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Being able to tell if one of your friends likes you is a pretty simple task. Certain things he does will tend to give away his romantic feelings for you, and if you still are not sure, you can always ask friends of his. However, if you don't want to ask anybody, there are a few things you can look for to be able to tell if one of your friends likes you.

Check to see if she looks at you a certain way. This specific way tends to involve blushing, looking away, or eyes that seem to sparkle. If you are having a normal conversation with her, but her eyes seem to be wide and her pupils are big, she may have romantic feelings for you. The pupils of the human eye dilate when a person sees someone to whom she is attracted.

Notice if he talks about hanging out exclusively. If he is hanging out with you and a bunch of your friends but keeps trying to get to hang out with you alone, he probably has a crush on you. He wants to get to know you and be able to enter into a more intimate time with you without people being around. Just because he does not directly call it a date does not mean that it is not a date if he wants to be with you alone.

See if she talks a lot around you. If she seems to talk a lot when she is around you but does not talk around others as much, she may be trying to keep you around or get attention from you. This could be a sign that she has feelings for you but does not know how to express them. Notice how she acts around others; if she seems to keep talking whenever she sees you, she may be interested.

Observe his body language. Body language is a giveaway because it generally cannot be controlled, since it is subconscious. If a guy is in a group but he is consistently facing you with his body, you may be where his thoughts are. If his arms are crossed whenever he talks to you, he may not be interested in you, but if his arms are open and he keeps smiling at you, it may be revealing of a crush.

Listen to the questions she asks. Does she want to know if that girl you were with is your girlfriend? Has she asked you about your past? If she keeps bringing up questions that have to do with your dating status or your type of girl, she may like you. Furthermore, she may do her best to ask in a subtle way, but if the questions all have to do with if you are taken or not, her intentions are clear.

It depends on what kind of guy your Boyfriend is, if he goes around liking tons of pictures that's one thing. But if not...I feel it could be a slippery slope. Just noticed my boyfriend liked a girl's pic today and I'm trying to figure out the best way to approach him about it. Or if to just vaguely bring up somehow what we count as flirting/what's dealbreakers, etc. Don't play games that is the worst.

I have to disagree with this. So you find other guys attractive? Do you express it in some ways? (Comment to freinds about sports players/ celebrities, do you go see movies like magic mike, or even follow a Instagram with "fitguys" or something similar?) If you do then get over it.. He's not doing anything shady, if he's simply liking the picture of an attractive girl, what's the fuss? Is it so bad he finds other people attractive. He's with you for a reason, if he's not being any more shady then there's not a problem.. HOW ABOIT YOU CONSIDER HIS FEELINGS? Maybe he would like to be able to find others attractive without his ego being put into question.. So many double standards in this world..

Personally, I feel this is not right on her part. You have told her (I'm assuming) you don't like it. I think this is something you should address to her, and if she doesn't do anything about it she's essentially ignoring how you feel. Granted, there is a balance, and if you were being unreasonable thats one thing, but I definitely don't feel you are.

No yoy aren't wrong for beinf jealous. She has mentioned before that she was crushing on him, and she likes statuses he posts that has hilights things about himself while you guys are in a relationship, that in my opinion isn't right. If she is liking any of his stuff that has any sexual undertones and etc isn't cool either. She isn't even following you but she can follow him? No, just no. I would be jealous too if I was in your shoes. Maybe more than just that. If you already haven't expressed/discussed your feelings about this situation with her, I think it's important to do so. If she still goes and does the same thing even after sharing your uncomfortability with the issue then you obviously have your answer there

Let's cut down to the chase the shit is wrong and causes a lot of pain people always fronting on real shit. If you liking and commenting on girls pic your opening up the door for something more b it's inappropriate and men and women need to watch what their doing cause it brings insecurity into the relationship. Caumsual likes are cool but anything other than that can cause shit to really get fucked up.

@wiserlady We broke up because we were very incompatible. He also had a terrible temper and we weren't a good fit in the long run. It had nothing to do with anything I mentioned in this post.

@Apples24 I agree completely.

Not necessarily. Although, it can open up possibilities for it in my opinion. But that really depends on his nature. Still, the whole "liking other girls' pictures" makes me uncomfortable.

