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Bitdefender Parental Control gives you a comprehensive oversight of your kids’ social network activities. You’ll be updated on everything from new friend requests, comments, pictures, and videos, to changes in privacy settings.

Because you can’t be there 24/7, Bitdefender Parental Control allows you to see what web sites your kids are visiting, as well as what apps they are using. Enabling you to block both, you’ll protect your kids from potentially inappropriate topics by selectively filtering content.

Supervise your kids instant messaging to keep him safe from online bullies. In addition to blacklisting specific IM contacts (Yahoo! Messenger), you can also block incoming messages based on specific keywords.

Choose to receive daily, weekly, or monthly activity reports and notifications on an hourly basis, regarding your kids’ online activities. Everything from websites they visited, what they search for, who they chat with or what SMS messages they received and from whom, will be easily be reported back to you.

Choose to receive daily, weekly, or monthly activity reports and notifications on an hourly basis, regarding your kids’ online activities. Everything from websites they visited, what they search for, who they chat with or what SMS messages they received and from whom, will be easily be reported back to you.

The Beats Acoustic Engine™ makes your listening experience personal and real. Our signature DSP software is designed to generate the emotional experience that some of the music industry’s greatest rock, hip-hop, pop, electronic, and R&B producers want you to feel. This is how music would sound if the artist could play it back for you in person.

Silence the noise from your daily commute or the drama from your loud neighbors with dual-mode Adaptive Noise Canceling. When you’re listening to music, ANC automatically strikes the perfect blend between your music and the world outside. If you only want to use the headphone to cancel external noise, the ANC only mode automatically increases the level of noise cancelation, to put the world on mute.

Dead batteries can kill your vibe. The new Beats Studio Wireless comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts 12 hours when using wirelessly and 20 hours when you do decide to plug in. To prevent wasting energy, the Auto On/Off feature turns the headphone off when you unplug from a wired connection and with the Battery Fuel Gauge, you always know how much juice is left. Forget specialized adapters; the Studio Wireless can be charged via micro USB almost anywhere.

When we reimagined the iconic Studio, we designed it like a beautiful sports car and made disciplined choices. It is streamlined with fast curves, smooth surfaces, and no visible screws. We reduced the original weight and gave it a lighter, stronger, and more comfortable headband. The softer ear cups have an ergonomic bellow that creates a flexible custom fit, so you can keep your music all to yourself.

Whether you’re trying to solve a tough problem, start a business, get attention for that business or write an interesting article, creative thinking is crucial. The process boils down to changing your perspective and seeing things differently than you currently do.

People like to call this “thinking outside of the box,” which is the wrong way to look at it. Just like Neo needed to understand that “ there is no spoon ” in the film The Matrix , you need to realize “there is no box” to step outside of.

You create your own imaginary boxes simply by living life and accepting certain things as “real” when they are just as illusory as the beliefs of a paranoid delusional. The difference is, enough people agree that certain man-made concepts are “real,” so you’re viewed as “normal.” This is good for society overall, but it’s that sort of unquestioning consensus that inhibits your natural creative abilities.

So, rather than looking for ways to inspire creativity, you should just realize the truth. You’re already capable of creative thinking at all times, but you have to strip away the imaginary mental blocks (or boxes) that you’ve picked up along the way to wherever you are today.

One of the worst aspects of formal education is the focus on the correct answer to a particular question or problem. While this approach helps us function in society, it hurts creative thinking because real-life issues are ambiguous. There’s often more than one “correct” answer, and the second one you come up with might be better than the first.

Many of the following mental blocks can be turned around to reveal ways to find more than one answer to any given problem. Try reframing the issue in several different ways in order to prompt different answers, and embrace answering inherently ambiguous questions in several different ways.

Not only is real life ambiguous, it’s often illogical to the point of madness. While critical thinking skills based on logic are one of our main strengths in evaluating the feasibility of a creative idea, it’s often the enemy of truly innovative thoughts in the first place.

One of the best ways to escape the constraints of your own logical mind is to think metaphorically . One of the reasons why metaphors work so well in communications is that we accept them as true without thinking about it. When you realize that “truth” is often symbolic, you’ll often find that you are actually free to come up with alternatives.

