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Nicole about Corey winning the double eviction “God was watching over Corey at that point” (She must have free time on her hands)
At 3:20 Nicole leaves to use the bathroom they do not turn the Microphone off so we hear her pee.. (Sometime I think I deserve hazard pay for this... LOL)

When she comes back she’s telling Paul that Corey and James were really close.
Nicole - that’s like you best friend voting you out
Paul - really..
Nicole - I don’t have someone that close to me other than Corey..

Hey Onlinebiogbrother readers, Every Saturday morning I record a Big Brother segment with Ken from the Kill Show. The show airs live on Saturday at 10:00pm . Or you can catch it a day later on soundcloud, I’ve added the embed code to this post. We cover everything that went on during the feeds, broadcast […]

11:00am Backyard enjoying the backyard...
Talking about the inconsistencies with Natalie’s stories
Nicole - she told me she dances on tables and makes out with a lot of people when she drinks..
Nicole was originally worried that Natalie would have tried to make out with Corey in the Jury. “This was early”
Paul - a few times she said blackout drunk..
Nicole - she says she kisses a lot..
Paul says Natalie might just be a rowdy drunk

10:02pm Hammock Paul, Nicole and James
Paul says when Him and Victor were first put up Victor was all pissed and said "I'm not going to ubly" (Nicole's home town) Paul laughed says it was temporary..
Paul stresses that Vcitor knows when he walks out the door it's all over.
Nicole says she's voted Victor out 3 times.

12:10pm Nicole heads into the safari room. Nicole talks to herself - It is day 96 and Wednesday is finale day. AND there is just so much to think about! Literally! Look at these battle wounds. I've fraught so hard to be here. I need to finish thing .. like just finish it! Its a HUGE difference between 50K and 500K. I want $500,000! I want first place. Okay ... so to get first place I have to be able to talk well and tell people why I deserve to win this game. The questions I have to have completely figured out is: Why do you deserve to win 500K?

5:05pm Nicole goes back to talking to herself about jury votes. I do not want to take James to final 2 because he does not even deserve 50K. And if he beats me I am going to be livid! I don't know what his edit is ...if he is a mastermind .. because he is the furthest thing from a mastermind. He literally slept all summer, chased Natalie around, did moves for Natalie, didn't do anything strategically to help his game. Just perceived as a weak player. Its not a Dan, Derrick game.

Soon enough people around the UK will be glued to their TV screens every night for the next few weeks, tuning in to watch the latest celebrity housemates fight to the end to become CBB champion of 2014 .

Video loading Click to play Tap to play The Live Event you are trying to watch is either unavailable or has not started Please refresh this page in your browser to reload this live event video  

A whole new list of names surfaced less than 48 hours before the UK's most popular doors were due to open. One huge name on everyone's lips is Kellie - previously Frank - Maloney who's just shot into the public eye after bravely revealing that she is now living as a woman.

Rumours of this year's line-up also include Kellie Brook's fiancé David McIntosh, ex-TOWIE star Lauren Goodger, Britains Got Talent contestant Lettice Rowbotham (remember her?), Strictly Come Dancing's James Jordan, retired boxer Audley Harrison, soap princess Helen Flanagan (again) and White Dee - the infamous resident of Channel 4's Benefit Street.

In order to win the final cash prize, the last remaining player avoids the weekly eviction, voted on by the houseguests and also wins a final popularity vote by the other players. During their stay, the houseguests participate in a variety of competitions for rewards such as game advantages, food perks and trips outside the house. One of the most important weekly contests is for the title of Head of Household, the weekly winner gets to nominate the other houseguests for eviction. Houseguests also compete for the Power of Veto to change the eviction nominations. These contests often lead to in-house alliances and enemies as the weeks progress.