There’s a fine line in the space between “boy” and “friend.” And in that little space, there can be a whole lot of drama, mixed signals, and hurt feelings. You love your best boy friend, but you’ve never quite thought of him in that way. You stop and think: wait a minute, could he ever be my boyfriend?

Think about it: he’s there to pick you up and drive you home when you’ve had one too many drinks at the bar and he always just happens to be that big, strong shoulder to cry on when your date stands you up. He’s the Anthony Michael Hall to your Molly Ringwald in Sixteen  Candles , the Harry to your Sally, and the Chandler to your Monica.

No, he’s not your boyfriend . He’s your best friend who just happens to be a boy, but you’re starting to have second thoughts. So before you have that semi-awkward DTR talk  or confusing DFMO, check our all-inclusive guide to see whether your “guy friend” is boyfriend material, whether you should DTR or stay as friends, what you risk, and why a friends-turned-lovers relationship can sometimes be stronger than the typical campus romance.

We’ve consulted the experts: Michael Lindstrom from the dating expert duo Ask Dan and Mike from  and our own Real Live College Guy Sean McFarland , and we’ve asked collegiettes across the country about their experiences to know the signs that say he might just be that into you – and whether you should close the gap from “boy friend” to “boyfriend.”

Jennifer*, a senior from Boston University, says that she started seeing her platonic guy friend Branden* as less of a best friend and more of a boyfriend when her friends asked her about their relationship. “I didn’t see anything to it,” she said. “But they all kept pressing me, ‘Why are you hiding it from us? It’s obvious you’re hooking up .’ And it’s the truth – we weren’t! But when they mentioned it, I started looking at [him] differently.”

“His body language will speak for itself,” Lindstrom says. “Guys are more purposeful. More gentlemanly.” Does he hold doors open for you? Does he touch the small of your back or brush fingers on your forearm? Do you catch him unexpectedly looking at you at odd moments? Does he linger a little bit longer in his hugs with you than he might have used to? If so, he may be into you.

One thing you won’t get is a dramatic proposal of his undying love for you. (As much as we would love a cute guy holding a boombox up to our window a la John Cusack , am I right, ladies?) Instead, he’ll try his biggest trick on you: sneaky tactics to gauge your availability, and your potential interest in him.

“When a guy is asking you a lot of personal questions like, ‘What did you do this weekend?’ and ‘Who were you with?’ he’s trying to get a feel for you,” Lindstrom says. He’s probing about what the girl is doing and who might they be doing it with.”

There are no methods defined on how to impress a girl. But yes you need to toil hard for the one you want to impress. For impressing a girl the one thing you need to do is just be who you are not who you can .

l liked a girl who is actually very close to her boyfriend
like she’s going out on a date with that guy everday…
don’t know how to tell her or attract.her towards me….
eager to have a serious relation with her but doesn’t understand how to express in front of her

Then make a plan that the girl would not be able to go with him. Like involve her in projects, solving maths etc. if not then try to may a way to make the boy friend your friend and make him to understand that the girl is good or bad first. Then you have to say wrong news about the girl that for example- She loves any another person behind you and making use of you. By this make a stage between them that they don’t want to see each others face forever. All the Best.

My friend,s girl friend was the first girl i wooed but unfurtunitely i didnt win her, so after some months i found out that my best friend is dating her but honestly i still love her,, please what should i do?

Victor you should back off for a little bit then if your the type of guy who will do anything to get her find her boyfriend and were something like a ski mask and talk some sense into him till he give up the girl. But make sure she is not there and don’t mention your name!!!

I fucked her but she left with her boyfriend and act like nothing happened. She is addicted to me but her relationship is so perfect that she doesn’t wanna end it. You just gotta throw in confidence and smile. You’ll need to dress nice too and good hygiene.

Hey I am a junior in high school. I really like this girl (who is a sophomore in high school) but she has a boyfriend who is in middle school. I really like her please help me win her heart, because her boyfriend is about as mature as my 6 year old brother.

If your best friend doesn’t like her, than you have to explain the situation with your friend so he doesn’t get upset over her if you ask her out. Also find a way to spend more time with the girl. Show her that you want to be with her by talking to her a lot more than her friends would. Eventually, she will see you more charmingly. Then you ask her out.

My boyfriend and I were telling each other some secret fantasies we both have. He told me he wanted me to release all my frustration on him and even hit him if I want while we have sex. This idea turns me on, but I really don't know where to start? Should I get myself angry before we decide to do that? Or should I just go read about being a domme?

