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As I’ve admitted here, I’ve been reading an awful lot about psychopaths and mass murderers. At least all of it I can get on the KULL program. (It’s not that I don’t need to read the other kind, particularly the way investigators get clues, but it’s not urgent, and for now this is just something to read “while working.”)

But it still strikes me how weird it is that even in those days, under much worse circumstances for society as a whole, women and men who ended up in the East End (or its equivalent. I’ve read other historical stuff) were alcoholics or otherwise had behavior-control issues. Now, some of the alcoholism, at least, might have been attempts at self-medicating. And some of the behavior issues were almost certainly due to undiagnosed mental illness.

It was, in fact, the same mix we find with our own homeless/marginalized people. They might have had bad luck, and they might have been very mistreated. But in the end, almost always, it’s their own personal behavior that got them where they were.

Perhaps because I’ve been mainlining these books, while working, I really saw it when I hit the sentence in today’s book about how this poor woman, like all Jack the Ripper’s victims was an alcoholic who had left her husband and how it was almost like this place was a pocket for society’s rejected women.

Look, I’m sore some SJW or other has written a dissertation on how what brought women to that extremity was the Victorian repression of women’s sexuality or what have you. And to an extent they were right, in the sense that a woman who transgressed and was discovered couldn’t hold up her head in that community again. (At least for a while. Having grown up in the same type of environment, I know that society had a convenient case of amnesia if the incident wasn’t repeated.)

What modern authors/academics tend to underestimate is how comparatively big and opaque that world was. Move away from that area; change your name (which all of these women seemed to do just like our transients seem to have five or six aliases) and you can start afresh with no issue.

Yeah, if your desire is to have sex with lots of guys indiscriminately with no discretion and no consequences, you might have serious trouble, but at that time and in that place, I don’t think many women would want that. Look, put way your academic hat for a moment and think about this as a woman of the time: think of the hygiene, the conditions, the state of medicine where any infection could be fatal, and, unless you were sterile, the almost inevitable pregnancy. (For the morons who believe in the “herbs” you could take that acted just like the pill. That only works in fantasy novels. There were herbs you could take (and also stuff like lead.) but they weren’t contraceptives, they were abortaficients, and carried considerable risk, particularly over time.)

Maybe it’s being me, and judging on the hygiene and the medicine and the possible pregnancy, but let me say I’d be inclined, given the consequences that any woman still hot to trot with any and all strange men in those circumstances had to have something very wrong with her head.

If silence on the part of Gushcloud regarding certain allegations means pronouncement of guilt, on the same basis, Xiaxue should also be willing to plead guilty based on HER deafening silence to everything I have exposed about her.

The salient difference between Xiaxue and I is that when   IF I’m ever proven wrong, I will stand corrected and make amends — with apology. I will not make excuses. I will not look for alternative evidences against her just to stay relevant. I am not afraid of being corrected nor ashamed of apologizing.

Apology is a word that’s hardly found in her dictionary. She would instead feign ignorance, employ distraction tactics, flaunt her photoshop skills in heavily made-up selfies , or hide behind her child’s photos than offer any apology …. even when sued as proven in the Dawn Yang defamation lawsuit case.

She has to be correct. All the time. Even if proven wrong, she has to come up with a Part 2. If there’s no Part 2 or if Part 2 loses impact , how about leaked conversations, deleted blog posts, secret sound recordings — anything also can …. bring them on for Plan B !

Because these things are more important than tracking down the China freak who threatened to kill her son. Last time I checked, he’s still on the loose but who cares right ? Well unless of course in a mysterious plot twist, he’s found to have secret connections with Gushcloud !

Xiaxue’s obsession with Gushcloud knows no bound. She would anyhow toss up whatever (mis)information she can find — whatever she can use to taunt and incriminate her rivals, she must find it and detonate it.

Did it occur to the “mensa genius” that when Althea did it in the presence of a lawyer , there’s nothing incriminating about it ? Don’t anyhow fling big words you don’t even know how to use, Genius !

Check with your lawyer friend Fong Wei Li under what circumstances it’s legal or illegal to check people’s personal belongings. While you’re at it, you might also want to check with him whether it’s okay to steal your neighbour’s IP address and Wifi to anonymously create hate site for your rival – which YOU did for Dawn Yang – then denied and lied about it in an obfuscated blog post (see my earliest blog post – “Xiaxue the Cyber Thief”).

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Couldn't it at least be ripped so it's like he's TRYING to maintain some level of secrecy? I mean, I know he's just some kid that very few people could recognize, but he's still recognizable. Other than that, visually it looks great. Now definitely looking forward to this.

That's not the Lizard. Sorry. Why can't they just let Spideys villains look over the top instead of realistic. Couldn't pull it off with green goblin or venom, and cleary they aren't with Lizard.

He's had so many versions of him spread through the spidey timeline it doesn't bother me that they made their own version of him for the movie. What does sorta bother me is the ' grimey' look of spidey's suit and the dark eyes. I'll probably enjoy the movie a lot but I doubt it will be better than Raimi's take for ME.

...where he belongs! I can overlook the the snoutless Lizard and the over designed Spidey costume as long as the characters are well defined. I really like the look of this. Come on, give it a chance. You know you want to.

Everything looked fake. I mean the filmed on location in Times Square and it still didn't look real. And you could sure tell that whenever Spidey was in the air he was cgi. In this movie there's none of that. So I actually have high hopes for this. Could it be that Raimi = Burton and Webb = Nolan?

...has officially gotten to a religious level. From the tone of some of these posts, the writers come across as Christian-Right fundamentalists. The arrogance is tangible. You're right, my friends. This will be better than Raimi's films. It'll be great. Please... Just don't kill me. Amen.

This looks very cool, Garfield has a lot of natural charisma, we dont't see enough of gwen to make any informed observations but his uncle and aunt are well cast and web swinging should pop in 3D...

Doesn't look as bad as the other 3 I would like to forget. It's just a trailer though, so here's hoping. Does look like they got a good mix of gritty mixed in where it is not like too gritty or reality based. Spidey can't be too dark IMO, or it just loses something. SO it needs to be a little lighter I think BUT not like those Raimi NBC movie ones. Couldn't stand them.

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