A 100% Free Website Blocker for the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Is your child abusing his or her Internet privileges by watching obscene videos? Are your employees spending too much time on recreational sites? If so The Web Blocker is for you.Here’s what else The Web Blocker will do for you.

The Web Blocker is now a 100% Free Website Monitoring Tool! It is an easy-to-use, powerful free Internet Filter brought to you by Webstart Studios, LLC. Download your free website monitoring tool . The Web Blocker can block any site on the Internet with one click of the mouse button. The internet parental control software can block Facebook, MySpace and any other site on the net. It’s one of the only free internet parental control programs on the web!!

Kids are so much precious to the parents. Every parent wants to nurture his/ her kid in a healthy manner. But in this era of technology and smart device, there are so many things which are good and so many things as well which are obviously harmful. As one would expect, there are so many applications in the mobile app stores for smart devices. Some of them are good for the kids and some of them are destructive. So parents have to careful about the kids’ usage of those apps. Interestingly there are other apps available in the app store which can provide a strong control over those smart devices to the parents. By those apps the parents can restrict the usage of the devices of the kids.

It’s a very helpful app developed by kiddoware. Through this app parents can control the mobile app usage so that their kids cannot use the device in a harmful way. Parents can lock some of the installed apps. They can also restrict download authority, phone calls and text massaging of the smart device. This app has a beautiful feature; if a kid accidently exit from an app parents can auto restart the app from where it was stopped. With this app installed in your device both you and your kids can pass a healthy and safe time.

This app is developed by Norton Mobile. We all know that Norton is already an established brand in the Anti-Virus market. This is one of the better apps to track your kids’ online activities. You can track which web pages your kids visited or tried to visit. You can also block the inappropriate websites so that the kids cannot visit. A costumed e-mail service will notify you whenever your kid tries to visit a web page which he/ she should not visit. This app has a premier version which will provide better and additional features.

This app has been developed by the famous Anti-Virus brand Kaspersky Lab. Initially they have launched a beta version of this app. This app will provide a controlled browsing experience so that the kids cannot exposed to a harmful webpage e.g. pornography, drug, violence etc. Another feature of this app is, this app will also allows a user to block some the destructive apps. Though the user rating of this app is not high but a user can use it as a test for the full version.

This app is developed by Screen Time Labs and it will give you an accurate data of how much time is spend with your smart device. It app is a proper match for a family consists of teenage kids. This app can allow you to set a time limit on your smart device on the daily basis so that you can restrict the usage of the device. It has a remote control feature by which parents can monitor and manage the usages of maximum 6 children.

This app is to control and restrict the selected apps and it is developed by Smart App Cloud. This app can filter the selected apps so that the kids cannot use them without parents’ consent. It has some other features like; this app can launch an app from where it was stopped if the device gets rebooted. It also protects the unauthorized un-installation of an app.

This application is developed by Kytephone. This app is a handy app for the kids and teenagers but the parents will have full authority on it. This app features call block, GPS tracking etc. Moreover this app has game timer by which parents can set a time limit for the kids while playing games in the device. App control, SMS blocker, photo sync etc are the other features of this app.

Funamo, Inc. has developed this app with a motto; “Get Peace of Mind with Funamo Parental Control!” The newly designed 2.0 version of this app has just been released. This app can change internet setting, parent monitoring, application control feature so that parents can control the usage of the kid. In addition parents can set a school timer so that kids can get up in time and attend the school.

A parental control tool that only runs on your family PC is nearly useless in the modern multi-device world. Qustodio Parental Control 2015 runs on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Kindle devices; that's some coverage! For $44.95 per year you can manage up to five child profiles on up to five devices. This impressive parental control system includes just about every feature you might want, and it's stylish, too.

You handle all configuration and monitoring through Qustodio's attractive online dashboard, which means you can manage parental control and monitoring wherever you may be. A small client app on each protected device takes care of enforcing your settings and sending usage data back to Qustodio central.

Note that this product is just a part of Qustodio's product line. Qustodio for Schools aims to keep classes on track when using school computers, while Qustodio for Business is designed to make sure employees are working, not surfing for cat videos. The feature set for these products is similar to Qustodio for Families—the biggest difference is in the pricing plans.