Along with several regular episodes a week, there is a live episode to announce the evicted houseguest. Viewers can also watch Big Brother After Dark on the Showtime channel, which includes racier moments from the house activities. Big Brother fans can also sign up for live feeds on the internet and watch every moment of the houseguests' day. The houseguests have no TV, news or family contact, so the tensions and boredom can lead to dramatic arguments and other entertaining moments. The show has also spawned popular podcasts and online chat about the houseguests, which gives the show a wide social networking aspect.

The format of the show has captivated audiences all over the globe from Brazil to Israel, Britain to Indonesia. Each international franchise makes adaptations to the basic structure of the show such as celebrity or All-Star versions, competitions including pairs of players and alterations of the basic premise.. The first Big Brother began in the Netherlands in 1999, and the U.S. version premiered in the summer of 2000 hosted by Julie Chen. The show remains a popular summer series and adds twists to each season to keep the competition fresh.

Janelle Pierzina has added herself to the Big Brother 14 nude nip slip list after a bikini malfunction of her own. Coming out of the stall in the HoH bathroom Janelle’s nipple was fully exposed and surprised her before she laughed and covered it back up. Watch it for yourself to see it all.

Big Brother 14 HG Britney Haynes has brought back her awesome figure to the game with her return this season. After a big night of fun and partying Britney changed out of her dress and in to a very loose fitting t-shirt. Maybe she should have gone searching under the couch before she changed in to that shirt.

Big Brother 14 HG Ashley Iocco had a slight upskirt moment in the bathroom. Moving slowly due to her back injury, Ashley propped herself up on the corner sofa with her towel hiding very little. Seemingly oblivious to the one-way mirrors, Ashley likely revealed more to the cameraman than she probably meant to.

JoJo has already declared she doesn’t mind the other HGs seeing her naked, but she wants to hide it from the Feedsters. She’s off to a bad start already, but we’re not convinced she understands how those in-house cameras really work.

Donato claims her Twitter account was hacked and private pictures were sent out to all of her followers including the photo below revealing a thonged behind. Daniele has allegedly claimed it’s not a photo of her, but suspicious fans have linked the ring in the photo to the ring Daniele wore during the BB13 season.

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Rachel Reilly delivers another Big Brother 13 nude topless shower scene on the Live Feeds. Rachel was taking a shower with her privacy towel up, but when she takes it down to dry off she puts her breasts on full display.

Rachel Reilly is back with another Big Brother 13 nude topless moment on the Live Feeds. Rachel tried to tie up her bikini top with her slippery hands and ended up exposing herself instead. Jeff says he missed the show, but the cameras didn’t.

Promi Big Brother 2016 ist zu Ende! Der Sieger ist Ben Tewaag! Die härteste Herberge wurde in diesem Jahr von Edona James, Dolly Dollar, Stephen Dürr, Robin Bade, Proll-Prinz Marcus von Anhalt, Isa Jank, Joachim Witt, Frank Stäbler, Jessica Paszka, Natascha Ochsenknecht, Mario Basler und Cathy Lugner bewohnt. Natürlich durften auch in dieser Staffel Macho-Gehabe, Zicken-Zoff und heiße Dusch-Szenen nicht fehlen.

The first eviction for BB11 is going to have happened by the time you read this, and if you'd like to know what exactly led up to it, here's your recap. After playing a game of popping pimples and spelling words with their pops (think, connect the dots), Russell won the power of veto. At that point Chima was put up on the block, despite being told she was safe. Lydia speaks to Jessie and Russell in hopes of not being eliminated, but also told them that Braden should be watched out for. So the guys listened and decided to remove Lydia off the block, and put up Braden.

While all of this is going on, friends and enemies are being made. All the while alliances are slowly beginning to wither. Jeff opened his mouth and made some remarks against his group. And Ronnie was accused of divulging information to Braden. Stay posted for the results of the eviction.

So last night’s premiere came on, and in case you missed it, here’s the recap. First off, BB11 has a new shtick it’s playing with. This one is High School Cliques. The guests are split up into four teams: Populars, Athletes, Brainiacs, and Off-Beats (the losers). The houseguests enter and Julie Chen informs them of their twist. She also adds that if you’re the HoH, your whole team cannot be voted out.