Talking openly about your previously secret fantasies can be a big step in a relationship — it shows a building of trust, willingness to be vulnerable, and the desire to explore together. It sounds like you and your boyfriend are at a unique place to try new things and support one another in that discovery. But before you switch things up between the sheets, taking your time and picking up your pillow talk where you left off may be a good place to start.

If you both agree to experiment with aggressive sex play, many BDSM practitioners advise creating what is known as a “scene,” as opposed to using real-life frustrations as inspiration. Your scene is a guide for each of your roles during your agreed upon time and dynamic. Scenes can help partners maintain clear boundaries between reality and fantasy. Beginning to experiment with hitting, slapping, or other forms of “inflicting pleasure” can start with more gentle versions of the desired act (e.g. gentle pats that become progressively more firm).

Resources are available for introductions to BDSM guidelines and practices in print, online, and sometimes in workshops facilitated by community groups, sex toy stores (like Babeland and Good Vibrations ), and even health promotion offices on some college campuses.

As far as working out those real-life frustrations, it's generally a good idea to keep them separate from the bedroom. Consider talking about those in a different setting with your boyfriend, a friend, or a counselor.

Learning more and continuing to talk honestly about what you both want (and don’t want) can make your sex life more enjoyable, as well as increase intimacy in your overall relationship. Have fun and play safely!

Being single isn't for everyone. Do you want a strong hand to hold? The faint smell of cologne as you hug your guy? Or just someone to make you feel special. If you long for a boyfriend but seem to be having trouble getting one, read this article for some helpful hints to get you on your way to finding true love (and a nice, warm cuddle partner).

The solution would be to let them do it if they feel they are mentally ready and then marry when they are assured for that. You can have sex before marriage fine. It's not that big a deal or anything bad. It's just bad to rush into it.

I wasn't asking about if I should wait or not to have sex but thanks for the advice. I am very sure that I don't want to do that before marriage. I'm asking however, if I should let him touch me.

I see. Then I say you probably shouldn't allow him to touch you otherwise, it would make him think you want to have sex if you allow the touching. Also, him touching you might lead you to 2nd base...unless you can control yourself lol. If you still want the touching but no sex, then maybe you guys can discuss the boundaries lol. Good luck :)

My boyfriend and I have been dating for nearly 5 years, since our junior year of high school. We have not had sex for various reasons. He is religious, and I suffer from panic attacks during intimacy. We used to fool around in high school, coming very close to sex at least once, but we never actually did the deed. A couple years into our relationship, I started to suffer really badly from anxiety . I didn’t want to be intimate anymore. It would always cause me to panic.

Everything was fine for a while. My boyfriend did his best to give me space and understanding. But 2 and half years later, our relationship has spiraled downhill. We’re barely intimate at all, except when I feel guilty and we mess around for a little while. But he has gotten increasingly sexually frustrated. He says he has to masturbate everyday, and that he hates it, and that it isn’t satisfying physically. He says that he physically hurts from not being able to be intimate.

A few months ago, we fell asleep on my couch, and I woke up to him touching me and kissing me under my shirt. Half-asleep, I actually gave in. I enjoyed it until I came to full consciousness and grew very disgusted that he had been intimate with me while I was asleep. I confronted him and he told me that I only like to make out when I’m half-asleep. This happened at least one more time later. And then a third incident occurred, where I woke up to him helping himself, using my feet. Again, I would go along with it and enjoy it until I would come to full consciousness.

He’s not very apologetic for what he’s done, except that he’s sorry THAT I feel violated. He insists that I consented, and that he didn’t realize that I was asleep, in spite of the fact that first time this happened, he said “You’re only into it when you’re half-asleep.” We’ve been having huge, massive fights ever since. And now we’re on a break.

But he’s my best friend. I have no memory of this happening prior to a few months ago. He went 4 years being a normal guy, minus the fact that he’s always liked my feet. He’s a genuinely wonderful person. He loves his family, he loves his friends, he loves his pets, and he aspires to changing the world for the better. He’s not a bad person. But I feel violated, sexually and emotionally. I recognize that it might be hard for him to apologize because that would mean acknowledging that he is guilty of actions that many would classify as rape-y. But nonetheless, I am afraid of the implications of his actions. How screwed up is he really? Do I really know him?