Profiles, Devices, and Websites
Once you've purchased your subscription, you install that local client and define one child profile. You also associate at least one device with that profile. For Mac and Windows installations, you can choose to apply configuration settings to all user accounts, or configure each user account separately.

By default, Qustodio blocks all access to websites matching any of ten undesirable categories, among them Gambling, Pornograpy, and Drugs. Another 19 categories are available for parents who want to fine-tune Web content filtering. You can optionally choose to just receive an email alert when an older child accesses a particular category, without blocking that access.

Qustodio's content filtering is browser-independent, and a simple three-word network command that disabled the previous edition is no longer effective. Like ContentWatch Net Nanny 7 , AVG Family Safety , and a few others, Qustodio supplements its category database with real-time analysis. For example, I found that it was smart enough to block only erotic stories on a short-story website. Qustodio also forces Safe Search in popular search portals.

Qustodio can block secure (HTTPS) websites if they match a banned category, so your clever teen won't be able to evade its notice by using a secure anonymizing proxy website. Quite a few parental control systems manage that feat, but Qustodio goes farther. It can actually filter HTTPS traffic, so even if you turned off blocking of "Loopholes" (a category that includes secure anonymizing proxies) your teen still wouldn't be able to ogle nudie cuties online.

Time Usage Limits
You can define a weekly schedule for when each child is allowed online, in one-hour increments. There's also an option to set a daily maximum for weekdays and for weekends. In testing, I confirmed that tweaking the system time has no effect on the usage limits feature.

We are led by a vision to be the most trusted cybersecurity technology provider in the world, which means we constantly anticipate, innovate and go the extra mile. Bitdefender delivers robust security you can rely on. With a global security delivery infrastructure protecting half a billion endpoints, visionary solutions, and a wealth of awards, we have been a trusted security provider since 2001.

Every week we dispatch Brendan to scour the post-apocalyptic wastes of early access and scavenge whatever games he can find. This week, he returns with multiplayer car combat game Crossout [official site].>

Crossout is an action game about building a terrifying car made out of swords and skulls and then driving around the wasteland, pumping other drivers full of lead. It has a soundtrack made up of gentle guitar.

Blocks are a type of item in Minecraft . They make up the in-game environment, and can be collected and utilized in different ways. Some blocks spawn naturally, such as Dirt or Stone , while others, such as Bricks or Redstone Lamps , must be crafted by the player. Most people would say that wood is one of the most helpful of them. All player made structures are created using a variety of blocks.

Certain blocks have special uses, such as Jack-O-Lanterns , Glowstone and Redstone Lamps which can be used to light underwater areas, as they cannot be put out by water (if the Redstone signal going to the redstone lamp is not destroyed).

There are three different transparency levels of blocks. There are completely transparent blocks like air. There are semi-transparent blocks like Glass and Leaves . There are also opaque blocks, like Wood or Cobblestone . Most blocks that are at least somewhat transparent will not be able to have torches placed on them.

The face of a block is 16×16 pixels, and each block is proportionately one cubic meter. [1] Most blocks are static, although Water , Lava , Portal , and Fire blocks have a shifting pattern for each side. While the default texture pack's textures are 16x16, there are texture packs with 32x32 or even 64x64 textures. These texture packs often require a mod .

In the initial, free version of Survival the player began with 10 TNT blocks and could obtain Dirt, Cobblestone from Stone , Wooden Planks from Wood , Gold Blocks from Gold Ore , Iron Blocks from Iron ore , Stone Slabs from Coal Ore , and white Wool from Sheep .

In Classic mode the player can build with naturally occurring blocks (except for Redstone and Diamond ), and can use Bookcase, Sponge , Coloured Wool , Brick, Obsidian and Moss Stone . Operators of servers can also build Bedrock . Some custom servers give the ability to place Grass and (still) Fluids , too.

When playing the current version, the player can craft a variety of blocks not naturally found in maps, including Crafting Tables , Bookshelves , Furnaces and more. Redstone , Diamond , Gold and Lapis Lazuli can be found in the lower areas of maps.