So comes the HoH event and guess what? There’s a twist. You see, each team was assigned a representative of sorts, a former BB houseguest. The list included Cowboy (BB5), Jessica (BB8), Jessie (BB10), and Brian (BB10). Whichever team wins, the former HG that was attached to them becomes the HoH. The Athletes were able to win the endurance test, and their former HG was Jessie, making him the Houseguest. Now Jessie will have to nominate either the brains, losers, or populars.

Here it is, everyone. BB11 starts soon and the list of houseguests is out. You may notice there are only 12 guests on the list, when we were promised 13. It turns out that the 13 th guest is part of the new season’s twist and will be revealed during the premier night, July 9th! So stay tuned for that, because it’s obviously going to be something really cool and special – perhaps a past houseguest from another season or even a celebrity?

The eleventh season of Big Brother is upon us, and CBS has finally revealed the premiere date for the all new show, and it'll be Thursday July 9, 2009 at 8PM. We've yet to see the final list of houseguests, but in the meantime, at least we know when to tune in. Following the July 9th premiere, the schedule for each episode thereafter will be Sundays at 8PM, Tuesdays at 9PM, and Thursdays at 8PM.

Also, the online Big Brother talk show, House Calls, has been axed after CBS failed to find a sponsor for it. We also don't know what the plan is for the Showtime BB: After Hours program, as CBS hasn't announced anything on that yet.

So today began a 15 hour media day for Big Brother 11. And this media day consists of the BB11 house, a number of celebrities, including Perez Hilton, presenters from Access Hollywood and Extra, and 15 hours of Big Brother trials while the producers get ready for the show's 11th premiere. What exactly do these trials consist of? Well, basically, the celebrities have agreed to play a 15 hour version of Big Brother where they are completely closed off from the real world. They will be doing vote offs, eating slop, having HoH contests, and even holding the status-quo competitions.

Last night, viewers of the livestream of CBS’s Big Brother seemed to catch what has to be one of the grossest moments in the history of the already-pretty-gross show. As houseguests Jeff Weldon and Julia Nolan were chatting lazily in bed, Weldon suddenly seemed to start masturbating under the covers beside her. And then, as if that weren’t icky enough, he appeared to reach over and wipe his—ahem—end product on her back.

“You have a little stain right here,” he said, as he pawed at her. When Nolan asked him what it was, he creepily explained, “It’s darker grey, it actually feels kind of sticky,” he laughed. “I know what that could be.”

This is not the first controversy Big Brother has faced in its 17 seasons on air in the United States (the show started in the Netherlands in 1999 and has aired in the US since 2000). Houseguests often get a bit stir crazy, cut off from accessing the Internet, TV, magazines, or news, and forbidden from communicating with any friends or family in the outside world. Every move the contestants make is monitored 24-7 by cameras that feed directly to a livestream (the first week is free on CBS’s website , if you’re so inclined). Houseguests vote to eliminate one person off the show each week and the last person standing wins $500,000. 

Like most reality shows, Big Brother doesn’t exactly attract the crème of humanity, and the social experiment is notorious for bringing out the worst in people who are already racists, criminals and misogynists.

Just this past year, the child star Jeremy Jackson—of Baywatch fame—was kicked off Celebrity Big Brother in the UK for drunkenly groping his housemate, the model Chloe Goodman. Jackson was a self-confessed alcoholic and drug addict, so it’s not hugely shocking he acted out like he did when given access to booze. What is shocking is that producers allowed him on the show in the first place, where he could (and did) cause harm to his fellow houseguests.

Sexism runs rampant on the show, with women often getting eliminated before men, especially when they reject their advances. One of the most extreme examples happened in Season 16, when houseguest Caleb Reynolds formed a weird, stalkerish obsession with his fellow houseguest Amber Borzotra. Though Borzotra made it clear over and over again that she was not interested in him, he grew resentful, lashing out and acting like he was entitled to her. “She’s just taking it all for granted, just taking it in and doesn’t appreciate anything,” he whined.