Lastly, I’ve been looking into these kinds of instances, and things like somnophilia, etc. And I came to the startling conclusion that I might be experiencing sexsomnia…I am a very deep sleeper, he says I consented and even participated (though I DON’T remember it), I have sexual dreams, and I enjoy messing around with him and am even turned on until I come to full consciousness.

A: This is a very complicated situation. I understand that this is very painful for you but I do think you are asking the wrong questions. Your boyfriend didn’t put you in this position — at least not by himself. You are very much a part of it.

The two of you haven’t developed a normal intimate life in spite of the fact that you’ve been together for 5 years. Something about sex makes you panic. When you do anything that approaches being fully sexual, you feel guilty. He’s been masturbating but has grown increasingly frustrated. He doesn’t want to be intimate with himself. He wants to be intimate with you and settles for getting something from your feet. You seem to be able to be more sexual when you are “half asleep” which means you give crossed messages. He takes you up on it even though he knows better. You both end up feeling terrible. And this has been going on for years? It’s a wonder the two of you are together.

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I've been with him for almost two years. It's been a GREAT relationship. Well, it's been "too good to be true" type. Our first "fight" which was more of a debate, happened A YEAR after dating. A YEAR. You know how rare that is? Only time we even fight now is when we've had too much to drink and are too irrational to realize that our fight is just a drunk fight. Well it's normally me who initiates when I'm drunk, then I wake up and say "I got mad at you last night?"

anyways. Our relationship is epic. We enjoy drinking, we both play hours of Halo, COD, borderlands, etc. I'm so damn attracted to him physically and mentally. He's half filipino/white with a shit load of tats, he's really tall, used to play hockey...he's just a fucking dime piece to me. And still, almost two years of dating..we don't really fight.

He leaves his phone out and doesn't get worried when it rings, he leaves his email without loging out which is awesome. I don't check it, but for him to not worry about me stumbling on something I shouldn't, makes me so confident. I have no issue with him looking at my phone or email..or whatever else. We're just in a very trust worthy relationship. I love it

I recently read some research that states that most people in long-term relationships think about breaking up for a really long time before they actually go through with it. Eek. I have to admit, this kind of freaked me out. Who wants to date someone who’s secretly considering ending things? Um, no one, that’s who.

If you’re worried that your boyfriend (or girlfriend) may be feeling this way and is just unwilling to end the relationship , I’ve put together some things you should be looking out for. While I don’t want you girls getting crazy over this list (if one thing applies to your BF, please don’t assume it’s over), it’s important to realize that there are some tell-tale signs to watch for if you’re worried about your relationship ending. Take a look at these 8 signs that your boyfriend may want to break up with you . Then, please, talk to him .

Disclaimer: I don’t know your boyfriend. I don’t know if he wants to break up with you. The only way you’re ever going to know for sure if he wants to break up is if you talk to him about things honestly . Please don’t read this and automatically assume your boyfriend wants to end things.

Hi! My boyfriend left me 6 months back. We were having 2 years of relationship with each other. I loved him alot & still love him, whatever he asked for I did for him, but now he doesn’t care, forgot everything. I feel so less that he left me. What should I do now?

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Men sometimes tend to focus on the larger things that’s going on in relationships. Like loaning you money, giving you a ride to work ..etc. These larger things aren’t clear indicators of love. He could just about do these things for anyone.

Most times, people in a relationship fail to understand the smaller things mean a lot and truly says if you are thought of and cared about on a deeper level.  These smaller things are very detailed and go a long way to say  “I thought enough of you” to do whatever it is they did.  Things like, calling you to make sure you made it  home safe and forcing himself not to fall asleep until he knows you made it home are things that show it’s more than about the physical aspects of the relationship.

Other things like, bringing you flowers, a card, candy, writing you a love letter, giving you a massage  or taking 5 minutes out of  a busy day to call/text all says “I took the time to think about you”.   These are small things women look for to feel special.   It’s not the $500 loan or the assistance in purchasing a house.  While we feel grateful for the larger things,  small attention to detail really gives a clue about how he feels deep down about you.

One of the biggest indicators of love is talking about a future with you. If he is talking about future dates, or future actions, you can know that he is thinking about you in his future. Whether it be the immediate future, or a distant future, you can be sure that he loves you or at the very least has deep feelings for you.