Netherrack , Glowstone , Gravel , Soul Sand , Nether Brick, Nether Brick Fence, Nether Brick Stairs and Nether Wart can be found in The Nether , which the player can only enter by creating a Nether Portal and End Stone and Obsidian can be found in The End, which the player can only enter by inserting Eyes of Ender in all the End Portal Frames. Bedrock , Torches , End Portal and a Dragon Egg are created after beating the Ender Dragon.

You are not the first parent to give your phone to a child for the purpose of amusing them, nor are you the first parent to get frustrated when you get it back, only to find your apps rearranged and deleted — and perhaps some interesting new purchases added, too. Here's how to regain control over your phone.

5. Toggle on or off the apps you want to remain accessible, such as Safari or Camera. And toggle on or off the ability to install or delete apps. In particular, you'll want to toggle off In-App Purchases.

Anti-Porn parental controls filters and blocks adult websites and other objectionable and inappropriate content. Its preconfigured lists can be edited and supplemented with keywords and URLs. Anti-Porn parental controls can also set time limits, and it can even tell games from regular programs and blacklist them automatically. Your password can bypass blocking, access the settings, and view logs and screenshots.

parental control software or install dedicated porn blockers.

Some of these tools are browser extensions that filter out any inappropriate content, including advertisements, thus making them safe for children.

Other such utilities are standalone applications that block out adult websites based on pre-defined keywords.

Most of these blockers can also be customized to include user-specified websites to ensure better protection for youngsters.

It's not simply that danger is everywhere in the mobile age. It's that everywhere never goes to sleep or stops demanding our attention. This is particularly challenging for kids armed with smartphones, apps and instant Web access who may really believe that the next text, that next tweet or the latest viral video cannot wait until tomorrow. Parental-control apps for cell phones can help kids understand the value of limits in a digital world while also preventing them from accessing adult Web content or texting with strangers.

No one parental-control service is perfect, but our testing found that Norton Family Premier ( $50 a year for up to 10 devices ) delivers the best mix of Web filtering, location tracking and app management, particularly on Android devices. (The iPhone version of Norton Family Premier is limited by comparison, but still offers just enough Web filtering to make it worthwhile.) Norton’s parental control program beats out PhoneSheriff ($89 a year), which is a good alternative on Android, particularly for monitoring texting. And parents with a lot of devices to manage might appreciate the simple setup of ESET Parental Control for Android ($30 a year), which lets you control an unlimited number of devices.

We focused our testing on apps that place an emphasis where we think it should be with parental control-software — setting up filters and limits before your child uses the phone instead of just tracking activities after the fact. In evaluating these products, we took the following criteria into account:

We also looked into whether these services allow users to monitor activity on social media, though in most cases, the features we found were pretty limited. You either need to "root" a device — which we do not recommend — or have your child hand over his or her username and password.

I tested Android features on either  a Sharp Aquos Crystal or an LG Optimus Exceed 2, both of which ran Android 4.4 KitKat. For iOS versions, I used an iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 9. I tested each app twice, from installation to testing to uninstall. I monitored activity and managed settings on a MacBook Pro, and used an HTC One M8 and iPhone 6 Plus to send texts or call the Android device I was monitoring.

Parental-control apps for mobile devices work best when they're part of a comprehensive approach to teaching your kids about behaving responsibly online. That means talking to your kids about what they should and shouldn't do with their mobile devices and clearly communicating how you expect them to act. For that reason, we avoided testing apps that only run in stealth mode on your child's phone. Products such as WebWatcher and mSpy both tout this capability. We also did not consider apps that offered the ability to record phone conversations, since state laws vary on the legality of recording someone without his or her consent.

Norton Family Premier packs just about any feature a parent could ask for into its mobile-device-management offering, giving you control over multiple features on multiple devices. You won't be able to monitor every aspect of how your kids are using their Android phones, but with the Web-filtering, app-monitoring and location-tracking features, you'll have enough control to remind them to responsibly use their mobile devices.

Only ESET Parental Control and Qustodio approach Norton's ability to help you monitor multiple devices and multiple children. It's easy to set up age-appropriate profiles on Norton Family Premier, and even easier to port them across multiple devices.





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