Eventually, he tried to “scare” her into submission by putting her up on the chopping block, with the intention that she would beg him for help, but his strategy failed when Borzotra was eliminated—not that she minded, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “I'm very relieved to be out because of Caleb.”

Season 15, which aired in 2013, was chock-full of controversy , particularly concerning one cast member, Aaryn Gries (a.k.a. “Aaryn the Aryan”), who offended pretty much everyone on the show. To give just a small selection of her lovely comments: “be careful what you say in the dark, might not be able to see the bitch” about her black houseguest, Candice; “shut up, go make some rice” she said referring to Asian houseguest, Helen; and about her houseguest Andy, she said “no one’s going to vote for whoever that queer puts up.”

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Grab your keyboard, your All Access subscription and your beverage of choice as we settle in to watch our favorite houseguests in another night in the Big Brother house. Most of the drama happens at night and we'll be here discussing long after the houseguests are asleep. If you see something interesting, tell us about it! Don't forget to mention:

Yeah safest bet IMO. Really on board with getting out Nicory and he can't win HoH. I was wanting to give it to Meech, but if the off chance she or Paul wins HOH I would have no idea if they would still give them the package.

I'm new to Reddit and I just wanted to thank all of y'all for keep on me so updated on what's going on in the house!! I watch all the episodes and BBAD but sadly I don't get the live feeds. Hopefully I'll have them for next season but til then I just want to say thank you so so much y'all are all my MVPs!! Have a great day!!

Well, I'm a little wet and soggy, but other than that, I'm fine! Flash floods don't got NUTHIN on me. LOL Also laughing at Paulie's meltdown in the house. Karma, mother fucker. This one's for Bridge!!! :-)

I wonder if they'll give them anything to do this week. It's only Monday and after the ceremony everything will be basically locked up. The only two possible things that happen talk wise are that Paulie gets pooped on more, or he starts campaigning against Corey. Besides that I don't know what they will do for 4 days. Hell they're even thinking of goodbye messages already.

I know! That proves right there that he's a flat out liar liar pants on fire! Lol! I would fall out laughing if his family shows up on finally night with said Aunt and she's never been sick. They don't know what he's even talking about?!?! Sorry not sorry Paulie!

1:36am 3/4 - Paul tells Nat Paulie's latest plans. First he wants to campaign to get Victor out next week if the veto isn't used. The other is to get James put up and without prompting Nic/Corey told Victor that they aren't on board with the plan.

However that illusion has since been shattered after an eagle-eyed viewer spotted a  member of the show's production team holding cue cards for the contestants during Sunday's Big Brother's Bit On The Side .

There is nothing more glamorous to give you a glow than shimmering sequins. Not that Sam Faiers needed any help with that - she looked positively golden in her black and gold sequinned dress on Celebrity Big Brother tonight. Looks like a certain Mr. Locke has had something of an effect on our Sam...

It is Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts who is key to this look as the face of Key Fashion, whose new line launched late last year. And you too can get this so-called Miracle dress now by following the link on the right. Even better, it’s now half price too - it's a Miracle!

Well it's certainly working wonders for Sam. We love the floral sequin design, and a quick spin reveals the slip beneath it is backless too for added glamour, TOWIE-style. If this is what she wears for Big Brother's talent show, we can't wait to see Sam's eviction night dress. We'll be cheering her on to win since she's won us over in the style stakes.

Everything Sam touches seems to turn to gold, so no doubt this dress will be a sell-out success, particularly at that price. But if you do miss out, we've scoured the shops to find some super chic sequinned alternatives. This Asos piece is perfect to keep the party season going, or as ever, Boohoo is great for a bargain.

This isn't the first time one of the programme's rules has been broken, as Sam was allowed contact with an OK magazine journalist. Despite being inside the house, she submitted her weekly column for the publication on time.





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