Your boyfriend would not show you off to his friends if he did not love you. Is your boyfriend inviting you to hang out with his friends? Does he constantly talk to his friends about you? Does he spend more time with you than his friends?  These are  signs that he values his relationship with you.

One of the biggest steps in a relationship is the step that introduces you to your boyfriends family. Most men will not introduce a partner to their family unless they see potential in the relationship. If your boyfriend did not see this future, he would not introduce you to parents, brothers, or sisters. If he wants you to meet the family, you can be sure that he loves you.

Your boyfriend may not be the best at verbalizing his love for you. If he does struggle to vocalize his feelings, look at his actions. If you notice that his actions signify a deep  and sincere desire to make you happy, you can know that your boyfriend cares a lot about you.

If your relationship is brand new, be patient. Love grows at a pace of it’s own. Don’t expect him to Love you in just a few months. If he’s doing the things above, Love is surely to follow.

I came home from work about a year ago to find porn left open on my computer. I was a little shocked but I wasn't upset at the time. I called him out and joked about it, hoping he wouldn't feel too embarrassed and I suggested we watch it together and asked him if he would show me the porn he likes. I've watched porn with all my other boyfriends before except this one.

The part where I start getting upset is when (about a year ago) we start having sex only once a week, and he seems to be totally fine with this. I'm sorry but I need more sex than that and I can sense my ego shrinking, and ideas about my sexuality growing more insecure because I feel I don't have the power to turn him on. I'm scared to even try to turn him on for fear he'll reject me. This obviously does not help our situation. We've talked about it many times. At first I tried being really sensitive as I know it's a delicate issue for men. But nothing's changed and now I'm just getting kinda pissed and probably a little insensitive.

Recently, I told him that I felt threatened by the porn and as an experiment, would he not watch for a while. All of a sudden our sex life is awesome again and I feel great. This has been happening for 2 weeks and I know, (I have my ways) that he watched porn last night. And this morning I'm just kinda pissed, mostly that he said he would not, and that he tried to keep it a secret.

I don't think you're confused at all. You are in a relationship and you want to be having sex more than you are. That's a MORE than reasonable request considering he's the only guy you get to do it with. It's great that you are trying to share and participate in his fantasy and suggested watching it together -- that's definitely the first step. If he's into that, and it helps your sex life, I say go for it! On the other hand, it sounds like he may be too embarrassed or just wants to watch it alone (which is why he is keeping it a secret).

So, I really hope that any sex you're having is just as much about what you want, what you need, and what you enjoy. To have a healthy sexual partnership, it's important that both partners wants and needs are addressed, and that sex is really about both partners, not just or primarily one. In other words, if your boyfriend were to post a question here, would he be asking about how to do things that you have said you liked and want to do, too? He should be just as interested in what you like and want as you are in what he likes and wants.

It's not problematic to have sex during menstruation if it feels fine for you: some women enjoy sex of various types during menstruation, and others don't. Unprotected sex during menses can present somewhat increased risks of bloodborne infections, so it's as important during menses as any other time to be sure you're practicing safer sex , but otherwise, menstruation doesn't pose any more health risks than sex at other times in your cycle.

Per anal sex , whether or not it will hurt depends mostly on if you enjoy (and want, not just because your partner does) anal sex and if your partner is prepared to be patient, safe and gradual. Unlike the vagina , the anus doesn't self-lubricate, and the tissue of the anus is a bit more delicate, so not only is plenty of lubricant important, it's also important to be gradual about any anal entry . For instance, if you're interested in anal sex, starting with a gloved finger, very gradually, to see if you like that and that feels good is the kind of thing you'll want to do before going any further.

Anal sex, like vaginal sex, also carries risks of STIs, as well as higher risks of bacterial infections, so it's also important to be sure that should you engage in anal sex, you and your partner use safer sex practices with that sex as well. In case you aren't aware, too, please know that penis -in-anus anal sex can present pregnancy risks as well, so it's doubly important to use condoms and, if you like, whatever backup method of birth control you prefer.

Here's a list of other pieces for you, including a few pieces to be sure that the sex you're having with your partner is just as much about you, and what you like and want, as it is about him. If it's not, then it's likely time to have a chat with your partner about this, and make some changes, if need be, so that you're as much a part of the equation in sex as he is.

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