresses, particularly that they have high rates of childhood sexual abuse and psychological problems. Though it's hard to know for sure without more extensive studies, early explorations have found these stereotypes fail to hold up. Ultimately, the findings could lead to better understanding of sexual health, sexual identity and other aspects of the high-grossing porn business.

The stereotypical porn actress — with enormous breasts and blonde hair — doesn't match reality, Millward found. In fact, the most common bra size among porn stars is a 34B, compared with 36C for the average American woman. High obesity rates among the public may explain some of the discrepancy in breast size; porn actresses are also thinner than the average American woman. According to the numbers given on Internet Adult Film Database profiles, the average female porn star weighs 117 pounds (53 kilograms), which is 48 pounds (22 kg) less than the average American woman. [ 5 Myths About Women's Bodies ]

Nor are blondes as dominant as might be expected. Only 32.7 percent of porn actresses have blonde hair, whether natural or dyed. About 39 percent have brown hair, 22.5 percent have black hair, and only about 5 percent are redheads.

  I  had bumped into a friend who I’d not seen in a while and this was the first question I asked him. He didn’t realise at the time that I’d been in self-imposed smutty exile for an untold number of weeks, working on the largest study of porn stars ever undertaken, and now I was out and eager to spread the news.

When he replied by saying ‘a blonde with big boobs’, I must admit I relished the opportunity to lean in, let the grin spread across my tired face, and say ‘That’s what everyone says. And in fact, it’s wrong ’.

  ‘ Oh,’ he said, after I explained how I knew what the average porn star actually looks like, as well as what her name probably is, how many films she’s most likely done and the probability of her having a tattoo or body piercing.

I  can’t recall how I first heard about the Internet Adult Film Database—the self-proclaimed ‘premier resource for information about the American porn community on the web’, but for the longest time I knew I wanted to plunder its treasure trove of juicy information. It holds the records of over 120,000 porn films and 115,000 adult performers and is the adult equivalent of the Internet Movie Database. In a nutshell, if you’re a fan of porn or porn stars and want to look up almost anything to do with either—whether it’s the release date of Dude, I Banged Your Mother 6 , or the first time Courtney Cummz had sex on film with a black man—you go to  IAFD .com.

The database started out as a labour of love for Dutchman Peter Van Aarle, who in 1981 began keeping records on index cards about the porn films he watched in his home town’s adult cinema. By 1999, he’d teamed up with other X-rated record keepers to form IAFD—a place where a handful of international contributors compile masses of information on porn stars and their films, while site visitors are welcome to submit corrections and suggestions—the Wikipedia of porn, if you will. In 2011, it was visited by 20 million people 1 , one of whom was me.

H ere’s what a typical porn star’s record looks like in the IAFD database. My data set combined 10,000 of these—7,000 female and 3,000 male. By filtering and averaging the metrics I’ve highlighted on the image, I got the facts and figures you’ll read throughout the rest of this article.

The average male and female performer are the same height as the average American man and woman: 5’10″ and 5’5″ respectively. 2 However, porn stars are quite a bit lighter. At 117 pounds, the average female performer is a considerable 48 pounds under the national average for women, and the average male, at 167.5 pounds, weighs 27 pounds less than the national average for men. So, just how were these porn stars’ weights determined when they were typed, probably with one hand, into the database?

IAFD ’s data is culled from various sources, including performers’ modelling profiles and the information they give during interviews in the porn films themselves. 3 So presumably at some point the heaviest woman in my sample, who weighs 719 pounds (about the same as two giant pandas), 4 and the lightest woman, who weighs 10 times less, at 74 pounds (the same as the average American 10-year-old girl) 5 , mentioned their weights, and an owl-eared fan heard them and rushed to the database to pop them in.





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